3. Monster Multiple Locations (ADMINS)

If the Multiple Locations option is enabled, users will have the ability to create up to 6 Monster Postings during a single posting session.  Currently there is no way to limit the number of additional locations available to your users, Multiple Locations is either enabled (6 location/category options), or not (1 location/category option).

Each posting is grouped together by a number, 1-6.

Each posting includes the following:

Job Location (x1)
Job Category (x1)
Job Occupation (up to 3)
Job Industry (up to 3)

Unless you intend to create more than one Monster posting, DO NOT select anything for 2-6.  If you do intend to create more than one Monster posting it should not be identical to any of the others you have created on this Dynamic page -- otherwise your posting will fail at Monster due to a duplication error.

The Multiple Locations Board Specific Data page from a Users perspective

If selections were made for the following fields:

Job Location 1
Job Category 1
Job Location 2
Job Category 2

this would result in 2 Monster Transactions.

Enabling Multiple Locations

Contact eQuest Support if you would like access to the Multiple Locations option.  Once added, enable both Board Specific Data and Multiple Locations to activate this feature.

A Monster Posting (or Transaction) will be charged for each Job Location/Job Category combination.

Your Postings on Monster

When Multiple Monster Locations are created for one requisition, the actual Job Location does not display in the job listing on the site. Instead, "Multiple Locations" is displayed in the search results and in the actual listing.

search results

job listing


 Area Wide Inventory

Area Wide Inventory can be enabled by setting the Enable Multiple Selections additional data value to '2'.  This setting would allow multiple locations (up to six) to be posted for a single Monster job posting.  Unlike using multiple selections, Area Wide Inventory only allows for a single set of Category, Occupation, and Industry selections.  If a job is not in one of the following countries, the BSD page will revert to single location behavior.

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

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