5.2. Posting Accounts Overview

Posting Accounts Overview

The Posting Accounts section is where you can add and manage all of your accounts.

This includes Posting Accounts, Reporting Accounts, and Admin Accounts (admin account must be created by eQuest).

For more information regarding the three different account types, see the Account Roles article.

Getting around the Posting Accounts page:

  1. This is your list of active accounts (also referred to as your Account Tree)
  2. Checking the "Show disabled" box makes disabled accounts visible
  3. If you have many accounts, you can use the search box to search for an account by username
  4. Account type legend


  • We often refer to the highest level of the account tree as the "root group" (in this example it's "Roritor")
  • Many ATS users can be linked to a single Posting Account. There is no requirement to have an account per user.

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