5.3. Creating Accounts and Role Descriptions

Creating Accounts and Role Descriptions

All accounts belong to one of three role classifications: Admin, Posting, or Reporting.

The account role can be determined by the icon to the left of the account username.

Admin Account

Admin accounts can only be set up by the eQuest support team.

Admins have full control over their eQuest Admin system with the ability to:

  • add/modify board accounts
  • create Posting Accounts and Subgroups
  • set board Permissions, etc

We suggest a single admin per account, however, up-to-5 admins is acceptable in certain cases.

Posting Account

A Posting Account is restricted to job posting activity. Once set up, your Posting Account credentials must be stored within your ATS  those credentials are then passed over in the job requests so we can authenticate the user and determine which job board options to present. 

Reporting Account

A Reporting account can only access the Reporting and Account Summary sections.

Subgroup Folder

Subgroups are useful when you want to clean up your Posting Account tree and classify Accounts by region, brand, etc. Job board Permissions can be set at the Subgroup level and inherited by the accounts within that Subgroup. The 'Add Subgroup' option can be found just to the right of the 'Add Posting Account' button (see screenshot below).

Adding Posting and Reporting Accounts

To add a new Posting or Reporting account, go to the Posting Accounts selection and select the root group (or a Subgroup). Then select the 'Add Posting Account' button in the menu.

Next, click the 'Add Account' button and then select the Posting or Reporting option from the Role drop down. Enter all of required fields and then click 'Save'.

New Account Setup Fields

  • Username (account username, must be unique. Email is often used, if setting up individual accounts)
  • Password (account password)
  • Company Name (this will not be passed to the job boards)
  • Account Name (this is an account label that will be displayed in the eQuest activity report)
  • Account Email (used for eQuest job posting confirmations when turned on in preferences)
  • Apply Email (used when a board does not accept an apply URL)
  • Group (the group you would like the account added into)

Binding Your ATS User to the Posting Accounts

All eQuest Enterprise posting accounts are linked to your ATS system via the account username and password.


  • Inherited values from the root group or Subgroup will be displayed in the text boxes with an option to override.
  • If you would like to add more than one account, click the 'Add Account' button multiple times.
  • It is important to note that username must be unique across the eQuest system, not just within your company.
  • When beginning setup, the root group (top-level group) will be the only option in the Group picklist. If you've added Subgroups, those will be options as well. The selected Group is where each Posting account will be added. The new account will inherit the job board Permissions of the group it's added into.
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