6.6. Activity Report Breakdown

Activity Report Breakdown

Below is a description of the fields and values in the eQuest Activity Reports.

You will be presented with 2 tabs in your report:

  • Summary
  • Posting Details

A sample report is available in the Downloads section below.

Summary tab

The Summary will give you a breakdown of your eQuest Contracts, usage stats, activity by subgroup and usage by board.

Posting Details tab

The Posting details tab lists all posting actions that were performed during the reporting period.

If a posting resulted in a charged eQuest transaction, the "eQuest Transaction" column displays a value of '1'.  

If the action was not charged, a value of '0' is displayed.


  • If the board is supported via an automated Batch delivery it results in 1 transaction per session (for 1+ Batch boards)
  • The value of '1' is arbitrarily applied to one of the Batch job boards from that session (when Batch boards > 1)
  • Manual transactions are generally billed as '1' transaction, per action. For example; if you ADD, UPDATE and DELETE a job on a manual board, that generally results in '3' eQuest transactions.


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