3. Authorizing eQuest to Post

eQuest must have client permissions to access their LinkedIn account in order to post jobs on their behalf. Every new client should authorize eQuest in LinkedIn Recruiter once they log into their LinkedIn account.

Who executes these steps: Client

What is required: Recruiter admin seat on the contract

1. Login with LinkedIn account

2. Click on link "Go to LinkedIn Recruiter" at the top (next the LinkedIn logo):

3. In the next screen, click on the menu option "More" and select "Admin" underneath it:

4. Select Job Tab:

5. Click on the link "0 Authorized" under the section "Job Posting Partners":

6. Select Authorize new partner:

7. Select eQuest as Job posting partner and enter the Main Job Poster name.

The Job poster name must be a LinkedIn user for your company:

8. Click Save

These steps enable the partner to post jobs on LinkedIn.

Please note eQuest can only be authorized once per organization, thus only one job partner name might be entered for your organization.

If you have any questions, please post your queries on LinkedIn developer network.

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