6.3. Posting Alerts Portal

Posting Alerts Portal

A Posting Alert is a notification from the job board, stating that a job action could not be processed successfully due to a specified issue.

The general course of action is to contact the job board to resolve the problem, or to request clarification on the error. Once the issue has been resolved at the job board, use the Push Postings option to queue the posting(s) for re-export.

It's important to note that not all job boards return errors that allow us to expose these alerts. However, Monster, Careerbuilder, Linkedin, Jobstreet and JobsDB are a few examples of boards that return errors that we can display to admins, in the form of Posting Alerts.

This article describes the features of the Posting Alerts section.

Getting to the Posting Alerts Section

On the Account Summary page you will see a "Posting Alerts" section.

If you have any Posting Alerts you will see a message stating that "You have Postings Alerts to review..."

Click on the hyperlink to be directed to the list of alerts.

Alternatively, you can get there by expanding the 'Reporting' section (select the "Posting Alerts" option).

Getting Around the Posting Alerts Page

Once you're in the Posting Alerts section you will see all alerts for active postings.

Here you will see the date posted, Req Number, Board Label, Board Username and Deferred Reason (from the board).

1. Push Postings Option

The "Push Posting" option will re-queue those [checked] postings for delivery to the board without the need for the user to send an ATS update.

This option should be used once the board issues that caused the Posting Alert have been resolved. If the issues have not been resolved, this will just result in another Posting Alert.

If you've ignored postings that you would like to Push, you can select the "Show Ignored" option, and then check those previously ignored postings and Push.

2. Ignore Alerts Option

This option hides the Posting Alerts in the list.

To ignore alerts, select the alert and click the "Ignore Alerts" button at the bottom of the page.

Please note that ignored alerts will no longer be visible by default to any other admins within your company. However, there is an option on that same page to "Show Ignored" alerts.

3. Show Ignored Alerts

Toggle this on to see Posting Alerts that were ignored (but remain active).

Posting Alert Email Notifications

If new Posting Alerts are generated in a given day, those with admin accounts will be notified via email. If you have more than one alert that day, all will be sent in the same email.

It's important that you make sure a valid email address is stored in the Account Email field of your admin account profile. See the Notification Emails article for details on this setup.

Posting Alert Messages Format

The "Deferred Reason" message verbiage is coming directly from the job board.

In a few cases we've attempted to clean up the alert messages when they're overly vague, or too technical.

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