3. Release Notes (2021)

February 11, 2021 (In Testing February 4, 2021)

Ticket #CategoryDescription
#16499[Admin]Added ability to replace pipeline_id token with custom_source_id values received from client's ATS
#17381[Posting]Added Job Field "Work_Location" to Support Remote jobs
#17648[Posting]Added ability to leave fields Job City and Job Zip/Postal code blank when Work_Location is REMOTE
#17815[Internal]Fixed bug where "permission.denied" was displayed when viewing error in Env search
#12119[Internal]Fixed incorrect "Language" header when creating new pipeline

March 18, 2021 (In Testing February 19, 2021)

Ticket #CategoryDescription
#18154[Internal]Fixed error when trying to access root_grps_list with a large number of groups
#16175[Internal]Added unique error ID in logs when clients get errors. The error ID will be displayed in error messages
#16574[Internal]Fixed bug where job search pagination did not work properly
#17955[Admin]Added ability to view logs of changes to Group Settings fields
#17992[Internal]Fixed Nightwatch tests
#18090[Internal]Fixed bug where Group Lists page resulted with an error
#18103[Internal]added timestamp "createdat" when creating a new group in Root Group Edit page
#18206[Internal]Workday version update to v35.2

June 17, 2021 (In Testing May 12, 2021)

Using Redis solution to avoid locking
Increased length of JobSpecificValues to 2000 characters
Fixed bug where BSD field not retaining chosen values in job posting interface (during the Post of new job)
Updated to hide zero compensation amount in both job search results
Added "Testing" Zone Indicator in Admin Testing Env.
Added option to Display Board Instance Label in Admin Job > Postings
Fixed bug where System should automatically remove (or validate) empty lines in Company Name dropdown
Renamed 'Found' label in Search Results (Audit Report)
Fixed ATS-Admin. Admin can change own password without losing role
Added new icon to Represent Xpress in grp list (old Advantage icon)
Added manager Job Search Term - Posting Scheduled
Placed Commonly Selected Billing Countries at Top of List
Fixed price when different countries are selected
#16466[ORC]Fixed Needs Review flag/prompt for ORC customers
#17904[ORC]Fixed the parsing of locations with unexpected (additional) location parameter

Oct 3, 2021 (In Testing September 2, 2021)

[Workday]Enhanced delete logic to un-post Workday jobs once external posting expires
[Internal]Added ability for eQuest managers to disable Workday sync
[Admin]Added ability for ATS Admin to see Recorded Sessions Section
[Admin]Added NZDT to the Time Zone options in Admin portal
[Internal]Fixed bug so that time zone is reflected as time zone chosen on Job Details page
[Internal]Fixed bug where system allows searching jobs by criteria that is not supported in managers job search
[Posting]Prevented ability to unpost required board instance from job posting in Joblauncher while job is active
[Admin]Prevented ability for Admins performing a Job Search to use same duplicate filter criteria
[Internal]Fixed bug where error was presented upon saving newly created top board
[Xpress]Fixed bug where system showed retail price when price of posting was saved as zero
[Internal]Added ability to hide specific Additional Data values for security reasons
#18930[ORC]Fixed bug where update requests fail where compensation min/max value includes a decimal
#18837[security]Tested Disaster Recovery Plan
#18632[Joblauncher]Fixed bug that prevented inactive Joblauncher postings from being displayed

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