3.4. Setting Up an eQuest Job Board Feed

eQuest Job Board Feed

An eQuest job board Feed is an XML file of jobs that is in an eQuest format and is hosted by eQuest.

That Feed can be indexed by a job board - the board can in-turn publish the jobs on their site.

NOTE: If you are a customer setting up a Feed job board — skip to Step 3.

Feed Setup Instructions

1. Determine if Job Board Can Accept Feed (eQuest Support or Client)

  • Assuming eQuest has determined that a job board is a good candidate for a Feed
  • Provide job board with Feed Documentation
  • Have board confirm that Feed can be accepted

2. Add Support for Board (eQuest Support)

  • Configure top-level board
  • Allow board access to client

3. Setting Up the Feed (Client Admin)

  • Create a new board instance (see related page)
  • Label board instance and enter your "Company Name" and "Save"
  • Copy the Feed URL from within the board instance pop up or from the Boards list (see image below)
  • IMPORTANT Provide Feed URL to board (see image below, paste from clipboard)
  • Configure user permissions to allow or deny board access
  • Post jobs  at that moment the jobs will be available in the Feed (the feed URL will appear to be invalid until a job has been posted to the feed board instance)
  • Board checks the Feed URL for jobs and publishes jobs to their site

    copy Feed URL from Boards list

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