4. Monster Templates (ADMINS)

Multiple Monster Templates

The Monster Template ID option can be used if you've purchased multiple templates at Monster, and all of those templates are associated with a single account. The addition of the Template ID field gives users the ability to select from the various template options on a per-post basis.

If you would like this setup, please submit a request to eQuest Support, attaching the completed 'board_templates.xls' spreadsheet (download below).  The Template Code is assigned by Monster. The Template Name will be the label seen by the Users in the Template ID picklist.

It's important to note that if you have more than one Monster account set up in eQuest, all accounts will see the same Template ID picklist.  Currently there is not a way to create different 'Template' picklists for each Monster account.

If the 'board_templates' spreadsheet is filled out like this:

Your Users will see this on the Monster Board Specific Data screen:


Single Monster Template

If you only have a single template per Monster account, there is no need to send TemplateID to Monster on each posting.  Monster can setup account to associate with the template at their end. 


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