1.4. ATS Admin Permissions Overview

ATS Admin Permissions Overview

The ATS Admin Permission level gives select ATS partners access to client zones via a single login.

How It Works

After getting approval to allow this elevated permission level to an ATS, eQuest support will establish ATS-Admin permission level accounts.

eQuest must have a formal approval on file before access can be granted to any ATS partner. 

ATS Admins will be able to take the following actions on behalf of their customers:

  • Establish Client Group/Zone
  • Establish Posting Accounts
  • Configure Allowed Job Boards (boards must be allowed by eQuest support)
  • Configure Job Board Permissions for Posting Accounts
  • Manage Job Board Inventory Thresholds
  • Generate Activity Reports
  • Run real-time Job Queries
  • Establish Admin Accounts for clients
  • View Contracts/Usage
  • Manage Posting Alerts
  • Manager the Auto-Repost Queue


  • Not all partners can be granted this permission level
  • Cannot allow job boards to a client account
  • Cannot create/manage client job posting contracts
  • Cannot create ATS-Admin accounts

Accessing the Admin Tool

To access the ATS Administration tool:

  1. eQuest support must establish an ATS-admin account per unique ATS user
  2. eQuest support will send the request to establish your account password using username and email
  3. Reset here https://admin.equest.com/v3/users/resetting/request
  4. Once the password has been established, log in at: https://admin.equest.com
  5. Select the company you would like to take action on (click the company name, then “Administer”)

Once within a client account, everything is nearly identical to the Admin permission level.

Admin User Guide: https://support.equest.com/index.php?pg=kb.book&id=24

Creating New Client Accounts

From the main page, select the "New Group" option.

TIP: “Group” is eQuest terminology for unique company zone.

On the subsequent screen, name the group (this should be the client's official name). This is how we locate the customer for troubleshooting, reporting, etc.

Note the four other options on this page:

Read-only job fields
When selected, locks down job fields so they cannot be edited by users.

Auto Repost
Allows the admin for that client zone to provide the Auto-Repost option to users.

Shared Requisition Ownership
Allows users within that client group/zone to take action on jobs created by other Posting Accounts.

Append candidate response URL with
Used primarily to append a sourcing token when necessary.

See "Related Pages" for articles specific to some of these topics.

Modifying Group Settings

You can view or modify the group settings in the future via the Settings link from the main admin page.

Contact eQuest Support with any questions about ATS Admin Permissions.


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