3.8. Job Board Inventory Reset Feature

Why Use This Feature?

When setting up a new job board, the inventory can be configured to automatically Reset Each Month  allowing you to mirror job board contracts/inventory that reset monthly.

When "Reset Each Month" is checked, a box is displayed where your "Monthly Inventory Allocation" can be entered.

On the first of each month the Available Inventory will be replaced by the Monthly Inventory Allocation value.


1. Can our remaining inventory roll over to the next month?

Yes, if you have a rollover option with the job board, check the Rollover Each Month box to have your remaining/unused inventory roll over to the next month.

2. When does the reset take place each month?

We will reset the inventory counter at midnight UTC on the 1st of each month.

3. Does this feature work with slot inventory?

No. This feature will only work with regular inventory. 

4. Can we modify the day of the month or the frequency of the reset?

Not at this time. 

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