1. LinkedIn_Slots Guide

LinkedIn_Slots Guide

Board Overview

Integration Type Automated Job Feed
Delivery Type HTTP
eQuest Pipeline ID LinkedIn_Slots
Board URL http://www.linkedin.com
Delivery Times (UTC) Every 20 minutes
HTML Allowed Limited HTML allowed. The following tags are accepted: <b>,<strong>,<i>,<br>,<p>,<ul> & <li>
Known Character Limit 25000 for Job Description, 4000 for Skills and 4000 for company description.
Board Posting Duration 30 days
Has Board Specific Data Fields YES - required
Special Requirements Each client needs to give eQuest permission so we could post jobs on their behalf. In order to do so, the client should do this from their eQuest platform - further information can be found here
Known Issues/Limitations
    • LinkedIn Support's site is https://www.linkedin.com/help/recruiter?trk=fulcrum_lcshelp_linkedin; you can create ticket for support issues.
      (If it is referring to "Limited Listings" which is including in eQuest Advantage Network package, please include "Limited Listings" in the subject line.) Make sure to provide a sample Job URL and the LinkedIn Company ID.

    • LinkedIn system does not accept job title updates once the job is posted.

    • Skills description is sent in the LinkedIn's skills field if it contain more than 20 characters (including HTML tags), otherwise it is being sent in the job description field.

    • By default we have disabled the LinkedIn profile that is linked to the posting account from appearing in all jobs.

    • The Job Title cannot be updated on LinkedIn - the client would need to unpost and then repost the job.

  • In order to unblock the Customer, could you please ask the customer to reach out to  with ticket for "Removing Company from ID Restriction rule (Blacklist)" as this will unblock the customer Immediately

Board Configuration (for Admins)

IMPORTANT: Follow the instructions provided in the article to authorize eQuest to post jobs on your behalf.

Field Name Field Type Required Description
ContractID open text YES Your contract ID can be found on the LinkedIn Admin Dashboard, under the name of your organization. See the screenshots
CompanyID open text YES This number can be found in the URL within your Company Page on LinkedIn. See the screenshots
Default Linkedin Industry dropdown YES --
CustomTrackingPixelURL text NO In case client needs a custom tracking pixel, this field needs to be used - please make sure this is a URL (starts with https://) and not an image.
OmiteQuestTrackingPixel boolean NO When set to TRUE, will remove the eQuest tracking pixel in the job request.  Useful for when recruiter wishes to use their own so that eQuest's will not override theirs.

Board Specific Data (for Users)

Field Name Field Type Required Description
Industry dropdown NO Up to 3 industries
Experience Level dropdown NO  
Location PostalCode open text YES Required for countries where geo location is enabled at LinkedIn. If we receive a value from your ATS, we hide this field.
Job Function dropdown NO Up to 3 selections
Referral Bonus Amount open text NO --
Referral Bonus Amount for dropdown NO --
Is work remote allowed? dropdown NO When set to Yes, LinkedIn will append "Remote" to the job location
Display LinkedIn Profile boolean NO --
LinkedIn Profile Email open text NO Indicates the email address of another user on the job contract other than the default email address setup at Linkedin's end. The LinkedIn service that forwards profiles matching the job posting will be sent to this address. Must be a valid email address that is associated with the users LinkedIn profile.
The LinkedIn Profile Email cannot be updated on LinkedIn - the client would need to unpost and then repost the job.


Integration Updates

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