7. Posting Expiration Alerts

Feature Description

The Job Posting Expiration Alerts feature allows users to be notified via email prior to their job postings expiring on job boards.

How It Works

eQuest must enable this option per boards. It will not be supported for all job boards. Once enabled users have the option of determining the number of days prior to expiration they would like to be notified.

The job posting expiration dates are determined in one of two ways:
  • Based on the default posting period for that board (date of export from eQuest + default posting period/days)
  • Based on your contracted posting period with that site (where custom posting durations are supported)

Configuring Posting Expiration Alerts

Click the user icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Posting interface and select the "Posting Alerts" option. 

While in the Posting Expiration Alerts setup screen:
  1. Confirm email address used for notifications (separate multiple values with commas)
  2. Select the checkbox to the left of the board name to enable notifications
  3. Enter the number of days prior to expiration you want to be notified (3 days is the default)
  4. Save your changes

NOTE: Only job boards which support Job Posting Expiration Notifications will appear here as options to configure. 

Posting Expiration Alert Email Sample

One email will be sent per board/posting expiration.


I did not receive the expiration notification email.

  • Check spam - make sure that alerts@equest.com is whitelisted
  • Check with your admin and make sure the job is actually due to expire on the date you're expecting
  • Verify the email address the notifications are configured to be sent to (see "Configuring Posting Expiration Alerts" above)
  • If you have Auto-Repost enabled for that job board posting, you will not receive an expiration email
  • The job may have been closed prior to its expiration
  • The job may have been deferred (never successfully delivered to the board) due to a job board issue

I was getting the notifications, but am not longer receiving them.

  • If you change browsers or clear your browser cache, you may need to reconfigure the email addresses (per steps above)

I do not see the option to configure Posting Expiration Alerts for one or more job boards.

  • The job board may not be configured to support Posting Expiration Alerts (check with eQuest support)
  • You may not have access to the job board you are trying to configure

I would like to turn off the Expiration Notifications for one or more job boards

  • Go back into the Posting Expiration Alerts and disable (uncheck) notifications for those boards (you will still be notified for jobs posted prior to this change)

I just enabled Expiration Notifications for one of my job boards; will I get notifications for all active jobs?

  • No. This will only work for jobs posted after alerts were configured for that board. 

How do I repost a job that is expiring?

  • The repost should be initiated from your ATS by way of a delete and new post, or via the repost option in the eQuest Posting Interface

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