3.4. Setting Up an eQuest Job Board Feed

eQuest Job Board Feed

An eQuest job board Feed is a XML file of jobs that's in an eQuest format and is hosted by eQuest.

That Feed can be indexed by a job board - the board can in-turn publish the jobs on their site.

NOTE: If you are a customer setting up a Feed job board — skip to Step 3.

Feed Setup Instructions

1. Determine if Job Board Can Accept Feed (eQuest Support or Client)

  • Assuming eQuest has determined that a job board is a good candidate for a Feed
  • Provide job board with Feed Documentation
  • Have board confirm that Feed can be accepted

2. Add Support for Board (eQuest Support)

  • Configure top-level board
  • Allow board access to client

3. Setting Up the Feed (Client Admin)

  • Create a new board instance (see related pages)
  • Label board instance and enter your "Company Name" and "Save"
  • Copy the Feed URL from within the board instance pop up or from the Boards list (see image below)
  • IMPORTANT Provide Feed URL to board (see image below, paste from clipboard)
  • Configure user permissions to allow or deny board access
  • Post jobs  at that moment the jobs will be available in the Feed
  • Board checks the Feed URL for jobs and publishes jobs to their site

    copy Feed URL from Boards list

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