4. Guide on granting eQuest to post jobs on behalf of client

Guide to Granting eQuest Job Posting Access

eQuest must have client permissions to access their Infojobs account in order to post jobs on their behalf.

Below are the steps that client needs to make:

1) go to http://www.infojobs.net/

2) click on the Acceso empresas link

3) log in with your account username and password

4) In the users main menu the user will find the link "Web services":

5) In the subsequent menu the user will find the option to grant permission to eQuest to use all their available methods (activar):

6) Client would have to activate methods by clicking 'Activar' link for each method.

7) Once the permissions have been granted the menu will appear as follows. In this menu the user has the possibility to revoke the permission (Desactivar):

Client should contact Infojobs Sales Manager or helpdesk in order to find out more information on how to grant eQuest to post jobs on their behalf.

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