6. Select Destinations Page: Button States

Job Board Button States

This article covers the various job board button states on the Select Destinations page.

Some of these states are dependent upon options that must be enabled by the eQuest Support team or your admin. The features that require configuration by eQuest support (or an admin) are noted as such. 

Job Board Recommendations

Our recommendations are enabled by default.

We rank & score job sites by utilizing key pieces of job data against our entire database  comparing like-jobs.

Scores of 75 or higher are recommended (thumbs up) and anything below 75 is not recommended (thumbs down).

Button Breakdown

  1. Not Selected (initial state)
  2. Selected
  3. Toggled to Repost (an option when returning to eQuest after job has already been posted)
  4. Toggled to Delete (option must be enabled by support, not available for all ATS's)
  5. Locked by Admin (hover over lock to see optional note from admin)
  6. Board notes (hover over icon to view notes from admin)

Board Details

To find out more about the button alerts, hover your mouse cursor over the "Details" section.

Here you see the currently available inventory, notes left by the admin, board score, etc.


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