4.1. Job Board Permissions Overview

Job Board Permissions Overview

All active Board instances that were created in the Boards section will be listed in the left column of the Permissions section.

When a new board instance is set up in the Boards section, it is not allowed to any Posting Accounts by default. This means no one can post to this board without taking a couple of additional steps. In the screenshot below, "51Job" is not allowed to any Posting Account as noted with the "denied" status at the top/root level of the user tree (in this example, "Roritor").

All accounts below, in gray, have inherited that default status of "denied".

When Everyone Should Get Access to a Board

To allow a board to all Accounts, first select the board that you would like to allow in the left hand column. Next click the top level folder ('Roritor'), toggling it to allowed. This will allow all Posting Accounts by default (displayed in gray) below the top level folder, to inherit access to 51Job.

When Select Users Should Get Access

To allow a Board to some but not all accounts, you can toggle the top level folder to allowed followed by setting all accounts that should not get access to denied. This means the 'north-america' Posting Account in the example below inherits allowed status while all others are explicitly denied.

When Select Users Should Get Access (cont'd)

Alternatively you can toggle the top level folder to denied and then allow the board only to specific accounts. In this case we overrode the denied access for 'south-america' by toggling that account to allowed status, while all other accounts are explicitly denied.

Setting Permissions by Posting Account

This article covers setting Permissions by Job Board account, but you can also set permissions by Posting Account. See Related Articles for Setting Permissions by Posting Account.


  • Hover over the Job Board Label in the left column to see the Board account username
  • Use unique Job Board labels so you can distinguish between multiple instances of the same board
  • Filter by Job Board and/or Posting Account when you have many Boards and Accounts
  • Select the "Show Disabled" option to see the Permissions at the time an account was disabled
  • Use Allow all/Deny all to simplify setup when all users should get access or access should be removed for everyone
  • Don't forget to Save your changes!

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