3.11. Auto-Repost Toggle

Auto-Reposting Jobs to Boards

Our Auto-Repost option allows users to toggle their job to automatically repost at the board once it has expired. The Auto-Repost feature must be enabled by eQuest support (per request) as a company-level setting.

Once enabled by eQuest support, your admin can configure this option per job board account.

From the time of configuration forward, users will have the ability to set "Auto-Repost" by job requisition (per board).

Toggling a Job Board Posting to Auto-Repost (Posting Interface)

When one or more boards have been configured with the Auto-Repost option, users will see the Auto-Repost icon to the right of each board (in the Summary of Job Board Actions section)

That icon will either be clickable or not depending whether or not your company admin has configured that board as an Auto-Repost option.

There are three possible button states:

  1. Initial state: Auto-Repost toggled OFF
  2. Auto-Repost toggled ON
  3. Auto-Repost not available for board (not allowed by your admin)

Disabling Auto-Repost for a Job Posting

When a board has been toggled to Auto-Repost on a board, it will continue reposting until:

  1. The user deletes the job or posting via the ATS
  2. The user turns off Auto-Repost from within the eQuest Posting Interface
  3. The user disables Auto-Repost using the link provided in the email* sent out by eQuest 2 days prior to the repost date
  4. The Company admin cancels Auto-Repost (see Auto-Repost Queue section below)

* The notification email will be sent to the Account Email address passed over in the ATS job, or the one stored in the user Posting Account profile (in cases where a value was not sent by the ATS).

Auto-Repost Queue

The "Auto-Repost Queue" allows the company administrators to keep track of the job postings that were toggled for "Auto-Repost" by recruiters.

This queue can be found at: Admin > Reporting > Auto-Repost Queue

Using the Auto-Repost Queue

  • Only when one or more job boards have the Auto-Repost option enabled will you see this section
  • When jobs are posted and toggled to Auto-Repost by recruiters, they will be listed in this queue
  • You can download the list of jobs that are scheduled to Auto-Repost
  • You can cancel any job from being Auto-Reposted from within the queue
  • The date that the repost is scheduled is listed in the "Repost Date" field
IMPORTANT: Reposting will result in a new job board transaction each time the job is reposted.

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