7.2. Job Field Rules (ATS Field Review)

Job Field Rules (ATS Field Review)

This feature allows your eQuest administrator to modify system behavior for the list of fields below.

Users can be forced to review the value being sent by your ATS (Force review), and/or require input for fields that are otherwise optional and may not be passed by the ATS.

Force Review vs Required

You have the option of setting the selected field to Force review and/or Required field.

Field Type Field Description Use Case
Force Review When enabling the Force Review option, users will be prompted to review the field/value even though the ATS may be passing a value for that field. Your ATS is not passing a field/value that you would like used at your job boards, or in the eQuest activity reports (check with eQuest to make sure it actually is passed to the board). In this case you can mark the field as "Required".
 Required Enabling the Required option forces the recruiter to supply a value for the field if one is not passed over by the ATS. Your ATS is sending a field value that you aren't satisfied with. Marking the field for "Force review" allows the user to see the incoming ATS value, with an option to override it

Supported Fields

Default Field Label Field Name
Recruiter Name recruiter_name
Recruiter Organization recruiter_org
Company Division company_division
Company Department company_department
Candidate Response Email candidate_response_email
Classification Time classification_time
Classification Type classification_type
Compensation Amount compensation_amount
Compensation Currency compensation_currency
Compensation Minimum compensation_range_min
Compensation Maximum compensation_range_max
Compensation Type compensation_type
Education education
Job City location_city
Job Country location_country
Job State/Province location_stateprovince
Job Zip/Postal Code location_postalcode
Job Function Job Function

Configuring Job Field Rules

  1. Log into http://admin.equest.com
  2. Navigate to "Advanced Settings" and select "Job Field Rules"
  3. Toggle fields to Required or Force review
  4. Save your changes

NOTE: eQuest has already marked some fields as required as these fields are required in all cases. In those cases, "Required" will already be selected, but you do have the option to "Force review".

Changing eQuest Field Labels

Once you have decided on which Field Label you would like to change in order to give it a more meaningful description, click on the Pencil/Paper icon to the far right of the Field Label you wish to change.

To modify any of the labels seen by users (from list above) in the eQuest posting interface, click the "edit" icon to the left of each Field Label.

This will enable the ability to edit the Field Label. Set the Field Label to the desired value and Save your changes.

After modifications (note that the field is still company_division but the label has changed to "Division ID").

From the Users Perspective

For all future job postings, the user will be presented with the new field label when they enter into the eQuest system.

Where "Needs Review" and "Required" are enabled, users are first prompted to review.

If not "Required", they can move onto the Select Destinations page after reviewing the value that was passed by the ATS.

If required and no value is entered, the user cannot move forward, and the field is flagged as "Required".


It is important to note that not all of these fields and values are passed to the job boards. Even though one parameter may be passed to one of your selected boards, it may not be used by others.

Also, once you change a Field Label or enable "Required" or "Force Review" for a job field, it will affect all of your users.

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