3.7. Job Board Active Date Range Feature

Why Use This Feature?

When setting up a Board instance the optional Active Date Range feature allows you to provide access to a board at a specific time, restrict access at a specific time, or allow the board only within a time frame.

If you choose not to add a "Set Active Date Range," users will see this board button immediately after Permissions have been set.

Configuring a Board Instance: Future Start Date - No Expiration (Advanced tab)

If you would like to set up a board instance that should not be available to users until a specific date (where your board contract does not have any particular end date), simply select a start date [left box] to future date but do not select an end date. Leaving the start date field empty and entering an end date in the future will give users immediate access (after permissions are set) to that board. User access will be removed once the end date has been reached.

Configuring a Board Instance with a Date Range

If you would like to restrict access for a specific time frame, set the start date [left box] and end date date [right box]. Users will not see this board button before the start date, nor after the end date.

Active Date Range and Inventory

This can be used in conjunction with the Regular or Slot Inventory.

For example: you may want users to have access to a board between January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020, or until they exhaust the board inventory.

Setting the Active Date Range and Quota covers you in both cases.

Once the End Date Has Passed

Users will not be able to see this board button after the end date (before the start date).

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