3. Job Posting User Guide (Joblauncher)

Joblauncher User Guide

This article will provide a basic overview of the eQuest standalone Job Posting Interface (Joblauncher).

Log into Joblauncher

Go to: https://joblauncher.equest.com/

Log in using the credentials that were provided by your Administrator or eQuest support.

Account Selector (optional)

If the Account Selector has been enabled for your account, you will be prompted to select the account that you would like to manage after logging in (you must have Admin account permissions).

More about the Account Selector

Manage Jobs 

This is the first page you'll see after logging into Joblauncher.

Here you can locate active jobs (or inactive jobs by turning "Show inactive jobs" to "yes") and take action on those jobs. You can also create new job's in the Manage Jobs page.

Edit Option

Clicking on the arrow on the Edit button provides four related options.

  1. "Edit" brings you to the Job Details page (you get the same result by clicking on the Edit button directly)
  2. "Boards" will take you to the list of selected boards so you can add additional boards, repost, delete from a board, etc.
  3. "Boards Data" will direct you to the Board Specific Data page where you can modify any of the job board-specific field
  4. "Preview" will take you to the final confirmation page where you can manage your scheduled postings

Repost Option

This option allows you to repost to all job boards, or edit and repost to specific job boards.

Clicking on the Repost button will delete your existing job from all boards and resend the job to all originally selected boards.

NOTE: This will result in new job board transactions!

Another option is using the "Repost" shortcuts (white arrow to the right of the Repost label)

1. "Repost" deletes your job from all board and then reposts it to the same boards using the original Job Details, BSD, etc.
2. "Edit and Repost" deletes your job and allows you to edit any of the Job Details, Job Board options, BSD, before pushing back out to the job boards.

Delete Option

These options allow you to delete from one board or all job boards with a single click.

To delete the job from all boards, click the red delete button to the right of the Edit and Repost buttons.

To delete from specific boards, click on the delete icon next to the job board expiration.

Create New Job

Select this option if you would like to create a job from scratch.

Getting Back to Manage Jobs page

Select the Manage Jobs option from the user options menu.

Compose Job

Compose a New Job by entering all required job fields.

Some of the key job fields that we collect and send to the boards:

  • Job Title
  • Requisition Number: used as the unique job identifier on most boards
  • Job Description
  • Candidate Response URL: the URL where candidates can view the job on your career site and apply

Select Destinations

If all the required fields/values are received, you will bypass Job Details (step 1) and land on the Select Destinations page.

Here you will make your job board selections. These job board options have been configured by your company eQuest administrator.

The Summary of Job Board Actions on the right provides a view of the specific actions taken during your session (Post, Update, Repost, Delete).


Board Specific Data

The Board Specific Data page gives users the ability to determine which values are displayed on the specified job board-essentially overriding any default mapping eQuest has configured for that field on that board. Board Specific Data does not support every job board field, and is not available for all job boards. Many of these fields are optional.

Make any required entries and move on to the 'Next' page.


Job Preview/Scheduler™

On the Job Preview page you will see three sections: Summary of Job Board Actions, the Scheduler, and the Job Preview sections.


The Post Scheduler provides insight on the best day to post the job to get the best candidate results based on a variety of data points. You can also schedule in the traditional sense (e.g. to create and queue jobs before a vacation).

You can collapse and expand the post scheduler section by clicking on the black arrow next to the heading Increase Candidate Responses. We will remember the state of the calendar for your next session.


Scroll below to see a summary of ATS job detail or click on the "Jump to Preview" link.

When you are satisfied with the requisition details and are ready to post the job, click Submit. 

IMPORTANT: If you discover a modification to the actual job content needs to be made, you should make the corrections in you applicant tracking system and re-submit the job.

Finally, 'Submit' your job. Once your eQuest session is complete, you will either see our standard "Thank You" page, or you will be routed back into your ATS.

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