4.3. Setting Permissions by Posting Account

Setting Permissions by Posting Account

If you have not already allowed a Board to all Posting Accounts from the Permissions section, you can also do so from the Posting Accounts section.

The downside to setting permissions this way is that it will require more work to toggle the Board off for those accounts that should not have access.

Enabling a Job Board or All Posting Accounts

1. Select the 'Edit' option from the top level folder (root). In this case the root level is 'Roritor'.

2. Select the 'Allowed Boards' option from the Profile menu

3. Toggle the desired Board from the default of 'No' to 'Yes' and click Save.

At this point, all users in your account tree will have access to the Board and can post jobs to it.

You must take the additional steps below to remove access per account (below).

Disabling Job Board Access for Some Accounts

To toggle disable access for a specific account, go back to the Posting accounts tree and locate the account that you would like to modify. The next steps are the same as those above; you are just modifying permissions at the Posting Account level versus the top/root level of the Posting Account tree.

Setting Permissions by Job Board

This article covers setting Board Permissions by Posting Account, but you can also set Permissions by Board account.

See Related Articles for setting Permissions by Board.

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