6.5. Activity Reports

Activity Reports

In the Activity Reports section clients can request/download monthly activity reports.

Those with Admin and Reporting permissions can generate reports.

Requesting a Monthly Activity Report

Once in the Activity Reports section of Reporting, select the reporting month and "Add to queue".

Your requested report will be displayed in the "Your reports" list below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Until My Report is Ready?

Once queued, reports for past months may take anywhere from 1-3 days before they're available for download. Much of it depends on the number of reports ahead of you in the queue.

Can I Request a Report for the Current Month?

If you have requested a report for the current month, it will be added to the queue on the first day of the following month. We only generate full month reports at this time; this is why we wait for the end of the current month to generate reports for that month.

Will I Be Notified Once the Reports are Available?

Yes, the email addresses stored in the 'Account Email' field in the Admin account will be notified by email.

Which Email Address Will You Use to Notify Me?

We will use the value stored in the 'Account Email' field of your eQuest account profile. As a result, it's important that a valid email address is entered in the 'Account Email' section of the your Admin or Reporting account profile.

Read more about Notification Emails.

How Long Will the Reports be Available?

Reports will remain available for download for 6 months from the date the report is made available.

Who is Named in the "Requested By" Column?

This is the username of the account that made the request. Check your user tree to see if that username exists somewhere in the list (use search box if you have many users).

If you cannot find the account, it's possible that the eQuest support team queued the report on your behalf.

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