3.10. Job Board Account Lock

Admins and the eQuest Support team can lock a job board button so it cannot be selected by users.

This is useful when you don't necessarily want to remove the board button completely, but instead wish to restrict usage temporarily. Rather than having users select the job board button when jobs may not be published anyway, it may be beneficial to restrict usage until the issue is resolved.

Situations Where the Job Board Lock Could Be Used

  • When a job board contract has expired and a new contract is pending
  • When there is some board-level issue that will take a while to resolve
  • When the job board login or permissions aren't properly set

Steps for Setting a Lock

  1. Click on the board instance  enter "edit" mode.
  2. Select the "Lock" checkbox in the Advanced tab
  3. Optionally enter a "Lock Note for Users" (100 character limit)
  4. Save your changes

Viewing Locked Boards from the Boards List

You'll now see a "locked" badge displayed next to the Board Name in the Board list.

Viewing Locked Boards from the Account Summary

You will also see the locked board in your Account Summary.

From User Perspective

The button cannot be selected and users that have access to that board will see a lock icon on the job board button.  

When hovering over the "Details" users will see the note that was entered in step 3.

Removing the Lock

To remove the lock, simply go back into the board instance edit page, deselect the "Lock" checkbox and 'Save changes'.

Make sure you've resolved the job board issue, otherwise users may post to a board that is not processing the jobs.

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