1. Release Notes (2023)

November 11, 2023 (In testing since August 5, 2023)

Ticket# Category Description
#18226 API Support  for Job Posting Status via Webhook
#16357 Internal Ability to Disable/Reenable Access at ATS level
#10884 Admin Option to Configure Specific Day of Month for Inventory Reset Option
#16422 Admin Support for Board-Specific URL Appended Tokens
#21539 Xpress Boards with a pending price should be excluded from summary/calculations
#21280 Internal, Posting UI Removal of Recommendations from eQuest Admin/Posting UI
#19356 Posting UI Fix: Candidate Response Email Should Be Required
#12186 Internal Support Board Contact Info for all Media types
#21338 Posting UI, API Change TEMPORARILY_REMOTE option in WorkLocation to "HYBRID"
#21037 Admin, Posting UI Add WorkLocation to Job Field Rules
#19043 Internal Display Company Division in Job Details
#14465 ATS, ORC Fix: Use Correct ORC Password Reset links on Login page
#21575 Internal JWS specific field encoding
#21298 Xpress Fix: Xpress CC Expiration Date Validation
#18431 Internal Compensation Min/Max mismatch when specifying a min in job search
#20990 Internal Less confusing audit records for automatically created WD accounts
#17686 Internal Add an audit record for `disable` and `enable` actions related to XPress Boards
#20580 Internal ATS Core Board cannot be saved in case of unusually large root groups
#21637 Internal Fix: Reflected Cross-Site Scripting
#21636 Internal Fix: Stored XSS vulnerability
#21735 Internal Fix: 500 error on multiple configuration saves
#19101 ATS, ORC Force all ORC configurations to use HTTPS for hostname
#21546 ATS, ORC More appropriate error message when saving ORC setup with invalid host

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