3.2. Control Parameters

In addition to Job Parameters, the request must contain parameters for authentication, transaction type and return location.

Identifies the user's account. Used to authenticate and resolve profile information.
Used to authenticate.
In conjunction with username, identifies the job record.
Type of transaction to invoke.
command (optional)
Alias for action.
A URL to which the user will be redirected after the requested transaction is successfully completed. The redirect is an HTTP POST that includes the initial given parameters username, requisition_number and action. For "add" transactions, parameters for each selected board are also included — see Return for details.
board_id_x (optional)
An incremental set of parameters that identify specific postings of the same job to be deleted.
error_format (optional)
Specifies how errors should be displayed to the user or calling application — see Error Handling.
error_url (optional)
A URL to which the user will be redirected if an error occurs.
locale (optional)
Even though this field is called "locale" it currently only controls the posting interface language. The value sent in the request overrides any value set by user in their post interface preferences. Exclude completely if you prefer using posting interface value (English the default). See Interface Language for language options.

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