2. Release Notes (2022)

September 21, 2022 (in testing September 7, 2022) 

Ticket# Category Description
#17970  [Internal] Ability to Secure/Encrypt ADATA Fields
#20727  [ATS-Admin] Fixed regression which prevented ATS-admins from enabling eQuestXpress for groups
#20528  [Internal] Addressed PHP scan report results
#20552  [Admin] Optimized Group page to address slow loading
#17695  [Job Board] Implement redis for caching instead of memcache for Seek.com
#16176  [API] Notify Client API After Job Delivery / PHP-side
#20866  [Posting] Removed payment steps from non-Xpress workflow
#20836  [Internal] Values in the Language, Industry and Keywords fields are not saved when creating the Board.
#20648  [Internal] Addressed 500 error when trying to create a new contract
#20489  [Internal] Addressed bug that prevented filtering by board name (allowed boards) on search string contains '(' or ')'
#17059  [Internal] Addressed 500 error after removing of empty RootGroup
#15804  [Posting] Translated the 'Required Skills' heading in all languages

March, 27 2022 (in testing February 27, 2022)

Ticket # Category Description
#17494 [Admin] Added ability to internally track source of request (Joblauncher API, AutoPost, etc.)
#17823 [Admin] Added Location Mapping utility - allows customers to map unsupported country and state/provinces to supported values.
#19193 [Admin] Revised Admin Reporting Posting table to more clearly display current status of job postings on boards.
#14257 [Internal] Moved Xpress toggle into Group Settings page.
#7809 [Posting] Display list dropdown option in the same order as entered at top level
#12258 [Internal] Restrict Group Label Edits to Managers (remove option for ATS Admins)
#18627 [Internal] Fixed bug which allowed user to change Xpress pending price on update.
#16219 [Admin] Fixed bug which prevented posting account from becoming disabled after moving to disabled subgroup.
#16220 [Admin] Account or sub-group that was created within disabled sub-group should become disabled
#18632 [Posting] Fixed bug which prevented inactive Joblauncher postings from being displayed
#18212 [Internal] Updates to Board Instance Update Postings tool (revised logic to show updated postings)
multiple [Internal] Migration to newest version of Debian, PHP and Java


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