5. Monster Campus (Germany)

Monster Campus

If you have purchased a Campus contract from Monster Germany, please ask eQuest support to add the AltBoard field to your Monster setup.

Once eQuest adds the AltBoard field, you can enter the AltBoard code for Campus, which is 5808.


If you do not want the job published on Monster board (which means the job would ONLY be published on Campus), also request the addition of the ExcludeMonsterPosting field. When this field is toggled to 'true' we will only send jobs from that moment forward to Campus - by default we send all jobs to Monster board. ExcludeMonsterPosting defaults to 'false' so it must be toggled.

Monster will reject separate requests to the same account that contain the same requisition number. So if you have a situation where you want some jobs published on Campus & Monster, but other jobs only on Campus, we recommend setting up 2 separate board instances.

One board instance should contain AltBoard 5808 and ExcludeMonsterPosting = true. The other shouldn't contain any AltBoard value and ExcludeMonsterPosting should be left at the default of 'false'. Both board buttons should never be selected for the same requisition, otherwise one will fail at Monster.

User Experience

While inside of eQuest, everything from the user's perspective will be the same (as a regular Monster posting), with the exception of limited Job Level options on the Dynamic Mapping page.

Campus only allows Job Level values of 'Student (High School)', 'Student (Undergraduate/Graduate)', and 'Entry Level'.

Finally, we default to the Monster Job Type value of 'Student' unless 'Intern' is explicitly passed over in the ATS job request as the job's classification_type.

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