2. Monster Diversity/Military Setup (ADMINS)

To have the Monster Diversity or Military options added to your eQuest Admin account, please submit a request to eQuest Support. If you already have access to this field you can bypass this step. Otherwise, the Support team will add the AltBoard field to your instance of Monster, allowing you to complete the setup by entering the 4 digit Monster Diversity and/or Military code. Up to two values may be entered into the AltBoard field - separated by a comma.

eQuest Admin >> Boards >> Monster Board (click the edit icon on the far right)

The value placed into the eQuest AltBoard field goes into the "BoardName monsterId" field of the Monster RTP file.  This means that each posting to Diversity and/or Military is also crossposted to Monster. !!Monster may ask you to also use a "BoardName monsterId" value of "1" (1=Monster.com), but this is not necessary as eQuest does this by default.

Once added, all Monster postings from that point forward will also post to Monster's Diversity or Military network by default.



For Military.com, we will need to know if your account is:

1) Complete or Premium  which means you will add the Alt Board value of 6965.

2) If it’s just to Military.com, the AltBoard is still 6965. However, you must confirm if Monster.com (AltBoard 1) should be excluded. If it is excluded, eQuest support will need to make adjustments to your account to exclude Monster.com.

If you don't have an agreement to post to Monster Diversity or Military, or your contract has expired, all jobs associated with Diversity will fail. In this case the Monster AltBoard code should be removed from your account(s) immediately.

The Diversity and Military options can only be used for US postings.

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