3.2. Setting Up a New Board Instance

 Setting Up a Board Instance

Once the support team has allowed a Job Board to your account, the next step is setting it up so Users can select it from the eQuest Posting Interface.

To get started, select the New Board button in the Boards section.


General Setup

In the Job Board dropdown you will see all board options that eQuest has allowed to your company.

Select the Job Board (#1 below) that you would like to configure.

Once the box refreshes, all fields specific to that board will be displayed in two separate tabs: General & Advanced


  1. Job Board: The name of the job board that you would like to set up.
  2. Board Name: The label for that board - seen by users on the button in the posting interface.
  3. Inventory fields: Type of inventory and number of transactions/slots purchased from board - KB
  4. Authentication fields: Board values used to authenticate account during delivery - Board Information KB

Validation Errors (for Authentication fields)
If you receive an error after attempting to save, the error is coming from the job board. However, the ability to save doesn't necessarily mean the credentials are valid - that board may not allow us to validate during board instance setup.

Example of a Monster.com error:

Advanced Setup

The fields in the Advanced section are not required, but could be useful depending on your posting needs.

  1. Board Specific Data: Toggling to "Yes" turns on our job board interactive mapping page for that board - KB
  2. Preselected: "Yes" makes board button selected by default. If set to "Required" user cannot deselect.
  3. Set Active Date Range: Define date range when board is available to users - KB
  4. Board Description: Users will see this description when hovering over the job board button "Details".
  5. Lock: When enabled the board button is no longer selectable. A field to enter a note that users can see in "Details" is then displayed.


  • You can set up multiple instances of the same board. For example: if you have two different Careerbuilder accounts, you could set up two versions of Careerbuilder (unique label, username & password for each instance). Now one group of users can get access to one instance, while others get access to the other instance.
  • To edit a board instance, simply click anywhere on the row.


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