6. Workday Chrome 85+ Referrer URL Error

Workday Referrer URL Error

This fix addresses the Chrome 85+ referrer URL issue which results in the "Request source could not be identified" error when accessing eQuest via the SAML link within the to-do task.

Action Required if Using Chrome 85 or higher

If using Chrome 85 or higher, the Assertion Consumer Service URL must be updated to include a new field and your Tenant name.

Steps to Update

  1. Open Workday "Edit SAML SSO Link" task
  2. Select the SAML SSO link used for the eQuest implementation
  3. Locate "Assertion Consumer Service URL"
  4. Replace the existing Assertion Consumer Service URL with the new URL format outlined in our Workday Implementation Guide (section 5.7.2 - link).
  5. Replace the Recipient URL value with the same one as above
  6. Save changes

Please Note

Those Not Using Chrome 85 or higher
The old Assertion Consumer Service URL (https://workday.equest.com/login_workday_check) will continue to be supported. There is no need to update the URL if you are not using Chrome.

Verifying the Fix
You can verify the fix by accessing the eQuest job posting interface without the "Request source could not be identified" error (while using Chrome 85+).

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