1. Infojobs Overview


Infojobs Overview

Known Issues: Because infojobs does not accept two requisitions with the same reference Number, eQuest has to send the Posting ID along with the req number to ensure the board does not fail postings.
eQuest Pipeline ID: Infojobs
Batch Type Incremental
Delivery Time: 12:10pm, 3:10 pm, 5:10 pm UCT
HTML Allowed: no
Board Specific Data: 3500
Posting Period: 60 days
Board Specific Data: yes - Job Category, Subcategory, Country, Location, Postal Code, Experience, StudyLevel
Special Requirements: Each client needs to give eQuest permission to post jobs on their behalf. In order to do so they need to log on http://www.infojobs.net/ and activate eQuest to use all the allowed methods - more information provided here.
Needed for eQuest Setup: Username

In most cases Infojobs does not accept candidate response URL - candidates would have to apply to the jobs within Infojobs system and notifications will be sent to the email address that was sent in the candidate response email field that is passed from ATS.

If InfoJobs accepts candidate response URL for your account (contact InfoJobs sales representative so they can evaluate and determine if your account meets the conditions to be offered this service) please contact our support team to enable this option for your account. Also, once this option is enabled for your account within eQuest system you will need to log in your private area on InfoJobs website and to authorize eQuest to perform this task on your behalf.

Clients with "insert offer packs" cannot post jobs via our Infojobs data feed. If you would like to use our data feed, you should contact Infojobs regarding "Integration Services" access.


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