2.1. Account Summary

Account Summary

The Account Summary gives customers insight into the status of eQuest Contracts (balance, expiration, etc.) as well as job board accounts that users may no longer have access to for various reasons.

The Account Summary consists of two sections; Job Board Alerts and eQuest Contracts.

Job Board Alerts

Posting Alerts

If you have any Job Board Posting Alerts you will see a notification in the "Posting Alerts" section at the top of this page.

Exhausted Inventory and Locked Accounts

Next, the "Exhausted Inventory and Locked Accounts" section will show you which Job Board buttons cannot be selected by users - the reason is displayed in the Alert Message.

Reasons include boards that have reached '0' on the Inventory counter and boards that have been locked.

eQuest Contracts

At the bottom of the Account Summary you will find your eQuest Contracts.

Included with each contract listing is the contract Status, Usage, Limit, Balance, Start Date and End Date. Please note that based on your contract with eQuest, not all of these fields may apply.

If you're only using core job boards, you will not see any contracts listed in the summary.

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