7.3. Custom Source ID Configuration

Custom Source ID Configuration

This option gives customers the ability to specify Custom Source ID's for their boards in cases where our Pipeline ID (pipeline_id) will not work for sourcing. When the Custom Source ID's feature is enabled, you will see a new tab in that admin account that displays a list of allowed boards.

Getting Started in the Custom Source ID Section

Select Custom Source ID Advanced Settings; here you will see the list of boards that are allowed to your company.

This is where you will enter your Custom Source ID's. Remember to Save.

Changes Required on the ATS Side

In order for your new Custom Source ID's to be appended to the apply URL's, a {custom_source_id} token MUST be included in the eQuest ' candidate_response_url'.

Example: http://jobs.ats.com/1033/ASP/TG/cim_jobdetail.asp?partnerid=256&siteid=39&Codes={custom_source_id}&req=54239

Note: the Custom Source ID can be used in conjunction with the {pipeline_id} and {board_instance_id} tokens.


Example ATS Apply URL with Custom Source ID: Assuming the {custom_source_id} token was included in the eQuest 'candidate_response_url' and you set up Dice (Pipeline ID "Dice"), with a Custom Source ID value of '12345', the following apply URL would be used at Dice:


Setting Custom Source ID Per Board Instance

Many customers have multiple accounts at boards such as LinkedIn.

Within eQuest you can apply a unique Custom Source ID to each board account/board instance.

When editing a board instance, you will now see which Custom Source ID has been Inherited based on the standard setup mentioned above, with an option to override that value.

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