1.1. Admin Portal Overview

Admin Portal Overview

This article provides an overview of the eQuest admin tool.

Admin sections: Account Summary, Boards, Posting Accounts, Permissions, Advanced Settings, Reporting, Training & Support, Admin User Guide.

The "Account Summary" is the first page you will see each time you log into your Admin or Reporting account. On this page, we will display items such as:

  • Job Board Posting Alerts for active job that require your attention.
  • Notifications if you have any job board accounts that are locked or restricted due to Inventory limitations.
  • All of your active contracts, along with those contracts that expired within the past 60 days, and your future contracts.

Admin Menu

Here is where you will find all of the sections within the Admin. To navigate to a particular section, select any option from the menu. Some sections contain multiple options that will expand; click on the section to reveal more options.

The currently selected menu option is indicated with a white arrow.


This is where you can set up, manage, disable and lock your Job Boards accounts. For further details, please read our Boards articles.

Posting Accounts

This is your Posting Account tree where you have the ability to add, deactivate, and move Posting Accounts or create account subgroups.

For more details on how to do this, please read our Posting Accounts articles.


Here is where you can assign a Job Board to Posting Accounts. Further information can be found on the Job Board Permissions Overview.

Advanced Settings

This is where you can set Job Field Rules, configure Custom Source ID's (if enabled for your company) and configure your Workday tenant (if applicable).

For further information, please visit our Advanced Settings articles.


Here you have three options:

  1. Job Search (track all of your users' job activity)
  2. Posting Alerts (view job board errors)
  3. Activity Reports (request and download your monthly activity reports)

Further information can be found on our Reporting articles.

Training & Support and Admin User Guide

We provide quick links out to the Support ticket request form and the Job Board Information knowledge books from this menu section. There is also a Recorded Sessions section that will have your admin training session recorded video, if applicable. 

Just below this you will find a quick link out to the Admin User Guide.

User Menu

In the top right corner of each page you will find a few additional options.

Your account username is displayed at the top with your account 'Role' noted below.

Below that is an option to 'Expand layout' which stretches the page horizontally. This is useful on pages like the 'Add Posting Account' where the text fields are somewhat narrow.

Then there is a link to our Release Notes page.

Finally, you have the 'Logout' option at the bottom of the Menu. 

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