6.1. Job Search Tool Overview

Job Search Tool Overview

This tool gives customers access to job and posting details.

This includes posting dates, delivery status, posting expiration, etc.

The "Job Search" option can be found after expanding the Reporting section of the admin menu.


You will be presented with the following options in the "Add Search Term" menu:

  • Requisition Number (default option)
  • Date Range
  • Board
  • Board Username
  • eQuest Username
  • Active
  • Deferred

Select one or more options; enter/select search values, and hit the 'Search' button.

Your results will be displayed below (20 per page).

Search Results

Once the results are displayed, click on the Job Title or Requisition Number to view the job details.

Around the Postings Header

The 'Postings' section is displayed at the top of the Job Details page.

  1. Requisition Number (sent over by your ATS, this is the number generally published to the job boards)
  2. eQuest Job ID (eQuest internal Job identifier; this is unique for each job and not published on the boards)
  3. eQuest Posting ID. If you have selected multiple boards, each board will have a unique Posting ID.
  4. The posting timestamp  the time when the posting was created in eQuest
  5. The selected job board (this value is our internal ID for that board, often referred to as our "Pipeline ID")
  6. The username of the job board that was selected
  7. Estimated date that the job will expire on the job board
  8. Delivery status - see table below
  9. Posting status - see table below
  10. Timezone for action timestamps

Delivery status (8)

Status Description
EXPORTED The job was exported to the job board or the data entry team (for manually supported boards)


The job has not yet been delivered to the job board or has been delivered but not yet published by the job board. There could also be scenarios where a job is Not Exported because a job board has rejected the job. This would occur if the board did not send back an error response. Knowing the delivery times for jobs would provide insight.

Please refer to the job boards delivery time, noted in the board's Overview article, see https://support.equest.com/index.php?pg=kb.book&id=25


The job was exported, but could not be processed by the board (dependent on board response)

Posting status (9)

Status Description
ACTIVE The job is active in the eQuest database. If you want the job reposted, you must close it and repost


The job has been explicitly closed


The job is expired in the eQuest database due to the default post period at the job board. However, it could remain active at the board. The board post periods in the eQuest database are defaults and are not supplied by the board in most cases. Monster and Careerbuilder are exceptions - those boards do send us the actual posting end date at the time of posting.

Job Details (everything below Posting details)

Most of the information below the 'Postings' section is data that was submitted by your ATS.

In some cases, the values displayed in this section may have been entered manually by your users while in the eQuest posting interface.

Posting Details (Board-specific information)

Click on the Posting ID to find additional posting details, including:

  • ATS Candidate Response URL that was passed over by your ATS
  • eQuest (ARS) tracker URL that is sent to the job boards (which redirects to the ATS Candidate Response URL)
  • Additional data questions that the recruiter answered in Step 3 of the posting interface while posting the job

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