Integration Guide

A complete and intuitive guide to integrating your ATS with eQuest's Enterprise system (password protected).

  1. 1. Getting Started
    1. Introduction
    2. Things to Know
    3. Posting Flow Diagram
    4. What You'll Need From Us
    5. Integration Requirements
    6. Before Going Live
  2. 2. Jobs
    1. Uniqueness and Scope
    2. Parameters
  3. 3. Posting Interface
    1. Overview
    2. Control Parameters
    3. Request Processing
    4. Transactions
    5. Job Composition
    6. Return
    7. Error Handling
  4. 4. Candidate Responses
    1. Not Published
    2. URL Variables
    3. Candidate Sourcing
  5. 5. eQuest Advantage
    1. Authentication and Account Provisioning
    2. Test Credit Card Information
  6. Enumerations
    1. Classification Time
    2. Classification Type
    3. Compensation Currency
    4. Compensation Type
    5. Education
    6. Industry
    7. Function
    8. Country and State/Province Codes
    9. Interface Language
  7. Glossary
    1. Terms

1. Getting Started

1.1. Introduction

We've designed our API around existing, standard protocols that should be easy to interface with from any platform and framework. There's no place for ambiguity in a working integration, so both our API and this guide have been designed to minimize it.

Once a new integration request has been handed off to our integrations team, a new project is set up in our project tracking system. All integration related communication will take place within this system. Your login will be emailed to you.

The project site (Basecamp)

1.2. Things to Know

If you haven’t already an understanding of the following concepts, we encourage you to do a little preliminary reading before moving on. Here are some of the things you should know and how they relate to your integration with eQuest.

1.2.1 HTTP

Our standard interface is accessed over HTTPS. More specifically, an HTTPS POST containing a payload of parameters. This can easily be performed client-side via an HTML or Javascript form, or server-side via an HTTPS specific or general IP socket library — your language may provide a native library already.

If you’re a developer you’re likely fairly familiar with this protocol — but it’s worth mentioning to emphasize our integration’s dependency on proper, well-formed HTTPS requests.

1.2.2 Character Encoding

eQuest can handle job information in any written language, by storing all of our job data in the UTF-8 character set. However, in order for your request payload to be properly received, it must be encoded in one of the following character sets. You should understand the differences between these specifications and the nature and encoding of your own data.

  • UTF-8
  • UTF-16
  • ISO-8859-1
  • Windows-1252

1.2.3 HTML

Users need to publish presentable requisitions, and HTML allows them to do that.

In most case, the markup is transparent to the user — they either copy and paste formatted data from a third party application such as Microsoft Word, or they use a WYSIWYG editor embedded in your application. A common side effect of this indirect composition is untidy markup — empty <p> tags, unnecessary &nbsp; entities, etc.

We’ve designed our application to maintain as much of our users’ intended formatting as possible, and our translation toolset provides a handful of effective methods to do so. For boards that accept any HTML markup we pass through the given data with no modification unless the transport format — such as tab or pipe delimited — requires it. For boards that don’t accept any HTML, we render the markup — as a user would see it in a web browser — and pass through a text representation of the resulting format. For boards that accept only a subset of HTML, we can selectively render only the fragments of unsupported markup, and keep the supported markup intact.

1.3. Posting Flow Diagram

1.4. What You'll Need From Us

Before moving on to any real development, you'll need just a couple things from us.

1.4.1 Test Environment

We've recently standardized our testing environment, so per ATS environments are no longer necessary.

The Post URL for the standard environment is "".

Please note that simply navigating to this URL in your browser will display an error page; it requires a full and valid POST payload.

1.4.2 Test Account

You'll need an account before posting. Please contact eQuest support for this if you haven't already.

1.5. Integration Requirements

Below are the basic requirements that must be met before an integration can be moved to production.

1.5.1 Field Mapping

All required parameters must be passed over in the post requests.

All job parameters must be validated before they hit eQuest.

1.5.2 Post Transactions

Users must have the ability to ADD, UPDATE and DELETE their jobs. More on Transactions.

1.5.3 Error Handling

One of the error handling methods must be implemented.

1.5.4 Connection to Multiple Accounts per Company

Clients have the ability to set up more than one posting account within eQuest. Often times each of those unique posting accounts is associated with a unique set of job board permissions. As a result, it's important that a single eQuest posting account is not hardcoded into the integration as the job board permission settings are often key to the client's decision to use eQuest.

Below are options that will enhance the integration and user experience.

1.5.5 Candidate Sourcing

When a candidate arrives at the ATS site to apply, it's useful to know which board that candidate arrived from. More on Candidate Sourcing.

1.5.6 Live URL Support

The URL at which a posting is published on a board can be retrieved via the GetPostingLiveURL SOAP method.

1.6. Before Going Live

Before moving into production, the following must take place (in this order):

  1. a request to review the integration must be made via the project site (by your integration team)
  2. the eQuest integration team will generally review the integration within 5-10 business days
  3. once our team has approved the integration, we begin the process of setting up a production Post URL
  4. the Post URL is provided via the project site within 5-10 business days
  5. while the production Post URL is being set up, you will request a kickoff call that includes your integration team and someone from your support team. Our operations and support team will attend the call.
    Сovered on this call (the call should take no longer than 30 minutes):
    • client setup process
    • ownership of issues/requests
    • client expectations
    • points of contact/escalations
  6. the Post URL is provided via the project site. This is last thing that is necessary to go live.
  7. if you would like to do production posts to the job boards, please make the request via the project site. Test jobs are not posted to the boards from our testing environment, the delivery engine only works from production.

NOTE: if your Post URL has the word "testing" in it, you do not have a production Post URL. 

2. Jobs

2.1. Uniqueness and Scope

A job is unique to the user that created it and identified by the Requisition Number.

Multiple users, of the same or different organizations, may create jobs with identical requisition numbers. They may not update or delete each others jobs.

2.2. Parameters

2.2 Parameters

Before submitting any job data to our application, you must ensure that it matches our schema and will validate completely. Although the user will be prompted during the posting process to correct any invalid job parameters, this should not be used to supplement a lack of validation in your ATS.

Please use the following definitions, regular expressions and notes to ensure that your ATS fulfills our requirements. Note that all regular expressions are Perl compatible, or PCRE. Also note that all values are trimmed of leading and trailing whitespace before being validated.

requisition_number (required)

The primary user-defined job identifier unique to each job/user.

Validated by regex:

/^[A-Z0-9a-z-_ ]{1,255}$/


io_number (optional)

A secondary identifier sometimes used by media agencies or ATSs for tracking.

Validated by regex:

/^[A-Z0-9a-z-_ \.&]{0,255}$/


company_name (required*‡)

Company name.

Validated by regex:



company_description_en (optional)

Company description. Appears above Description and Required Skills when the board does not provide a specific field.

Validated by regex:



company_division (optional)

Company division.

Validated by regex:



company_department (optional)

Company department.

Validated by regex:



recruiter_org (optional)

Recruiter organization. For internal use only.

Validated by regex:



recruiter_name (required*)

Recruiter name. For internal use only.

Validated by regex:



recruiter_email (required*)

Recruiter email. For internal use only.

Validated by regex:



company_streetaddress (optional)

Company street address. For internal use only.

Validated by regex:



company_city (optional)

Company city. For internal use only.

Validated by regex:



company_stateprovince (optional)

Company state/province. For internal use only.

Validated against the state/province enumeration.


company_postalcode (optional)

Company postal code. For internal use only.

Validated by regex:

/^[A-Z0-9- ]{1,255}$/


company_country (optional)

Company country. For internal use only.

Validated against the country enumeration.


company_phone (optional)

Company phone. For internal use only.

Validated by regex:



company_fax (optional)

Company fax. For internal use only.

Validated by regex:



location_country (required)

Job country.

Validated against the country enumeration.


location_city (required)

Job city.

Validated by regex:



location_postalcode (optional)

Job postal code.

if no location_postalcode value is sent for a US-based posting, an arbitrary USPS postal code value will be assigned to the job based on the location_city/location_stateprovince combination. For example; if the job location is Chicago, IL -- 60667 could be used for one job while 60652 is assigned to the next. Valid values for US locations are 5 digits only; +4 suffixes are not allowed. 

Otherwise, validated by regex:

/^[A-Z0-9- ]{0,255}$/ 

location_us_areacode (optional)

Job US area code.

Validated by regex:



location_stateprovince (required)

Job state/province.

Validated against the state/province enumeration.


title_en (required)

Job title.

Validated by regex:

classification_type (required)

Job type classification.

Validated against the classification type enumeration.


classification_time (required)

Job time classification.

Validated against the classification time enumeration.


start_date (optional)

Job start date for temporary or contract positions.

Validated by regex:



end_date (optional)

Job end date for temporary or contract positions.

Validated by regex:



compensation_type (optional)

Compensation type.

Validated against the compensation type enumeration.


compensation_currency (optional)

Compensation currency.

Validated against the compensation currency enumeration.


compensation_amount (optional)

Compensation amount. This value takes precedence over range values â€" when given, both the compensation_range_min and compensation_range_max fields are discarded.

Validated by regex:



compensation_range_min (optional)

Compensation minimum.

Validated by regex:



compensation_range_max (optional)

Compensation maximum.

Validated by regex:



travel_percentage (optional)

Travel percentage.

Validated by regex:



telecommute_percentage (optional)

Telecommute percentage.

Validated by regex:



function (required)

Job function code.

Validated against the function enumeration.


industry (required*)

Job industry code.

Validated against the industry enumeration.


skills_en (required)

Description of required skills.

Validated by regex:



education (optional)

Description of education requirements.

Validated against the education enumeration.


description_en (required)

Description of the job position.

Validated by regex:



benefits_en (optional)

Description of job benefits.

Validated by regex:



contact_name (required*)

Job contact name. For internal use only.

Validated by regex:



contact_email (required*)

Job contact email. For internal use only.

Validated by regex:



candidate_response_url (required)

Candidate response URL.

Validated by regex:



candidate_response_email (required*)

Candidate response email.

Validated by regex:


* Field is required, but can default from eQuest posting account profile. A passed value will override any value stored in the account profile.

3. Posting Interface

3.1. Overview

A single interface is used for all job related requests: adding new jobs; updating existing jobs; deleting existing jobs. Requests are made in the form of HTTP POSTs to a provided URL and must contain a valid payload of parameters.

Below is an overview of the process flow.

Post Interface Overview

Your ATS must implement a minimum of two controllers to interface with our app: one outgoing to send a valid payload to eQuest, and one to receive data for each board selected by the user. The latter should also redirect the user back into the expected flow of your application; more on this under Return.

3.2. Control Parameters

In addition to Job Parameters, the request must contain parameters for authentication, transaction type and return location.

Identifies the user's account. Used to authenticate and resolve profile information.
Used to authenticate.
In conjunction with username, identifies the job record.
Type of transaction to invoke.
command (optional)
Alias for action.
A URL to which the user will be redirected after the requested transaction is successfully completed. The redirect is an HTTP POST that includes the initial given parameters username, requisition_number and action. For "add" transactions, parameters for each selected board are also included — see Return for details.
board_id_x (optional)
An incremental set of parameters that identify specific postings of the same job to be deleted.
error_format (optional)
Specifies how errors should be displayed to the user or calling application — see Error Handling.
error_url (optional)
A URL to which the user will be redirected if an error occurs.
locale (optional)
Even though this field is called "locale" it currently only controls the posting interface language. The value sent in the request overrides any value set by user in their post interface preferences. Exclude completely if you prefer using posting interface value (English the default). See Interface Language for language options.

3.3. Request Processing

Requests of all types go through some common processes before being handed off to the transaction specific controller.

3.3.1 Encoding Detection/Conversion

Our application converts all request parameters to UTF-8.

Before converting, the source encoding must be known. First, the Content-type header, similar to the following, is searched for a valid charset parameter.

Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8 

Many browsers, however, do not properly indicate the character encoding of POST payloads, so if your integration uses client-side requests — HTML forms or JS — the encoding will not likely be specified. That’s ok — our detection process works very well.

Encodings are detected in the following order, and the first encoding matched is used. Detection depends mostly on validation of byte sequences, so many times data of one encoding can appear valid as another; for this reason, order is very important.

  • UTF-8
  • UTF-16
  • Windows-1252
  • ISO-8859-1

Once the source encoding is detected, the data is converted to UTF-8 — if it isn’t already. Transliteration is used to minimize data loss.

3.3.2 Authentication

The username and password Control Parameters are authenticated against our authentication system. In addition, username is used to identify the user’s eQuest account and profile.

3.3.3 Validation of Control Parameters

The remaining Control Parameters are validated.

3.3.4 Translation of Job Parameters

Some small modifications are done to the given Job Parameters before being validated. Modifications include:

  • Ensuring uppercase of some values.
  • Converting deprecated values.

Mostly, this is where we implement conversions for backwards compatibility.

3.4. Transactions

There are five possible transactions: add, update, delete, list and unpost.

3.4.1 Add

Invoked when action is "add", this transaction results in an interactive eQuest session that provides users with an interface to select destination boards, board specific values and confirm job parameters — the latter two being optional steps dependent on user preferences and board configuration.

This transaction has two possible uses: the initial creation of a job record in eQuest or an interactive method to update an existing record and select additional boards. Thus, if you wish the user to always have the option of selecting additional boards when submitting new data, use "add" in place of "update".

3.4.2 Update

Invoked when action is "update", this non-interactive process validates incoming job data and updates an existing job record with the new values.

In contrast to an "add" transaction, there is no way for the user to correct invalid parameters; an invalid parameter will result in an error.

3.4.3 Delete

Invoked when action is "delete", this non-interactive process deletes either an entire job record or specific postings. Note, that even though this is non-interactive action it can be performed by client's browser (using HTML form), client will be re-directed back to return_url when action is completed. If action is performed by a server, simply pass any valid return_url. Response will contain HTTP code 302 with Location header.

If the request contains board_id_x parameters, then only postings for those boards are deleted. The value of each parameter is the board instance identifier sent back to your ATS in the Return.

This action requires the following parameters:

  • action
  • username
  • password
  • return_url
  • requisition_number

3.4.4 List

Invoked when action is "list", this interactive process lists all active job records associated with an account, and includes specific postings for each active job. This page allows users to:

  • Delete a job and all postings
  • Delete individual postings
  • Edit a job

This action accepts only these parameters:

  • action
  • username
  • password
  • return_url

3.4.5 Unpost

Invoked when action is "unpost", this interactive process brings users back to the post page, allowing them to target specific boards (postings) for deletion. This page allows users to:

  • Delete individual postings

This action accepts only these parameters:

  • action
  • username
  • password
  • return_url
  • requisition_number

3.5. Job Composition

During an add or update transaction, the job is composed in one of two ways, depending on the current status of the job.

Job Composition

If the job already exists and is active, the existing data is retrieved from the Job Pipeline. If it’s a new job, pre-defined job values are retrieved from the user’s profile. In both cases, the new job data from the request is applied second; the new data overwrites the existing.

Empty and non-existent parameters are handled in the same way: they do not overwrite existing values.

For example, submitting these parameters

title_en:               "Spicy Rib Cook II"
location_city:          "Oakland"
location_stateprovince: ""

to update this existing job

title_en:               "Spicy Rib Cook"
description_en:         "Prepare very spicy, but delicious, ribs."
location_city:          "San Francisco"
location_stateprovince: "US-CA"

would result in this new job.

title_en:               "Spicy Rib Cook II"
description_en:         "Prepare very spicy, but delicious, ribs."
location_city:          "Oakland"
location_stateprovince: "US-CA"

3.6. Return

Following a successful transaction, the user is redirected back to your ATS. Our application will construct a self-submitting form — submission is transparent to the user — that will perform a POST to the return_url.

The payload includes the following parameters, which will not exceed 255 characters.


Identifies the user's eQuest account.


In conjunction with username, identifies the job record.


The number of boards the job was posted to. Also, the number of "board_" parameters that follow (see following parameters).


An integer used by eQuest to track the particular board instance. This identifier is unique to every customer board setup in our application. Two instances of "", for example, will not share the same value.


The user-defined name/label that describes the board in our UI.


A string used by our application to globally identify the board. Two instances of "", for example, will share the same value.


Date when job should be posted to a board (scheduled posting start date) - in the format of YYYY-MM-DD (GMT). If the posting has not been scheduled, no value will be included and the posting.

3.7. Error Handling

Up until now, the possibility for error has been conveniently overlooked for clarity of course. But since it's likely, if not certain, that one will inevitably occur; you should be aware of the available error handling methods and codes.

3.7.1 Methods

The method used is determined by the value of error_format:

  • "0" - Redirect eQuest (default)
  • "1" - Output
  • "2" - Redirect ATS Redirect eQuest

Redirects the user to the eQuest error page. If the error is due to incorrect or lack of information passed by the client a descriptive message is shown along with the error code in decimal format. If the error is an internal and critical eQuest error, a more general page is shown. Output

Simply outputs the error code in decimal format as response content. This method is commonly used by ATSs that wish to completely wrap our application's response. Redirect ATS

Redirects the user to the value of error_url and includes an error_code parameter that contains the decimal error code.

3.7.2 Codes

Authentication failed. The username or password supplied is incorrect.
The username field is empty or missing from the HTTP POST.
The password field is empty or missing from the HTTP POST.
The requisition_number field is empty or missing from the HTTP POST.
The action field is empty or missing from the HTTP POST.
The action supplied in the HTTP POST is invalid.
The return_url field is empty or missing from the HTTP POST.
The requisition does not exist or is inactive. This generally occurs when an action of update or delete is requested for a job that was not previously added.
The provided job data is invalid. This should only occur during update requests, where there is no user interaction available to correct invalid values.
The postings identified by the given IDs do not exist or are inactive.

4. Candidate Responses

4.1. Not Published

Our application doesn’t publish the Candidate Response URL, as we receive it from your ATS. Instead, it’s stored in our database associated with our own unique URL, which is publish to the boards. This accomplishes three main objectives:

  • Shorter published URLs that are certain to meet board requirements.
  • Modifications can be made to original URLs without the need to re-publish.
  • All traffic is routed through our appplication, which allows us to gather statistics and validate successful posts.

Below is a typical response flow.

Candidate Response Flow

4.2. URL Variables

In order to provide information back from our application during the candidate response, we allow for a number of variables to be inserted into the URL string. These variables are substituted for their respective values when we generate each posting, and thus contain information otherwise unknown by your ATS. There are many uses for this, the most common being implementation of candidate sourcing.

Variables are represented as:

<variable> ::= "{" <name> "}"
<name> ::= <job_parameter> | "board_instance_id" | "pipeline_id"

Where <job_parameter> is any of the job parameter names.

The {board_instance_id} variable is substituted for the identifier of the Board Instance. The {pipeline_id} variable is substituted for the Pipeline ID of the global eQuest board.

4.3. Candidate Sourcing

When a candidate arrives at the ATS site to apply for a job, it's useful to know which board that candidate arrived from. This is possible in part by embedding some of the forementioned URL variables into the Candidate Response URL. Something like the following:


It would provide your ATS, during the candidate response process, with the same Board Instance ID & Board Pipeline ID submitted in the Return Process.

Board Instance vs Pipeline ID Explained

A Board Instance is a specific instance of some Job Board (Pipeline ID). For example, as a customer I can set up 10 instances of '' that will be used regionally by my users. Most likely this would mean 10 unique Monster logins, each associated to their own inventory and branding.

In this case, eQuest would return 10 different board_instance_id's but the pipeline_id would always be ''.

4.3.1 Example

A user posts a job through eQuest via your ATS. The Candidate Response URL included looks like this:


The user chooses three boards labeled: Monster (US), Monster (UK), and CareerBuilder - My Account. Everything goes well in eQuest and the user is redirected to the return_url; included in that request are the Return Parameters for each board, which your ATS stores for later use:

username:             "Zuul"
requisition_number:   "123"
board_count:          "3"
board_id_1:           "101"
board_name_1:         "Monster (US)"
board_pipeline_id_1:  ""
board_id_2:           "102"
board_name_2:         "Monster (UK)"
board_pipeline_id_2:  ""
board_id_3:           "103"
board_name_3:         "CareerBuilder - My Account"
board_pipeline_id_3:  "CareerBuilder"

When each posting was generated in eQuest, the {board_instance_id} variable was substituted for it's respective value, and each Candidate Response URL became.

  • Monster (US)


  • Monster (UK)


  • CareerBuilder - My Account


With this information included in the URLs, your ATS knows that responses for the first come from the instance Monster (US) or the global eQuest board, etc.

Candidate Sourcing

5. eQuest Advantage

5.1. Authentication and Account Provisioning

If you are performing an integration with eQuest Advantage, there are two additional required Control Parameters which will allow you to manage user accounts trivially.

Identifies the admin account for the eQuest group of which the username is a member (Generally, your ATS. eQuest Advantage does not support company accounts).
Used to authenticate the admin.

By passing this information along with the required username and password, you will allow us to automatically provision an account for the incoming user if one does not already exist.

  • If the user exists and the password is valid, we allow the user session to continue normally.
  • If the user exists but the password is invalid, we present a standard authentication error.
  • If the user does not exist we will use the values set in username and password to provision a new account for that user and allow the session to continue.

Support for this feature is required if you are integrating with eQuest Advantage.

5.2. Test Credit Card Information

MasterCard Test Card


Visa Test Card


Visa Test Card II


Enter any valid expiration date, and any 3-digit CVV.


1. Classification Time

Value Label
FULLTIME Full-time
PARTTIME Part-time

2. Classification Type

Value Label

3. Compensation Currency

Value Label
USD US Dollars
EUR Euros
ARS Argentine Pesos
AUD Australian Dollars
BRL Brazilian Reals
CAD Canadian Dollars
CHF Swiss Francs
CNY Chinese Yuan Renminbi
CZK Czech Koruny
DKK Danish Kroner
FJD Fiji Dollars
GBP British Pounds
HKD Hong Kong Dollars
HUF Hungarian Forints
IDR Indonesian Rupiahs
ILS Israeli New Sheqels
INR Indian Rupees
JPY Japanese Yen
KRW South Korean Wons
MXN Mexican Pesos
MYR Malaysian Ringgits
NOK Norwegian Krones
NZD New Zealand Dollars
PHP Philippine Pesos
PKR Pakistani Rupees
PLN Polish Zlotych
SEK Swedish Kronor
SGD Singapore Dollars
THB Thai Bahts
TWD New Taiwanese Dollars
ZAR South African Rands

4. Compensation Type

Value Label

5. Education

Value Label
 HIGHSCHOOL  High School
 SOMECOLLEGE  Some College
CERTIFICATION  Certification
 ASSOCIATEDEGREE  Associate Degree
 BACHELORSDEGREE  Bachelor’s Degree
 MASTERSDEGREE  Master’s Degree
 EQUIVALENTEXPERIENCE  Equivalent Experience
 DOCTORATE  Doctorate

6. Industry

Value       Label
1 Advertising and Public Relations
2 Aerospace/Defense
3 Agriculture/Forestry/Fishing
4 Sports and Physical Recreation
5 Automotive Sales and Repair
6 Banking
7 Biotechnology
8 Chemicals/Petro-Chemicals
9 Technology
10 Construction/Landscaping
11 Management Consulting Services
12 Consumer Goods
13 Consumer Services
14 Distribution and Supply
15 Education
16 Energy and Utilities
17 Arts, Entertainment & Media
18 Environmental
19 Financial Services
20 Restaurant/Food Services
21 Furniture and Fixtures
22 Government - Local/Federal
23 Healthcare
24 Heating, Cooling & Ventilation
25 Hospitality & Leisure
26 Import/Export
27 International Relations
28 Media/Journalism/ Newspaper
29 Legal Services
30 Property/ Equipment Leasing
31 Lumber & Wood
32 Industrial Facilities and Infrastructure
33 Manufacturing - Other
34 Metals and Minerals
35 Mining
36 Non-profit - Social Services
37 Oil & Gas
38 Other - Not Specified
39 Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturing
40 Paper
41 Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences
42 Automotive and Parts Mfg
43 Printing & Publishing
44 Professional Services
45 Natural Resources
46 Real Estate/ Property Management
47 Retail
48 Social Services
49 HR/Staffing/Employment Agencies
50 Communications
51 Textile Manufacturing
52 Tobacco
53 Transportation and Logistics
54 Renewable Energy
55 Travel, Transportation and Tourism
56 Internet Services

7. Function

Extended from the 6.0 O*NET™ Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) database, this enumeration contains 31 additional entries — these entries appear highlighted.

Value Label
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
11000000       Management
  11100000     Top Executives
    11101100   Chief Executive
      11101101 Government Service Executives
      11101102 Private Sector Executives
    11102100   General and Operations Manager
    11103100   Legislator
      11303101 Treasurers, Controllers, and Chief Financial Officers
      11303102 Financial Managers, Branch or Department
  11200000     Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, Public Relations and Sales Manager
    11201100   Advertising and Promotions Manager
    11202000   Marketing and Sales Manager
    11202100   Marketing Manager
      11202151 Market Research Managers
      11202152 Network Marketing Managers
      11202153 Account Managers
    11202200   Sales Manager
    11203100   Public Relations Manager
  11300000     Operations Specialties Managers
    11301100   Administrative Services Manager
    11302100   Computer and Information Systems Manager
    11303100   Financial Manager
    11304100   Compensation and Benefits Manager
    11304200   Training and Development Manager
    11304900   Human Resources Manager
    11305100   Industrial Production Manager
    11306100   Purchasing Manager
    11307100   Transportation, Storage and Distribution Manager
  11900000     Other Management
    11901100   Farm, Ranch, and Other Agricultural Manager
      11901101 Nursery and Greenhouse Managers
      11901102 Agricultural Crop Farm Managers
      11901103 Fish Hatchery Managers
    11901200   Farmer or Rancher
    11902100   Construction Manager
    11903100   Education Administrator, Preschool and Child Care Center
    11903200   Education Administrator, Elementary and Secondary School
    11903300   Education Administrator, Postsecondary
    11903900   Education Administrator
    11904100   Engineering Manager
    11905100   Food Service Manager
    11906100   Funeral Director
    11907100   Gaming Manager
    11908100   Lodging Manager
    11911100   Medical and Health Services Manager
    11912100   Natural Sciences Manager
    11913100   Postmasters and Mail Superintendent
    11914100   Property, Real Estate or Community Association Manager
    11915100   Social or Community Service Manager
    11919900   Manager
13000000       Business and Financial Operations
  13100000     Business Operations Specialists
    13101100   Agent/Business Manager of Artist, Performer or Athlete
    13102100   Purchasing Agent and Buyer, Farm Products
    13102200   Wholesale and Retail Buyer, Except Farm Products
    13102300   Purchasing Agent, Except Wholesale, Retail and Farm Products
    13103100   Claims Adjuster, Examiners, and Investigators
      13103101 Claims Examiners, Property and Casualty Insurance
      13103102 Insurance Adjusters, Examiners, and Investigators
    13103200   Insurance Appraiser, Auto Damage
    13104100   Compliance Officer
      13104101 Environmental Compliance Inspectors
      13104102 Licensing Examiners and Inspectors
      13104103 Equal Opportunity Representatives and Officers
      13104104 Government Property Inspectors and Investigators
      13104105 Pressure Vessel Inspectors
      13104106 Coroners
    13105100   Cost Estimator
    13106100   Emergency Management Specialist
    13107100   Employment, Recruitment and Placement Specialist
      13107101 Employment Interviewers, Private or Public Employment Service
      13107102 Personnel Recruiters
    13107200   Compensation, Benefits and Job Analysis Specialist
    13107300   Training and Development Specialist
    13107900   Human Resources, Training and Labor Relations Specialist
    13108100   Logistician
    13111100   Management Analyst
      13111151 E-Commerce Consultants
      13111152 General Strategy Consultants
      13111153 IT Strategy Consultants
      13111154 IT Functional Analysis Consultants
    13112100   Meeting and Convention Planner
    13119900   Business Operations Specialist
  13200000     Financial Specialists
    13201100   Accountant and Auditor
      13201151 Fund Managers
      13201152 Retirement Funds Specialists
      13201153 Treasurers
    13202100   Appraiser and Assessor of Real Estate
    13203100   Budget Analyst
    13204100   Credit Analyst
    13205100   Financial Analyst
    13205200   Personal Financial Advisor
    13205300   Insurance Underwriter
    13206100   Financial Examiner
    13207100   Loan Counselors
    13207200   Loan Officer
    13208100   Tax Examiner, Collector and Revenue Agent
    13208200   Tax Preparer
    13209900   Financial Specialist
15000000       Computer and Mathematics
  15100000     Computer Specialists
    15101100   Computer and Information Scientist, Research
    15102100   Computer Programmer
      15102151 E-Commerce Programmers
      15102152 Quality Assurance Programmers
    15103000   Computer Software Engineer
    15103100   Computer Software Engineer, Applications
    15103200   Computer Software Engineer, Systems Software
    15104100   Computer Support Specialist
    15105100   Computer Systems Analyst
      15105151 IT Team Leaders
    15106100   Database Administrator
    15107100   Network and Computer Systems Administrator
      15107101 Computer Security Specialists
      15107151 Internet Network Specialists
    15108100   Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst
    15109900   Computer Specialist
      15109951 IT Business Analysts
  15200000     Mathematical Scientists
    15201100   Actuary
    15202100   Mathematician
    15203100   Operations Research Analyst
    15204100   Statistician
    15209900   Mathematical Scientist
  15300000     Mathematical Technician
    15301100   Mathematical Technician
17000000       Architecture and Engineering
  17100000     Architect, Surveyor and Cartographer
    17101100   Architect, Except Landscape and Naval
    17101200   Landscape Architect
    17102100   Cartographer and Photogrammetrist
    17102200   Surveyor
  17200000     Engineers
    17201100   Aerospace Engineer
    17202100   Agricultural Engineer
    17203100   Biomedical Engineer
    17204100   Chemical Engineer
    17205100   Civil Engineer
    17206100   Computer Hardware Engineer
      17206151 IT Project Managers
    17207100   Electrical Engineer
    17207200   Electronics Engineer, Except Computer
    17208100   Environmental Engineer
    17211100   Health and Safety Engineer
      17211101 Industrial Safety and Health Engineers
      17211102 Fire-Prevention and Protection Engineers
      17211103 Product Safety Engineers
    17211200   Industrial Engineer
    17212100   Marine Engineer and Naval Architect
    17213100   Materials Engineer
    17214100   Mechanical Engineer
    17215100   Mining and Geological Engineer
    17216100   Nuclear Engineer
    17217100   Petroleum Engineer
      17217151 Petroleum Process Engineers
      17217152 Petroleum Systems Engineers
      17217153 Petroleum Field Engineers
      17217154 Petroleum Project Managers
    17219900   Engineer
  17300000     Drafters, Engineering, and Mapping Technicians
    17301100   Architectural and Civil Drafter
    17301200   Electrical and Electronics Drafter
    17301300   Mechanical Drafter
    17301900   Drafter
    17302100   Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technician
    17302200   Civil Engineering Technician
    17302300   Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technician
    17302400   Electro-Mechanical Technician
    17302500   Environmental Engineering Technician
    17302600   Industrial Engineering Technician
    17302700   Mechanical Engineering Technician
    17302900   Engineering Technician
    17303100   Surveying and Mapping Technician
19000000       Life, Physical and Social Science
  19100000     Life Scientists
    19101100   Animal Scientist
    19101200   Food Scientist and Technologist
    19101300   Soil and Plant Scientist
    19102001   Biologists
    19102100   Biochemist and Biophysicist
    19102200   Microbiologist
    19102300   Zoologist and Wildlife Biologist
    19102900   Biological Scientist
    19103100   Conservation Scientist
      19103101 Soil Conservationists
      19103102 Range Managers
      19103103 Park Naturalists
    19103200   Forester
    19104100   Epidemiologist
    19104200   Medical Scientist, Except Epidemiologist
    19109900   Life Scientist
  19200000     Physical Scientists
    19201100   Astronomer
    19201200   Physicist
    19202100   Atmospheric and Space Scientist
    19203100   Chemist
    19203200   Materials Scientist
    19204100   Environmental Scientist or Specialist, Including Health
    19204200   Geoscientist
      19204201 Geologists
    19204300   Hydrologist
    19209900   Physical Scientist
  19300000     Social Scientist and Related Workers
    19301100   Economist
    19302100   Market Research Analyst
    19302200   Survey Researcher
    19303100   Clinical, Counseling or School Psychologist
    19303200   Industrial-Organizational Psychologist
    19303900   Psychologist
    19304100   Sociologist
    19305100   Urban and Regional Planner
    19309100   Anthropologist or Archeologist
    19309200   Geographer
    19309300   Historian
    19309400   Political Scientist
    19309900   Social Scientist or Specialist
  19400000     Life, Physical, and Social Science Technicians
    19401100   Agricultural and Food Science Technician
    19402100   Biological Technician
    19403100   Chemical Technician
    19404100   Geological and Petroleum Technician
      19404101 Geological Data Technicians
      19404102 Geological Sample Test Technicians
    19405100   Nuclear Technician
      19405101 Nuclear Equipment Operation Technicians
      19405102 Nuclear Monitoring Technicians
    19406100   Social Science Research Assistant
      19406101 City Planning Aides
    19409100   Environmental Science and Protection Technician, Including Health
    19409200   Forensic Science Technician
    19409300   Forest and Conservation Technician
    19409900   Life, Physical, and Social Science Technician
21000000       Community and Social Services
  21100000     Counselors, Social Workers, and Other Community and Social Service Specialists
    21101100   Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselor
    21101200   Educational, Vocational and School Counselor
    21101300   Marriage and Family Therapist
    21101400   Mental Health Counselor
    21101500   Rehabilitation Counselor
    21101900   Counselor
    21102100   Child, Family and School Social Worker
    21102200   Medical and Public Health Social Worker
    21102300   Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Worker
    21102900   Social Worker
    21109100   Health Educator
    21109200   Probation Officer and Correctional Treatment Specialist
    21109300   Social and Human Service Assistant
    21109900   Community and Social Service Specialist
  21200000     Religious Workers
    21201100   Clergy
    21202100   Director of Religious Activities and Education
    21209900   Religious Worker
23000000       Legal
  23100000     Lawyers, Judges, and Related Workers
    23101100   Lawyer
    23102100   Administrative Law Judge, Adjudicator, and Hearing Officer
      23102151 Locum Solicitors
    23102200   Arbitrator, Mediator or Conciliator
    23102300   Judge, Magistrate Judge or Magistrate
  23200000     Legal Support Workers
    23201100   Paralegal and Legal Assistant
    23209100   Court Reporter
    23209200   Law Clerk
    23209300   Title Examiner, Abstractor and Searcher
    23209900   Legal Support Worker
25000000       Education, Training, and Library Occupations
  25100000     Postsecondary Teachers
    25101100   Business Teacher, Postsecondary
    25102100   Computer Science Teacher, Postsecondary
    25102200   Mathematical Science Teacher, Postsecondary
    25103100   Architecture Teacher, Postsecondary
    25103200   Engineering Teacher, Postsecondary
    25104100   Agricultural Sciences Teacher, Postsecondary
    25104200   Biological Science Teacher, Postsecondary
    25104300   Forestry and Conservation Science Teacher, Postsecondary
    25105100   Atmospheric, Earth, Marine and Space Sciences Teacher, Postsecondary
    25105200   Chemistry Teacher, Postsecondary
    25105300   Environmental Science Teacher, Postsecondary
    25105400   Physics Teacher, Postsecondary
    25106100   Anthropology and Archeology Teacher, Postsecondary
    25106200   Area, Ethnic, and Cultural Studies Teacher, Postsecondary
    25106300   Economics Teacher, Postsecondary
    25106400   Geography Teacher, Postsecondary
    25106500   Political Science Teacher, Postsecondary
    25106600   Psychology Teacher, Postsecondary
    25106700   Sociology Teacher, Postsecondary
    25106900   Social Sciences Teacher, Postsecondary
    25107100   Health Specialties Teacher, Postsecondary
    25107200   Nursing Instructor and Teacher, Postsecondary
    25108100   Education Teacher, Postsecondary
    25108200   Library Science Teacher, Postsecondary
    25111100   Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Teacher, Postsecondary
    25111200   Law Teacher, Postsecondary
    25111300   Social Work Teacher, Postsecondary
    25112100   Art, Drama, and Music Teacher, Postsecondary
    25112200   Communications Teacher, Postsecondary
    25112300   English Language and Literature Teacher, Postsecondary
    25112400   Foreign Language and Literature Teacher, Postsecondary
    25112500   History Teacher, Postsecondary
    25112600   Philosophy and Religion Teacher, Postsecondary
    25119100   Graduate Teaching Assistant
    25119200   Home Economics Teacher, Postsecondary
    25119300   Recreation and Fitness Studies Teacher, Postsecondary
    25119400   Vocational Education Teacher, Postsecondary
    25119900   Postsecondary Teacher
  25200000     Primary, Secondary and Special Education School Teachers
    25201100   Preschool Teacher
    25201200   Kindergarten Teacher
    25202100   Elementary School Teacher
    25202200   Middle School Teacher
    25202300   Vocational Education Teacher, Middle School
    25203100   Secondary School Teacher
    25203200   Vocational Education Teacher, Secondary School
    25204100   Special Education Teacher, Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary School
    25204200   Special Education Teacher, Middle School
    25204300   Special Education Teacher, Secondary School
  25300000     Other Teachers and Instructors
    25301100   Adult Literacy, Remedial Education and GED Teacher
    25302100   Self-Enrichment Education Teacher
      25302151 IT Teachers and Trainers
      25302152 Researchers
      25302153 Researcher Support Administrators
      25302154 Senior Academic Teachers
      25302155 Student Services Directors
      25302156 Academic Directors
    25309900   Teacher or Instructor
  25400000     Librarians, Curators, and Archivists
    25401100   Archivist
    25401200   Curator
    25401300   Museum Technician and Conservator
    25402100   Librarian
    25403100   Library Technician
  25900000     Other Education, Training and Library
    25901100   Audio-Visual Collections Specialist
    25902100   Farm and Home Management Advisor
    25903100   Instructional Coordinator
    25904100   Teacher Assistant
    25909900   Education, Training and Library Worker
27000000       Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media
  27100000     Art and Design Workers
    27101100   Art Director
    27101200   Craft Artist
    27101300   Fine Artist, Including Painter, Sculptor, and Illustrator
      27101302 Sketch Artists
      27101303 Cartoonists
    27101400   Multi-Media Artist and Animator
    27101900   Artist
    27102100   Commercial and Industrial Designer
    27102200   Fashion Designer
    27102300   Floral Designer
    27102400   Graphic Designer
    27102500   Interior Designer
    27102600   Merchandise Displayer and Window Trimmer
    27102700   Set and Exhibit Designer
    27102900   Designer
  27200000     Entertainers and Performers, Sports and Related Workers
    27201100   Actor
    27201200   Producer and Director
      27201203 Program Directors
      27201204 Talent Directors
      27201205 Technical Directors/Managers
    27202100   Athlete and Sports Competitor
    27202200   Coach or Scout
    27202300   Umpire, Referee and Sports Official
    27203100   Dancer
    27203200   Choregrapher
    27204100   Music Director or Composer
      27204102 Music Arrangers and Orchestrators
    27204200   Musician or Singer
    27209900   Entertainer, Performer or Sports Related Worker
  27300000     Media and Communication Workers
    27301100   Radio and Television Announcer
    27301200   Public Address System and Other Announcer
    27302100   Broadcast News Analyst
    27302200   Reporter and Correspondent
    27303100   Public Relations Specialist
    27304100   Editor
    27304200   Technical Writer
    27304300   Writer and Author
      27304301 Poets and Lyricists
      27304302 Creative Writers
      27304303 Caption Writers
      27304304 Copy Writers
    27309100   Interpreter and Translator
    27309900   Media and Communication Worker
  27400000     Media and Communication Equipment Workers
    27401100   Audio and Video Equipment Technician
    27401200   Broadcast Technician
    27401300   Radio Operator
    27401400   Sound Engineering Technician
    27402100   Photographer
    27403100   Camera Operator for Television, Video, and Motion Picture
    27403200   Film and Video Editor
    27409900   Media and Communication Equipment Worker
29000000       Healthcare Practitioners and Technicians
  29100000     Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioners
    29101100   Chiropractor
    29102100   Dentist, General
    29102200   Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
    29102300   Orthodontist
    29102400   Prosthodontist
    29102900   Dentist
    29103100   Dietitian and Nutritionist
    29104100   Optometrist
    29105100   Pharmacist
    29106100   Anesthesiologist
    29106200   Family and General Practitioner
    29106300   Internist, General
    29106400   Obstetrician and Gynecologist
    29106500   Pediatrician, General
    29106600   Psychiatrist
    29106700   Surgeon
    29106900   Physician and Surgeon
    29107100   Physician Assistant
    29108100   Podiatrist
    29111100   Registered Nurse
    29112100   Audiologist
    29112200   Occupational Therapist
    29112300   Physical Therapist
    29112400   Radiation Therapist
    29112500   Recreational Therapist
    29112600   Respiratory Therapist
    29112700   Speech-Language Pathologist
    29112900   Therapist
    29113100   Veterinarian
    29119900   Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioner
  29200000     Health Technologists and Technicians
    29201100   Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologist
    29201200   Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technician
    29202100   Dental Hygienist
    29203100   Cardiovascular Technologist or Technician
    29203200   Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
    29203300   Nuclear Medicine Technologist
    29203400   Radiologic Technologist or Technician
    29204100   Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic
    29205100   Dietetic Technician
    29205200   Pharmacy Technician
    29205300   Psychiatric Technician
    29205400   Respiratory Therapy Technician
    29205500   Surgical Technologist
    29205600   Veterinary Technologist or Technicians
    29206100   Licensed Practical or Licensed Vocational Nurse
    29207100   Medical Records and Health Information Technician
    29208100   Optician, Dispensing
    29209100   Orthotist and Prosthetist
    29209900   Health Technologist or Technician
  29900000     Other Healthcare Practitioners and Technicians
    29901100   Occupational Health and Safety Specialist
    29901200   Occupational Health and Safety Technician
    29909100   Athletic Trainer
    29909900   Healthcare Practitioner or Technical Worker
31000000       Healthcare Support
  31100000     Nursing, Psychiatric, and Home Health Aides
    31101100   Home Health Aide
    31101200   Nursing Aide, Orderlie and Attendant
    31101300   Psychiatric Aide
  31200000     Occupational and Physical Therapist Assistant or Aide
    31201100   Occupational Therapist Assistant
    31201200   Occupational Therapist Aide
    31202100   Physical Therapist Assistant
    31202200   Physical Therapist Aide
  31900000     Other Healthcare Support
    31901100   Massage Therapist
    31909100   Dental Assistant
    31909200   Medical Assistant
    31909300   Medical Equipment Preparer
    31909400   Medical Transcriptionist
    31909500   Pharmacy Aide
    31909600   Veterinary Assistant and Laboratory Animal Caretaker
    31909900   Healthcare Support Worker
33000000       Protective Service
  33100000     First-Line Supervisors, Protective Service Workers
    33101100   First-Line Supervisor of Correctional Officers
    33101200   First-Line Supervisor of Police and Detectives
    33102100   First-Line Supervisors of Fire Fighting and Prevention Workers
    33109900   First-Line Supervisor, Protective Service Workers
  33200000     Fire Fighting and Prevention Workers
    33201100   Fire Fighter
    33202100   Fire Inspector and Investigator
    33202200   Forest Fire Inspector and Prevention Specialist
  33300000     Law Enforcement Workers
    33301100   Bailiff
    33301200   Correctional Officer and Jailer
    33302100   Detective and Criminal Investigator
      33302101 Police Detectives
      33302102 Police Identification and Records Officers
      33302103 Criminal Investigators and Special Agents
      33302104 Child Support, Missing Persons, and Unemployment Insurance Fraud Investigators
      33302105 Immigration and Customs Inspectors
    33303100   Fish and Game Warden
    33304100   Parking Enforcement Worker
    33305100   Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officer
      33305101 Police Patrol Officers
      33305102 Highway Patrol Pilots
      33305103 Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs
    33305200   Transit and Railroad Police
  33900000     Other Protective Service Workers
    33901100   Animal Control Worker
    33902100   Private Detective and Investigator
    33903100   Gaming Surveillance Officer and Gaming Investigator
    33903200   Security Guard
    33909100   Crossing Guard
    33909200   Lifeguard, Ski Patrol or Other Recreational Protective Service Worker
    33909900   Protective Service Worker
35000000       Food Preparation and Serving
  35100000     Supervisors, Food Preparation and Serving Workers
    35101100   Chef and Head Cook
    35101200   First-Line Supervisor of Food Preparation and Serving Workers
  35200000     Cook and Food Preparation Worker
    35201100   Cook, Fast Food
    35201200   Cook, Institution and Cafeteria
    35201300   Cook, Private Household
    35201400   Cook, Restaurant
    35201500   Cook, Short Order
    35201900   Cook
    35202100   Food Preparation Worker
  35300000     Food and Beverage Serving Workers
    35301100   Bartender
    35302100   Combined Food Preparation and Serving Worker
    35302200   Counter Attendant, Cafeteria, Food Concession and Coffee Shop
    35303100   Waiter or Waitress
    35304100   Food Server, Nonrestaurant
  35900000     Other Food Preparation and Serving Related Workers
    35901100   Dining Room and Cafeteria Attendant and Bartender Helper
    35902100   Dishwasher
    35903100   Host or Hostess, Restaurant, Lounge and Coffee Shop
    35909900   Food Preparation and Serving Related Worker
37000000       Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance
  37100000     Supervisors, Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Workers
    37101100   First-Line Supervisor of Housekeeping and Janitorial Workers
      37101101 Housekeeping Supervisors
      37101102 Janitorial Supervisors
    37101200   First-Line Supervisor of Landscaping, Lawn Service and Groundskeeping Workers
      37101202 First-Line Supervisors and Manager/Supervisors - Landscaping Workers
  37200000     Building Cleaning and Pest Control Workers
    37201100   Janitor and Cleaner
    37201200   Maid and Housekeeping Cleaner
    37201900   Building Cleaning Worker
    37202100   Pest Control Worker
  37300000     Grounds Maintenance Workers
    37301100   Landscaping and Groundskeeping Worker
    37301200   Pesticide Handler, Sprayer and Applicator, Vegetation
    37301300   Tree Trimmer and Pruner
    37301900   Grounds Maintenance Worker
39000000       Personal Care and Service
  39100000     Supervisors, Personal Care and Service Workers
    39101100   Gaming Supervisor
    39101200   Slot Key Person
    39102100   First-Line Supervisor of Personal Service Workers
  39200000     Animal Care and Service Workers
    39201100   Animal Trainer
    39202100   Nonfarm Animal Caretaker
  39300000     Entertainment Attendants and Related Workers
    39301100   Gaming Dealer
    39301200   Gaming and Sports Book Writer
    39301900   Gaming Service Worker
    39302100   Motion Picture Projectionist
    39303100   Usher, Lobby Attendant and Ticket Taker
    39309100   Amusement and Recreation Attendant
    39309200   Costume Attendant
    39309300   Locker Room, Coatroom, and Dressing Room Attendant
    39309900   Entertainment Attendant
  39400000     Funeral Service Workers
    39401100   Embalmer
    39402100   Funeral Attendant
  39500000     Personal Appearance Workers
    39501100   Barber
    39501200   Hairdresser, Hairstylist and Cosmetologist
    39509100   Makeup Artist, Theatrical and Performance
    39509200   Manicurist and Pedicurist
    39509300   Shampooer
    39509400   Skin Care Specialist
  39600000     Transportation, Tourism and Lodging Attendants
    39601100   Baggage Porter and Bellhop
    39601200   Concierge
    39602100   Tour Guide and Escort
    39602200   Travel Guide
    39603100   Flight Attendant
    39603200   Transportation Attendant
  39900000     Other Personal Care and Service Workers
    39901100   Child Care Worker
    39902100   Personal and Home Care Aide
    39903100   Fitness Trainer and Aerobics Instructor
    39903200   Recreation Worker
    39904100   Residential Advisor
    39909900   Personal Care and Service Worker
41000000       Sales and Sales Related
  41100000     Supervisors, Sales Workers
    41101100   First-Line Supervisor of Retail Sales Workers
    41101200   First-Line Supervisor of Non-Retail Sales Workers
      41101251 First-Line Supervisors/Managers of Retail Sales Workers
  41200000     Retail Sales Workers
    41201100   Cashier
    41201200   Gaming Change Person and Booth Cashier
    41202100   Counter and Rental Clerk
    41202200   Parts Salesperson
    41203100   Retail Salesperson
  41300000     Sales Representative, Services
    41301100   Advertising Sales Agent
    41302100   Insurance Sales Agent
    41303100   Securities, Commodities and Financial Services Sales Agent
    41304100   Travel Agent
    41309900   Sales Representative, Services
  41400000     Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing
    41401100   Sales Representative, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Technical and Scientific Products
      41401101 Sales Representatives, Agricultural
      41401102 Sales Representatives, Chemical and Pharmaceutical
      41401103 Sales Representatives, Electrical/Electronic
      41401104 Sales Representatives, Mechanical Equipment and Supplies
      41401105 Sales Representatives, Medical
      41401106 Sales Representatives, Instruments
    41401200   Sales Representative, Wholesale and Manufacturing
  41900000     Other Sales and Related Workers
    41901100   Demonstrator and Product Promoter
    41901200   Model
    41902100   Real Estate Broker
    41902200   Real Estate Sales Agent
    41903100   Sales Engineer
    41904100   Telemarketer
    41909100   Door-To-Door Sales Worker, News and Street Vendor, and Related Worker
    41909900   Sales and Related Worker
43000000       Office and Administrative Support
  43100000     Supervisors, Office and Administrative Support Workers
    43101100   First-Line Supervisor of Office and Administrative Support Workers
      43101101 First-Line Supervisors, Customer Service
      43101151 First-Line Supervisors, Call Center
  43200000     Communications Equipment Operators
    43201100   Switchboard Operator, Including Answering Service
    43202100   Telephone Operator
      43202101 Directory Assistance Operators
      43202102 Central Office Operators
    43209900   Communications Equipment Operator
  43300000     Financial Clerks
    43301100   Bill and Account Collector
    43302100   Billing and Posting Clerk and Machine Operator
      43302101 Statement Clerks
      43302102 Billing, Cost, and Rate Clerks
      43302103 Billing, Posting, and Calculating Machine Operators
    43303100   Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerk
    43304100   Gaming Cage Worker
    43305100   Payroll and Timekeeping Clerk
    43306100   Procurement Clerk
    43307100   Teller
  43400000     Information and Record Clerks
    43401100   Brokerage Clerk
    43402100   Correspondence Clerk
    43403100   Court, Municipal, and License Clerk
    43404100   Credit Authorizer, Checker and Clerk
    43405100   Customer Service Representative
      43405101 Adjustment Clerks
    43406100   Eligibility Interviewer, Government Programs
      43406101 Claims Takers, Unemployment Benefits
      43406102 Welfare Eligibility Workers and Interviewers
    43407100   File Clerk
    43408100   Hotel, Motel, and Resort Desk Clerk
    43411100   Interviewer, Except Eligibility and Loan
    43412100   Library Assistant, Clerical
    43413100   Loan Interviewer and Clerk
    43414100   New Accounts Clerk
    43415100   Order Clerk
    43416100   Human Resources Assistant, Except Payroll and Timekeeping
    43417100   Receptionist and Information Clerk
    43418100   Reservation and Transportation Ticket Agent and Travel Clerk
    43419900   Information and Record Clerk
  43500000     Material Recording, Scheduling, Dispatching, and Distributing Workers
    43501100   Cargo and Freight Agent
    43502100   Courier and Messenger
    43503100   Police, Fire, and Ambulance Dispatcher
    43503200   Dispatcher, Except Police, Fire, and Ambulance
    43504100   Meter Reader, Utilities
    43505100   Postal Service Clerk
    43505200   Postal Service Mail Carrier
    43505300   Postal Service Mail Sorter, Processor and Processing Machine Operator
    43506100   Production, Planning, and Expediting Clerk
    43507100   Shipping, Receiving, and Traffic Clerk
    43508100   Stock Clerk and Order Filler
      43508101 Stock Clerks, Sales Floor
      43508102 Marking Clerks
      43508103 Stock Clerks- Stockroom, Warehouse, or Storage Yard
      43508104 Order Fillers, Wholesale and Retail Sales
    43511100   Weigher, Measurer, Checker and Sampler, Recordkeeping
  43600000     Secretaries and Administrative Assistants
    43601100   Executive Secretary and Administrative Assistant
    43601200   Legal Secretary
    43601300   Medical Secretary
    43601400   Secretary, Except Legal, Medical, and Executive
  43900000     Other Office and Administrative Support Workers
    43901100   Computer Operator
    43902100   Data Entry Keyer
    43902200   Word Processor and Typist
    43903100   Desktop Publisher
    43904100   Insurance Claims and Policy Processing Clerk
    43905100   Mail Clerk and Mail Machine Operator, Except Postal Service
    43906100   Office Clerk, General
    43907100   Office Machine Operator, Except Computer
      43907101 Duplicating Machine Operators
    43908100   Proofreader and Copy Marker
    43911100   Statistical Assistant
    43919900   Office and Administrative Support Worker
      43919951 Volunteer Administrators
45000000       Farming, Fishing, and Forestry
  45100000     Supervisors, Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Workers
    45101100   First-Line Supervisor of Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Workers
      45101101 First-Line Supervisors and Manager/Supervisors - Agricultural Crop Workers
      45101102 First-Line Supervisors and Manager/Supervisors - Animal Husbandry Workers
      45101103 First-Line Supervisors and Manager/Supervisors - Animal Care Workers, Except Livestock
      45101104 First-Line Supervisors and Manager/Supervisors - Horticultural Workers
      45101105 First-Line Supervisors and Manager/Supervisors - Logging Workers
      45101106 First-Line Supervisors and Manager/Supervisors - Fishery Workers
  45200000     Agricultural Workers
    45201100   Agricultural Inspector
    45202100   Animal Breeder
    45203100   Farm Labor Contractor
    45204100   Grader and Sorter, Agricultural Products
    45209100   Agricultural Equipment Operator
    45209200   Farmworker and Laborer, Crop, Nursery, and Greenhouse
      45209201 Nursery Workers
      45209202 General Farmworkers
    45209300   Farmworker, Farm and Ranch Animals
    45209900   Agricultural Worker
  45300000     Fishing and Hunting Workers
    45301100   Fisher and Related Fishing Worker
    45302100   Hunter and Trapper
  45400000     Forest, Conservation, and Logging Workers
    45401100   Forest and Conservation Worker
    45402100   Faller
    45402200   Logging Equipment Operator
      45402201 Logging Tractor Operators
    45402300   Log Grader and Scaler
    45402900   Logging Worker
  45900000     Other Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Workers
    45909900   Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Worker
47000000       Construction and Extraction
  47100000     Supervisors, Construction and Extraction Workers
    47101100   First-Line Supervisor of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers
  47200000     Construction Trades Workers
    47201100   Boilermaker
    47202100   Brickmason and Blockmason
    47202200   Stonemason
    47203100   Carpenter
      47203101 Construction Carpenters
      47203102 Rough Carpenters
      47203103 Carpenter Assemblers and Repairers
      47203104 Ship Carpenters and Joiners
      47203105 Boat Builders and Shipwrights
      47203106 Brattice Builders
    47204100   Carpet Installer
    47204200   Floor Layer, Except Carpet, Wood, and Hard Tiles
    47204300   Floor Sander and Finisher
    47204400   Tile and Marble Setter
    47205100   Cement Mason and Concrete Finisher
    47205300   Terrazzo Worker and Finisher
    47206100   Construction Laborer
    47207100   Paving, Surfacing and Tamping Equipment Operator
    47207200   Pile-Driver Operator
    47207300   Operating Engineer and Other Construction Equipment Operator
      47207301 Grader, Bulldozer, and Scraper Operators
    47208100   Drywall and Ceiling Tile Installer
    47208200   Taper
    47211100   Electrician
    47212100   Glazier
    47213100   Insulation Worker, Floor, Ceiling and Wall
    47213200   Insulation Worker, Mechanical
    47214100   Painter, Construction and Maintenance
    47214200   Paperhanger
    47215100   Pipelayer
    47215200   Plumber, Pipefitter and Steamfitter
    47216100   Plasterer and Stucco Mason
    47217100   Reinforcing Iron and Rebar Worker
    47218100   Roofer
    47221100   Sheet Metal Worker
    47222100   Structural Iron and Steel Worker
  47300000     Helpers, Construction Trades
    47301100   Helper-Brickmason, Blockmason, Stonemason and Tile and Marble Setter
    47301200   Helper-Carpenter
    47301300   Helper-Electrician
    47301400   Helper-Painter, Paperhanger, Plasterer and Stucco Mason
    47301500   Helper-Pipelayer, Plumber, Pipefitter and Steamfitter
    47301600   Helper-Roofer
    47301900   Helper, Construction Trades
  47400000     Other Construction and Related Workers
    47401100   Construction and Building Inspector
    47402100   Elevator Installer and Repairer
    47403100   Fence Erector
    47404100   Hazardous Materials Removal Worker
      47404101 Irradiated-Fuel Handlers
    47405100   Highway Maintenance Worker
    47406100   Rail-Track Laying and Maintenance Equipment Operator
    47407100   Septic Tank Servicer and Sewer Pipe Cleaner
    47409100   Segmental Paver
    47409900   Construction and Related Worker
  47500000     Extraction Workers
    47501051   Oil, Gas, Drill Supervisors
    47501100   Derrick Operator, Oil and Gas
    47501200   Rotary Drill Operator, Oil and Gas
    47501300   Service Unit Operator, Oil, Gas and Mining
    47502100   Earth Driller, Except Oil and Gas
      47502101 Construction Drillers
      47502102 Well and Core Drill Operators
    47503100   Explosives Worker, Ordnance Handling Expert and Blaster
    47504100   Continuous Mining Machine Operator
    47504200   Mine Cutting and Channeling Machine Operator
    47504900   Mining Machine Operator
    47505100   Rock Splitter, Quarry
    47506100   Roof Bolter, Mining
    47507100   Roustabout, Oil and Gas
    47508100   Helper-Extraction Worker
    47509900   Extraction Worker
49000000       Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
  49100000     Supervisors of Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Workers
    49101100   First-Line Supervisor of Mechanics, Installers and Repairers
  49200000     Electrical and Electronic Equipment Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers
    49201100   Computer, Automated Teller and Office Machine Repairer
    49202100   Radio Mechanic
    49202200   Telecommunications Equipment Installer and Repairer
      49202201 Central Office and PBX Installers and Repairers
      49202202 Frame Wirers, Central Office
      49202203 Communication Equipment Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers
      49202204 Telecommunications Facility Examiners
      49202205 Station Installers and Repairers, Telephone
    49209100   Avionics Technician
    49209200   Electric Motor, Power Tool, and Related Repairer
      49209201 Electric Home Appliance and Power Tool Repairers
      49209202 Electric Motor and Switch Assemblers and Repairers
      49209203 Battery Repairers
      49209204 Transformer Repairers
      49209205 Electrical Parts Reconditioners
      49209206 Hand and Portable Power Tool Repairers
    49209300   Electrical and Electronics Installer and Repairer, Transportation Equipment
    49209400   Electrical and Electronics Repairer, Commercial and Industrial Equipment
    49209500   Electrical and Electronics Repairer, Powerhouse, Substation, and Relay
    49209600   Electronic Equipment Installer and Repairer, Motor Vehicles
    49209700   Electronic Home Entertainment Equipment Installer and Repairer
    49209800   Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installer
  49300000     Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers
    49301100   Aircraft Mechanic and Service Technician
      49301101 Airframe-and-Power-Plant Mechanics
      49301102 Aircraft Engine Specialists
      49301103 Aircraft Body and Bonded Structure Repairers
    49302100   Automotive Body and Related Repairer
    49302200   Automotive Glass Installer and Repairer
    49302300   Automotive Service Technician and Mechanic
      49302301 Automotive Master Mechanics
      49302302 Automotive Specialty Technicians
    49303100   Bus and Truck Mechanic and Diesel Engine Specialist
    49304000   Heavy Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Service Technicians and Mechanics
    49304100   Farm Equipment Mechanic
    49304200   Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Except Engines
    49304300   Rail Car Repairer
    49305100   Motorboat Mechanic
    49305200   Motorcycle Mechanic
    49305300   Outdoor Power Equipment and Other Small Engine Mechanic
    49309100   Bicycle Repairer
    49309200   Recreational Vehicle Service Technician
    49309300   Tire Repairer and Changer
  49900000     Other Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
    49901100   Mechanical Door Repairer
    49901200   Control and Valve Installer and Repairer
      49901201 Electric Meter Installers and Repairers
      49901202 Valve and Regulator Repairers
      49901203 Meter Mechanics
    49902100   Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanic and Installer
    49903100   Home Appliance Repairer
      49903101 Home Appliance Installers
      49903102 Gas Appliance Repairers
    49904100   Industrial Machinery Mechanic
    49904200   Maintenance and Repair Worker, General
    49904300   Maintenance Worker, Machinery
    49904400   Millwright
    49904500   Refractory Materials Repairer
    49905100   Electrical Power-Line Installer and Repairer
    49905200   Telecommunications Line Installer and Repairer
    49906100   Camera and Photographic Equipment Repairer
    49906200   Medical Equipment Repairer
    49906300   Musical Instrument Repairer and Tuner
      49906301 Keyboard Instrument Repairers and Tuners
      49906302 Stringed Instrument Repairers and Tuners
      49906303 Reed or Wind Instrument Repairers and Tuners
      49906304 Percussion Instrument Repairers and Tuners
    49906400   Watch Repairer
    49906900   Precision Instrument and Equipment Repairer
    49909100   Coin, Vending, and Amusement Machine Servicer and Repairer
    49909200   Commercial Diver
    49909300   Fabric Mender, Except Garment
    49909400   Locksmith and Safe Repairer
    49909500   Manufactured Building and Mobile Home Installer
    49909600   Rigger
    49909700   Signal and Track Switch Repairer
    49909800   Helper-Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Worker
    49909900   Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Worker
51000000       Production
  51100000     Supervisors, Production Workers
    51101100   First-Line Supervisor of Production and Operating Workers
  51200000     Assemblers and Fabricators
    51201100   Aircraft Structure, Surfaces, Rigging and Systems Assembler
    51202100   Coil Winder, Taper and Finisher
    51202200   Electrical and Electronic Equipment Assembler
    51202300   Electromechanical Equipment Assembler
    51203100   Engine and Other Machine Assembler
    51204100   Structural Metal Fabricator and Fitter
    51209100   Fiberglass Laminator and Fabricator
    51209200   Team Assembler
    51209300   Timing Device Assembler, Adjuster and Calibrator
    51209900   Assembler and Fabricator
  51300000     Food Processing Workers
    51301100   Baker
      51301101 Bakers, Bread and Pastry
      51301102 Bakers, Manufacturing
    51302100   Butcher and Meat Cutter
    51302200   Meat, Poultry, and Fish Cutter and Trimmer
    51302300   Slaughterer and Meat Packer
    51309100   Food and Tobacco Roasting, Baking, and Drying Machine Operator and Tender
    51309200   Food Batchmaker
    51309300   Food Cooking Machine Operator and Tender
  51400000     Metal and Plastic Workers
    51401100   Computer-Controlled Machine Tool Operator, Metal and Plastic
      51401101 Numerical Control Machine Tool Operators and Tenders, Metal and Plastic
    51401200   Numerical Tool and Process Control Programmer
    51402100   Extruding and Drawing Machine Setter, Operator and Tender, Metal and Plastic
    51402200   Forging Machine Setter, Operator and Tender, Metal and Plastic
    51402300   Rolling Machine Setter, Operator and Tender, Metal and Plastic
    51403100   Cutting, Punching, and Press Machine Setter, Operator and Tender, Metal and Plastic
    51403200   Drilling and Boring Machine Tool Setter, Operator and Tender, Metal and Plastic
    51403300   Grinding, Lapping, Polishing and Buffing Machine Tool Setter, Operator and Tender, Metal and Plastic
    51403400   Lathe and Turning Machine Tool Setter, Operator and Tender, Metal and Plastic
    51403500   Milling and Planing Machine Setter, Operator and Tender, Metal and Plastic
    51404100   Machinist
    51405100   Metal-Refining Furnace Operator and Tender
    51405200   Pourer and Caster, Metal
    51406100   Model Maker, Metal and Plastic
    51406200   Patternmaker, Metal and Plastic
    51407100   Foundry Mold and Coremaker
    51407200   Molding, Coremaking and Casting Machine Setter, Operator and Tender, Metal and Plastic
    51408100   Multiple Machine Tool Setter, Operator and Tender, Metal and Plastic
    51411100   Tool and Die Maker
    51412100   Welder, Cutter, Solderer and Brazer
      51412103 Welder-Fitters
    51412200   Welding, Soldering, and Brazing Machine Setter, Operator and Tender
    51419100   Heat Treating Equipment Setter, Operator and Tender, Metal and Plastic
      51419103 Heaters, Metal and Plastic
    51419200   Lay-Out Worker, Metal and Plastic
    51419300   Plating and Coating Machine Setter, Operator and Tender, Metal and Plastic
      51419301 Electrolytic Plating and Coating Machine Setters and Set-Up Operators, Metal and Plastic
      51419302 Electrolytic Plating and Coating Machine Operators and Tenders, Metal and Plastic
      51419303 Nonelectrolytic Plating and Coating Machine Setters and Set-Up Operators, Metal and Plastic
      51419304 Nonelectrolytic Plating and Coating Machine Operators and Tenders, Metal and Plastic
    51419400   Tool Grinder, Filer and Sharpener
    51419900   Metal and Plastic Worker
  51500000     Printing Workers
    51501100   Bindery Worker
      51501101 Bindery Machine Setters and Set-Up Operators
      51501102 Bindery Machine Operators and Tenders
    51501200   Bookbinder
    51502100   Job Printer
    51502200   Prepress Technician
      51502201 Hand Compositors and Typesetters
      51502202 Paste-Up Workers
      51502203 Photoengravers
      51502204 Camera Operators
      51502205 Scanner Operators
      51502206 Strippers
      51502207 Platemakers
      51502208 Dot Etchers
      51502209 Electronic Masking System Operators
      51502210 Electrotypers and Stereotypers
      51502211 Plate Finishers
      51502212 Typesetting and Composing Machine Operators and Tenders
      51502213 Photoengraving and Lithographing Machine Operators and Tenders
    51502300   Printing Machine Operator
      51502301 Precision Printing Workers
      51502302 Offset Lithographic Press Setters and Set-Up Operators
      51502303 Letterpress Setters and Set-Up Operators
      51502304 Design Printing Machine Setters and Set-Up Operators
      51502305 Marking and Identification Printing Machine Setters and Set-Up Operators
      51502306 Screen Printing Machine Setters and Set-Up Operators
      51502307 Embossing Machine Set-Up Operators
      51502308 Engraver Set-Up Operators
      51502309 Printing Press Machine Operators and Tenders
  51600000     Textile, Apparel and Furnishings Workers
    51601100   Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Worker
      51601101 Spotters, Dry Cleaning
      51601102 Precision Dyers
      51601103 Laundry and Drycleaning Machine Operators and Tenders, Except Pressing
    51602100   Presser, Textile, Garment and Related Materials
      51602101 Pressers, Delicate Fabrics
      51602102 Pressing Machine Operators and Tenders- Textile, Garment, and Related Materials
      51602103 Pressers, Hand
    51603100   Sewing Machine Operator
    51604100   Shoe and Leather Worker and Repairer
    51604200   Shoe Machine Operator and Tender
    51605100   Sewer, Hand
    51605200   Tailor, Dressmaker and Custom Sewer
    51606100   Textile Bleaching and Dyeing Machine Operator and Tender
    51606200   Textile Cutting Machine Setter, Operator and Tender
    51606300   Textile Knitting and Weaving Machine Setter, Operator and Tender
    51606400   Textile Winding, Twisting, and Drawing Out Machine Setter, Operator and Tender
    51609100   Extruding and Forming Machine Setter, Operator and Tender, Synthetic and Glass Fibers
    51609200   Fabric and Apparel Patternmaker
    51609300   Upholsterer
    51609900   Textile, Apparel and Furnishings Worker
  51700000     Woodworkers
    51701100   Cabinetmaker and Bench Carpenter
    51702100   Furniture Finisher
    51703100   Model Maker, Wood
    51703200   Patternmaker, Wood
    51704100   Sawing Machine Setter, Operator and Tender, Wood
    51704200   Woodworking Machine Setter, Operator and Tender, Except Sawing
    51709900   Woodworker
  51800000     Plant and System Operators
    51801100   Nuclear Power Reactor Operator
    51801200   Power Distributor and Dispatcher
    51801300   Power Plant Operator
      51801301 Power Generating Plant Operators, Except Auxiliary Equipment Operators
      51801302 Auxiliary Equipment Operators, Power
    51802100   Stationary Engineer and Boiler Operator
    51803100   Water and Liquid Waste Treatment Plant and System Operator
    51809100   Chemical Plant and System Operator
    51809200   Gas Plant Operator
      51809201 Gas Processing Plant Operators
      51809202 Gas Distribution Plant Operators
    51809300   Petroleum Pump System Operator, Refinery Operator and Gauger
    51809900   Plant and System Operator
  51900000     Other Production
    51901100   Chemical Equipment Operator and Tender
    51901200   Separating, Filtering, Clarifying, Precipitating, and Still Machine Setter, Operator and Tender
    51902100   Crushing, Grinding, and Polishing Machine Setter, Operator and Tender
    51902200   Grinding and Polishing Worker, Hand
    51902300   Mixing and Blending Machine Setter, Operator and Tender
    51903100   Cutter and Trimmer, Hand
    51903200   Cutting and Slicing Machine Setter, Operator and Tender
      51903201 Fiber Product Cutting Machine Setters and Set-Up Operators
      51903202 Stone Sawyers
      51903203 Glass Cutting Machine Setters and Set-Up Operators
    51904100   Extruding, Forming, Pressing, and Compacting Machine Setter, Operator and Tender
    51905100   Furnace, Kiln, Oven, Drier, and Kettle Operators and Tender
    51906100   Inspector, Tester, Sorter, Sampler and Weigher
      51906101 Materials Inspectors
      51906102 Mechanical Inspectors
      51906103 Precision Devices Inspectors and Testers
      51906104 Electrical and Electronic Inspectors and Testers
      51906105 Production Inspectors, Testers, Graders, Sorters, Samplers, Weighers
    51907100   Jeweler and Precious Stone and Metal Worker
      51907101 Jewelers
      51907102 Silversmiths
      51907103 Model and Mold Makers, Jewelry
      51907104 Bench Workers, Jewelry
      51907105 Pewter Casters and Finishers
      51907106 Gem and Diamond Workers
    51908100   Dental Laboratory Technician
    51908200   Medical Appliance Technician
    51908300   Ophthalmic Laboratory Technician
      51908301 Precision Lens Grinders and Polishers
      51908302 Optical Instrument Assemblers
    51911100   Packaging and Filling Machine Operator and Tender
    51912100   Coating, Painting, and Spraying Machine Setter, Operator and Tender
    51912200   Painter, Transportation Equipment
    51912300   Painting, Coating, and Decorating Worker
    51913100   Photographic Process Worker
      51913101 Photographic Retouchers and Restorers
      51913102 Photographic Reproduction Technicians
      51913103 Photographic Hand Developers
      51913104 Film Laboratory Technicians
    51913200   Photographic Processing Machine Operator
    51914100   Semiconductor Processor
    51919100   Cementing and Gluing Machine Operator and Tender
    51919200   Cleaning, Washing, and Metal Pickling Equipment Operator and Tender
    51919300   Cooling and Freezing Equipment Operator and Tender
    51919400   Etcher and Engraver
      51919401 Precision Etchers and Engravers, Hand or Machine
    51919500   Molder, Shaper and Caster, Except Metal and Plastic
      51919501 Precision Mold and Pattern Casters, except Nonferrous Metals
      51919502 Precision Pattern and Die Casters, Nonferrous Metals
      51919503 Stone Cutters and Carvers
      51919504 Glass Blowers, Molders, Benders, and Finishers
      51919505 Potters
      51919506 Mold Makers, Hand
      51919507 Molding and Casting Workers
    51919600   Paper Goods Machine Setter, Operator and Tender
    51919700   Tire Builder
    51919800   Helper-Production Worker
    51919900   Production Worker
53000000       Transportation and Material Moving
  53100000     Supervisors, Transportation and Material Moving Workers
    53101100   Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisor
    53102100   First-Line Supervisor of Helpers, Laborers and Material Movers, Hand
    53103100   First-Line Supervisor of Transportation and Material-Moving Machine and Vehicle Operators
  53200000     Air Transportation Workers
    53201100   Airline Pilot, Copilot and Flight Engineer
    53201200   Commercial Pilot
    53202100   Air Traffic Controller
    53202200   Airfield Operations Specialist
  53300000     Motor Vehicle Operators
    53301100   Ambulance Driver and Attendant
    53302100   Bus Driver, Transit and Intercity
    53302200   Bus Driver, School
    53303100   Driver/Sales Worker
    53303200   Truck Driver, Heavy and Tractor-Trailer
    53303300   Truck Driver, Light or Delivery Services
    53304100   Taxi Driver and Chauffeur
    53309900   Motor Vehicle Operator
  53400000     Rail Transportation Workers
    53401100   Locomotive Engineer
    53401200   Locomotive Firer
    53401300   Rail Yard Engineer, Dinkey Operator and Hostler
    53402100   Railroad Brake, Signal, and Switch Operator
      53402101 Train Crew Members
      53402102 Railroad Yard Workers
    53403100   Railroad Conductor and Yardmaster
    53404100   Subway and Streetcar Operator
    53409900   Rail Transportation Worker
  53500000     Water Transportation Workers
    53501100   Sailor and Marine Oiler
      53501101 Able Seamen
      53501102 Ordinary Seamen and Marine Oilers
    53502100   Captain, Mate and Pilot of Water Vessel
      53502101 Ship and Boat Captains
      53502102 Mates- Ship, Boat, and Barge
      53502103 Pilots, Ship
    53502200   Motorboat Operator
    53503100   Ship Engineer
  53600000     Other Transportation Workers
    53601100   Bridge and Lock Tender
    53602100   Parking Lot Attendant
    53603100   Service Station Attendant
    53604100   Traffic Technician
    53605100   Transportation Inspector
      53605101 Aviation Inspectors
      53605102 Public Transportation Inspectors
      53605103 Marine Cargo Inspectors
      53605104 Railroad Inspectors
      53605105 Motor Vehicle Inspectors
      53605106 Freight Inspectors
    53609900   Transportation Worker
  53700000     Material Moving Worker
    53701100   Conveyor Operator and Tender
    53702100   Crane and Tower Operator
    53703100   Dredge Operator
    53703200   Excavating and Loading Machine and Dragline Operator
    53703300   Loading Machine Operator, Underground Mining
    53704100   Hoist and Winch Operator
    53705100   Industrial Truck and Tractor Operator
    53706100   Cleaner of Vehicles and Equipment
    53706200   Laborer and Freight, Stock and Material Mover, Hand
      53706201 Stevedores, Except Equipment Operators
      53706202 Grips and Set-Up Workers, Motion Picture Sets, Studios, and Stages
      53706203 Freight, Stock, and Material Movers, Hand
    53706300   Machine Feeder and Offbearer
    53706400   Packer and Packager, Hand
    53707100   Gas Compressor and Gas Pumping Station Operator
    53707200   Pump Operator
    53707300   Wellhead Pumper
    53708100   Refuse and Recyclable Material Collector
    53711100   Shuttle Car Operator
    53712100   Tank Car, Truck, and Ship Loader
    53719900   Material Moving Worker
55000000       Military Specific
  55100000     Military Officer Special and Tactical Operations
    55101100   Air Crew Officer
    55101200   Aircraft Launch and Recovery Officer
    55101300   Armored Assault Vehicle Officer
    55101400   Artillery and Missile Officer
    55101500   Command and Control Center Officer
    55101600   Infantry Officer
    55101700   Special Forces Officer
    55101900   Military Officer Special and Tactical Operations
  55200000     First-Line Enlisted Military Supervisor/Managers
    55201100   First-Line Supervisor of Air Crew Members
    55201200   First-Line Supervisor of Weapons Specialists/Crew Members
    55201300   First-Line Supervisor of Tactical Operations Specialists
  55300000     Military Enlisted Tactical Operations and Air/Weapons Specialist and Crew Member
    55301100   Air Crew Member
    55301200   Aircraft Launch and Recovery Specialist
    55301300   Armored Assault Vehicle Crew Member
    55301400   Artillery and Missile Crew Member
    55301500   Command and Control Center Specialist
    55301600   Infantry
    55301700   Radar and Sonar Technician
    55301800   Special Forces
    55301900   Military Enlisted Tactical Operations and Air/Weapons Specialist and Crew Member

8. Country and State/Province Codes

Country and State/Province Codes

The list below is based on the 3166-1:2006 & 3166-2:2007 ISO standard.

The full ISO 3166:2007 list is attached at the bottom of this KB with changes noted.

Country Level 1 Level 2 Level
AD Andorra
AD-02 Canillo
AD-03 Encamp
AD-04 La Massana
AD-05 Ordino
AD-06 Sant Julià de Lòria
AD-07 Andorra la Vella
AD-08 Escaldes-Engordany
AE United Arab Emirates
AE-AJ 'Ajmān
AE-AZ Abū Ȥaby [Abu Dhabi]
AE-DU Dubayy
AE-FU Al Fujayrah
AE-RK Ra’s al Khaymah
AE-SH Ash Shāriqah
AE-UQ Umm al Qaywayn
AF Afghanistan
AF-BAL Balkh
AF-BAM Bāmīān
AF-BDG Bādghīs
AF-BDS Badakhshān
AF-BGL Baghlān
AF-DAY Dāykondī
AF-FRA Farāh
AF-FYB Fāryāb
AF-GHA Ghaznī
AF-GHO Ghowr
AF-HEL Helmand
AF-HER Herāt
AF-JOW Jowzjān
AF-KAB Kābul [Kābol]
AF-KAN Kandahār
AF-KAP Kāpīsā
AF-KDZ Kondoz [Kunduz]
AF-KHO Khowst
AF-KNR Konar [Kunar]
AF-LAG Laghmān
AF-LOW Lowgar
AF-NAN Nangrahār [Nangarhār]
AF-NIM Nīmrūz
AF-NUR Nūrestān
AF-ORU Orūzgān [Urūzgān]
AF-PAN Panjshīr
AF-PAR Parwān
AF-PIA Paktīā
AF-PKA Paktīkā
AF-SAM Samangān
AF-SAR Sar-e Pol
AF-TAK Takhār
AF-WAR Wardak [Wardag]
AF-ZAB Zābol [Zābul]
AG Antigua and Barbuda
AG-03 Saint George
AG-04 Saint John
AG-05 Saint Mary
AG-06 Saint Paul
AG-07 Saint Peter
AG-08 Saint Philip
AG-10 Barbuda
AG-11 Redonda
AI Anguilla
AI-AI Anguilla
AL Albania
AL-01 Berat
AL-BR Berat
AL-KC Kuçovë
AL-SK Skrapar
AL-02 Durrës
AL-DR Durrës
AL-KR Krujë
AL-03 Elbasan
AL-EL Elbasan
AL-GR Gramsh
AL-LB Librazhd
AL-PQ Peqin
AL-04 Fier
AL-FR Fier
AL-LU Lushnjë
AL-MK Mallakastër
AL-05 Gjirokastër
AL-GJ Gjirokastër
AL-PR Përmet
AL-TE Tepelenë
AL-06 Korçë
AL-DV Devoll
AL-ER Kolonjë
AL-KO Korçë
AL-PG Pogradec
AL-07 Kukës
AL-KU Kukës
AL-TP Tropojë
AL-08 Lezhë
AL-KB Kurbin
AL-LE Lezhë
AL-MR Mirditë
AL-09 Dibër
AL-BU Bulqizë
AL-DI Dibër
AL-10 Shkodër
AL-MM Malësi e Madhe
AL-PU Pukë
AL-SH Shkodër
AL-11 Tiranë
AL-KA Kavajë
AL-TR Tiranë
AL-12 Vlorë
AL-DL Delvinë
AL-SR Sarandë
AL-VL Vlorë
AM Armenia
AM-AG Aragacotn
AM-AR Ararat
AM-AV Armavir
AM-ER Erevan
AM-GR Gegarkunik'
AM-KT Kotayk'
AM-LO Lory
AM-SH Sirak
AM-SU Syunik'
AM-TV Tavus
AM-VD Vayoc Jor
AO Angola
AO-BGO Bengo
AO-BGU Benguela
AO-CAB Cabinda
AO-CCU Cuando-Cubango
AO-CNN Cunene
AO-CNO Cuanza Norte
AO-CUS Cuanza Sul
AO-HUA Huambo
AO-HUI Huíla
AO-LNO Lunda Norte
AO-LSU Lunda Sul
AO-LUA Luanda
AO-MAL Malange
AO-MOX Moxico
AO-NAM Namibe
AO-ZAI Zaire
AQ Antarctica
AQ-AQ Antarctica
AR Argentina
AR-A Salta
AR-B Buenos Aires
AR-C Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
AR-D San Luis
AR-E Entre Rios
AR-G Santiago del Estero
AR-H Chaco
AR-J San Juan
AR-K Catamarca
AR-L La Pampa
AR-M Mendoza
AR-N Misiones
AR-P Formosa
AR-Q Neuquen
AR-R Rio Negro
AR-S Santa Fe
AR-T Tucuman
AR-U Chubut
AR-V Tierra del Fuego
AR-W Corrientes
AR-X Cordoba
AR-Y Jujuy
AR-Z Santa Cruz
AS American Samoa
AS-AS American Samoa
AT Austria
AT-1 Burgenland
AT-2 Kärnten
AT-3 Niederösterreich
AT-4 Oberösterreich
AT-5 Salzburg
AT-6 Steiermark
AT-7 Tirol
AT-8 Vorarlberg
AT-9 Wien
AU Australia
AU-ACT Australian Capital Territory
AU-NSW New South Wales
AU-NT Northern Territory
AU-QLD Queensland
AU-SA South Australia
AU-TAS Tasmania
AU-VIC Victoria
AU-WA Western Australia
AW Aruba
AW-AW Aruba
AX Åland Islands
AX-AX Åland Islands
AZ Azerbaijan
AZ-AB Əli Bayramlı
AZ-ABS Abşeron
AZ-AGA Ağstafa
AZ-AGC Ağcabədi
AZ-AGM Ağdam
AZ-AGS Ağdaş
AZ-AST Astara
AZ-BA Bakı
AZ-BAL Balakən
AZ-BAR Bərdə
AZ-BEY Beyləqan
AZ-BIL Biləsuvar
AZ-CAB Cəbrayıl
AZ-CAL Cəlilabab
AZ-DAS Daşkəsən
AZ-DAV Dəvəçi
AZ-FUZ Füzuli
AZ-GA Gəncə
AZ-GAD Gədəbəy
AZ-GOR Goranboy
AZ-GOY Göyçay
AZ-HAC Hacıqabul
AZ-IMI İmişli
AZ-ISM İsmayıllı
AZ-KAL Kəlbəcər
AZ-KUR Kürdəmir
AZ-LA Lənkəran
AZ-LAC Laçın
AZ-LAN Lənkəran
AZ-LER Lerik
AZ-MAS Masallı
AZ-MI Mingəçevir
AZ-NA Naftalan
AZ-NEF Neftçala
AZ-NX Naxçıvan
AZ-BAB Babək
AZ-CUL Culfa
AZ-ORD Ordubad
AZ-SAD Sədərək
AZ-SAH Şahbuz
AZ-SAR Şərur
AZ-QAB Qəbələ
AZ-QAZ Qazax
AZ-QBI Qubadlı
AZ-QOB Qobustan
AZ-QUS Qusar
AZ-SA Şəki
AZ-SAB Sabirabad
AZ-SAL Salyan
AZ-SAT Saatlı
AZ-SIY Siyəzən
AZ-SKR Şəmkir
AZ-SM Sumqayıt
AZ-SMI Şamaxı
AZ-SMX Samux
AZ-SS Şuşa
AZ-TAR Tərtər
AZ-TOV Tovuz
AZ-XA Xankəndi
AZ-XAC Xaçmaz
AZ-XAN Xanlar
AZ-XCI Xocalı
AZ-XVD Xocavənd
AZ-YAR Yardımlı
AZ-YE Yevlax
AZ-YEV Yevlax
AZ-ZAN Zəngilan
AZ-ZAQ Zaqatala
AZ-ZAR Zərdab
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina
BA-BIH Federacija Bosne i Hercegovine
BA-01 Unsko-sanski kanton
BA-02 Posavski kanton
BA-03 Tuzlanski kanton
BA-04 Zeničko-dobojski kanton
BA-05 Bosansko-podrinjski kanton
BA-06 Srednjobosanski kanton
BA-07 Hercegovačko-neretvanski kanton
BA-08 Zapadnohercegovački kanton
BA-09 Kanton Sarajevo
BA-10 Kanton br. 10 (Livanjski kanton)
BA-BRC Brčko distrikt
BA-SRP Republika Srpska
BB Barbados
BB-01 Christ Church
BB-02 Saint Andrew
BB-03 Saint George
BB-04 Saint James
BB-05 Saint John
BB-06 Saint Joseph
BB-07 Saint Lucy
BB-08 Saint Michael
BB-09 Saint Peter
BB-10 Saint Philip
BB-11 Saint Thomas
BD Bangladesh
BD-1 Barisal bibhag
BD-02 Barguna zila
BD-06 Barisal zila
BD-07 Bhola zila
BD-25 Jhalakati zila
BD-50 Pirojpur zila
BD-51 Patuakhali zila
BD-2 Chittagong bibhag
BD-01 Bandarban zila
BD-04 Brahmanbaria zila
BD-08 Comilla zila
BD-09 Chandpur zila
BD-10 Chittagong zila
BD-11 Cox's Bazar zila
BD-16 Feni zila
BD-29 Khagrachari zila
BD-31 Lakshmipur zila
BD-47 Noakhali zila
BD-56 Rangamati zila
BD-3 Dhaka bibhag
BD-13 Dhaka zila
BD-15 Faridpur zila
BD-17 Gopalganj zila
BD-18 Gazipur zila
BD-21 Jamalpur zila
BD-26 Kishorganj zila
BD-33 Manikganj zila
BD-34 Mymensingh zila
BD-35 Munshiganj zila
BD-36 Madaripur zila
BD-40 Narayanganj zila
BD-41 Netrakona zila
BD-42 Narsingdi zila
BD-53 Rajbari zila
BD-57 Sherpur zila
BD-62 Shariatpur zila
BD-63 Tangail zila
BD-4 Khulna bibhag
BD-05 Bagerhat zila
BD-12 Chuadanga zila
BD-22 Jessore zila
BD-23 Jhenaidah zila
BD-27 Khulna zila
BD-30 Kushtia zila
BD-37 Magura zila
BD-39 Meherpur zila
BD-43 Narail zila
BD-58 Satkhira zila
BD-5 Rajshahi bibhag
BD-03 Bogra zila
BD-14 Dinajpur zila
BD-19 Gaibandha zila
BD-24 Jaipurhat zila
BD-28 Kurigram zila
BD-32 Lalmonirhat zila
BD-44 Natore zila
BD-45 Nawabganj zila
BD-46 Nilphamari zila
BD-48 Naogaon zila
BD-49 Pabna zila
BD-52 Panchagarh zila
BD-54 Rajshahi zila
BD-55 Rangpur zila
BD-59 Sirajganj zila
BD-64 Thakurgaon zila
BD-6 Sylhet bibhag
BD-20 Habiganj zila
BD-38 Moulvibazar zila
BD-60 Sylhet zila
BD-61 Sunamganj zila
BE Belgium
BE-BRU Brussels-Capital Region
BE-VAN Antwerpen
BE-VBR Vlaams-Brabant
BE-VLI Limburg
BE-VOV Oost-Vlaanderen
BE-VWV West-Vlaanderen
BE-WBR Brabant Wallon
BE-WHT Hainaut
BE-WLG Liege
BE-WLX Luxembourg
BE-WNA Namur
BF Burkina Faso
BF-01 Boucle du Mouhoun
BF-BAN Banwa
BF-KOS Kossi
BF-MOU Mouhoun
BF-NAY Nayala
BF-SOR Sourou
BF-02 Cascades
BF-COM Comoé
BF-LER Léraba
BF-03 Centre
BF-KAD Kadiogo
BF-04 Centre-Est
BF-BLG Boulgou
BF-KOP Koulpélogo
BF-KOT Kouritenga
BF-05 Centre-Nord
BF-NAM Namentenga
BF-SMT Sanmatenga
BF-06 Centre-Ouest
BF-BLK Boulkiemdé
BF-SIS Sissili
BF-SNG Sanguié
BF-07 Centre-Sud
BF-BAZ Bazèga
BF-NAO Naouri
BF-ZOU Zoundwéogo
BF-08 Est
BF-GNA Gnagna
BF-GOU Gourma
BF-KMD Komondjari
BF-KMP Kompienga
BF-TAP Tapoa
BF-09 Hauts-Bassins
BF-HOU Houet
BF-KEN Kénédougou
BF-10 Nord
BF-LOR Loroum
BF-PAS Passoré
BF-YAT Yatenga
BF-ZON Zondoma
BF-11 Plateau-Central
BF-GAN Ganzourgou
BF-KOW Kourwéogo
BF-OUB Oubritenga
BF-12 Sahel
BF-OUD Oudalan
BF-YAG Yagha
BF-13 Sud-Ouest
BF-BGR Bougouriba
BF-NOU Noumbiel
BG Bulgaria
BG-01 Blagoevgrad
BG-02 Burgas
BG-03 Varna
BG-04 Veliko Tarnovo
BG-05 Vidin
BG-06 Vratsa
BG-07 Gabrovo
BG-08 Dobrich
BG-09 Kardzhali
BG-10 Kyustendil
BG-11 Lovech
BG-12 Montana
BG-13 Pazardzhik
BG-14 Pernik
BG-15 Pleven
BG-16 Plovdiv
BG-17 Razgrad
BG-18 Ruse
BG-19 Silistra
BG-20 Sliven
BG-21 Smolyan
BG-22 Sofia-Grad
BG-23 Sofia
BG-24 Stara Zagora
BG-25 Targovishte
BG-26 Haskovo
BG-27 Shumen
BG-28 Yambol
BH Bahrain
BH-13 Al Manāmah (Al ‘Āşimah)
BH-14 Al Janūbīyah
BH-15 Al Muḩarraq
BH-16 Al Wusţá
BH-17 Ash Shamālīyah
BI Burundi
BI-BB Bubanza
BI-BL Bujumbura Rural
BI-BM Bujumbura Mairie
BI-BR Bururi
BI-CA Cankuzo
BI-CI Cibitoke
BI-GI Gitega
BI-KI Kirundo
BI-KR Karuzi
BI-KY Kayanza
BI-MA Makamba
BI-MU Muramvya
BI-MW Mwaro
BI-NG Ngozi
BI-RT Rutana
BI-RY Ruyigi
BJ Benin
BJ-AK Atakora
BJ-AL Alibori
BJ-AQ Atlantique
BJ-BO Borgou
BJ-CO Collines
BJ-DO Donga
BJ-KO Kouffo
BJ-LI Littoral
BJ-MO Mono
BJ-OU Ouémé
BJ-PL Plateau
BL Saint Barthélemy
BL-BL Saint Barthélemy
BM Bermuda
BM-BM Bermuda
BN Brunei Darussalam
BN-BE Belait
BN-BM Brunei-Muara
BN-TE Temburong
BN-TU Tutong
BO Bolivia, Plurinational State of
BO-B El Beni
BO-C Cochabamba
BO-H Chuquisaca
BO-L La Paz
BO-N Pando
BO-O Oruro
BO-P Potosí
BO-S Santa Cruz
BO-T Tarija
BQ Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba
BQ-BQ Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba
BR Brazil
BR-AC Acre
BR-AL Alagoas
BR-AM Amazonas
BR-AP Amapá
BR-BA Bahia
BR-CE Ceará
BR-DF Distrito Federal
BR-ES Espírito Santo
BR-FN Fernando de Noronha
BR-GO Goiás
BR-MA Maranhão
BR-MG Minas Gerais
BR-MS Mato Grosso do Sul
BR-MT Mato Grosso
BR-PA Pará
BR-PB Paraíba
BR-PE Pernambuco
BR-PI Piauí
BR-PR Paraná
BR-RJ Rio de Janeiro
BR-RN Rio Grande do Norte
BR-RO Rondônia
BR-RR Roraima
BR-RS Rio Grande do Sul
BR-SC Santa Catarina
BR-SE Sergipe
BR-SP São Paulo
BR-TO Tocantins
BS Bahamas
BS-AC Acklins Islands
BS-BI Bimini and Cat Cay
BS-BP Black Point
BS-BY Berry Islands
BS-CE Central Eleuthera
BS-CI Cat Island
BS-CK Crooked Island and Long Cay
BS-CO Central Abaco
BS-CS Central Andros
BS-EG East Grand Bahama
BS-EX Exuma
BS-FP City of Freeport
BS-GC Grand Cay
BS-GT Green Turtle Cay
BS-HI Harbour Island
BS-HT Hope Town
BS-IN Inagua
BS-LI Long Island
BS-MC Mangrove Cay
BS-MG Mayaguana
BS-MI Moore's Island
BS-NE North Eleuthera
BS-NO North Abaco
BS-NS North Andros
BS-RC Rum Cay
BS-RI Ragged Island
BS-SA South Andros
BS-SE South Eleuthera
BS-SO South Abaco
BS-SS San Salvador
BS-SW Spanish Wells
BS-WG West Grand Bahama
BT Bhutan
BT-11 Paro
BT-12 Chhukha
BT-13 Ha
BT-14 Samtee
BT-15 Thimphu
BT-21 Tsirang
BT-22 Dagana
BT-23 Punakha
BT-24 Wangdue Phodrang
BT-31 Sarpang
BT-32 Trongsa
BT-33 Bumthang
BT-34 Zhemgang
BT-41 Trashigang
BT-42 Monggar
BT-43 Pemagatshel
BT-44 Lhuentse
BT-45 Samdrup Jongkha
BT-GA Gasa
BT-TY Trashi Yangtse
BV Bouvet Island
BV-BV Bouvet Island
BW Botswana
BW-CE Central
BW-GH Ghanzi
BW-KG Kgalagadi
BW-KL Kgatleng
BW-KW Kweneng
BW-NE North-East
BW-NG Ngamiland
BW-NW North-West (Botswana)
BW-SE South-East
BW-SO Southern (Botswana)
BY Belarus
BY-BR Brèsckaja voblasc'
BY-HM Horad Minsk
BY-HO Homel'skaja voblasc'
BY-HR Hrodzenskaja voblasc'
BY-MA Mahilëuskaja voblasc'
BY-MI Minskaja voblasc'
BY-VI Vicebskaja voblasc'
BZ Belize
BZ-BZ Belize
BZ-CY Cayo
BZ-CZL Corozal
BZ-OW Orange Walk
BZ-SC Stann Creek
BZ-TOL Toledo
CA Canada
CA-AB Alberta
CA-BC British Columbia
CA-MB Manitoba
CA-NB New Brunswick
CA-NL Newfoundland and Labrador
CA-NS Nova Scotia
CA-NT Northwest Territories
CA-NU Nunavut
CA-ON Ontario
CA-PE Prince Edward Island
CA-QC Quebec
CA-SK Saskatchewan
CA-YT Yukon Territory
CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands
CC-CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands
CD Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
CD-BC Bas-Congo
CD-BN Bandundu
CD-EQ Équateur
CD-HC Haut-Congo
CD-KA Katanga
CD-KE Kasai-Oriental
CD-KN Kinshasa
CD-KW Kasai-Occidental
CD-MA Maniema
CD-NK Nord-Kivu
CD-OR Orientale
CD-SK Sud-Kivu
CF Central African Republic
CF-AC Ouham
CF-BB Bamingui-Bangoran
CF-BGF Bangui
CF-BK Basse-Kotto
CF-HK Haute-Kotto
CF-HM Haut-Mbomou
CF-HS Haute-Sangha / Mambéré-Kadéï
CF-KB Gribingui
CF-KG Kémo-Gribingui
CF-LB Lobaye
CF-MB Mbomou
CF-MP Ombella-M'poko
CF-NM Nana-Mambéré
CF-OP Ouham-Pendé
CF-SE Sangha
CF-UK Ouaka
CF-VK Vakaga
CG Congo
CG-11 Bouenza
CG-12 Pool
CG-13 Sangha
CG-14 Plateaux
CG-15 Cuvette-Ouest
CG-2 Lékoumou
CG-5 Kouilou
CG-7 Likouala
CG-8 Cuvette
CG-9 Niari
CG-BZV Brazzaville
CH Switzerland
CH-AG Aargau
CH-AI Appenzell Innerrhoden
CH-AR Appenzell Ausserrhoden
CH-BE Bern
CH-BL Basel-Landschaft
CH-BS Basel-Stadt
CH-FR Fribourg
CH-GE Genève
CH-GL Glarus
CH-GR Graubünden
CH-JU Jura
CH-LU Luzern
CH-NE Neuchâtel
CH-NW Nidwalden
CH-OW Obwalden
CH-SG Sankt Gallen
CH-SH Schaffhausen
CH-SO Solothurn
CH-SZ Schwyz
CH-TG Thurgau
CH-TI Ticino
CH-VD Vaud
CH-VS Valais
CH-ZH Zürich
CI Côte d'Ivoire
CI-01 Lagunes (Région des)
CI-02 Haut-Sassandra (Région du)
CI-03 Savanes (Région des)
CI-04 Vallée du Bandama (Région de la)
CI-05 Moyen-Comoé (Région du)
CI-06 18 Montagnes (Région des)
CI-07 Lacs (Région des)
CI-08 Zanzan (Région du)
CI-09 Bas-Sassandra (Région du)
CI-10 Denguélé (Région du)
CI-11 Nzi-Comoé (Région)
CI-12 Marahoué (Région de la)
CI-13 Sud-Comoé (Région du)
CI-14 Worodouqou (Région du)
CI-15 Sud-Bandama (Région du)
CI-16 Agnébi (Région de l')
CI-17 Bafing (Région du)
CI-18 Fromager (Région du)
CI-19 Moyen-Cavally (Région du)
CK Cook Islands
CK-CK Cook Islands
CL Chile
CL-AI Aisén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo
CL-AN Antofagasta
CL-AP Arica y Parinacota
CL-AR Araucanía
CL-AT Atacama
CL-BI Bío-Bío
CL-CO Coquimbo
CL-LI Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins
CL-LL Los Lagos
CL-LR Los Ríos
CL-MA Magallanes y Antártica Chilena
CL-ML Maule
CL-RM Región Metropolitana de Santiago
CL-TA Tarapacá
CL-VS Valparaíso
CM Cameroon
CM-AD Adamaoua
CM-CE Centre
CM-EN Far North
CM-ES East
CM-LT Littoral
CM-NO North
CM-NW North-West (Cameroon)
CM-OU West
CM-SU South
CM-SW South-West
CN China
CN-11 Beijing
CN-12 Tianjin
CN-13 Hebei
CN-14 Shanxi
CN-15 Nei Mongol
CN-21 Liaoning
CN-22 Jilin
CN-23 Heilongjiang
CN-31 Shanghai
CN-32 Jiangsu
CN-33 Zhejiang
CN-34 Anhui
CN-35 Fujian
CN-36 Jiangxi
CN-37 Shandong
CN-41 Henan
CN-42 Hubei
CN-43 Hunan
CN-44 Guangdong
CN-45 Guangxi
CN-46 Hainan
CN-50 Chongqing
CN-51 Sichuan
CN-52 Guizhou
CN-53 Yunnan
CN-54 Xizang
CN-61 Shaanxi
CN-62 Gansu
CN-63 Qinghai
CN-64 Ningxia
CN-65 Xinjiang
CN-71 Taiwan
CN-91 Xianggang (Hong-Kong)
CN-92 Aomen (Macau)
CO Colombia
CO-AMA Amazonas
CO-ANT Antioquia
CO-ARA Arauca
CO-ATL Atlántico
CO-BOL Bolívar
CO-BOY Boyacá
CO-CAL Caldas
CO-CAQ Caquetá
CO-CAS Casanare
CO-CAU Cauca
CO-CES Cesar
CO-CHO Chocó
CO-COR Córdoba
CO-CUN Cundinamarca
CO-DC Distrito Capital de Bogotá
CO-GUA Guainía
CO-GUV Guaviare
CO-HUI Huila
CO-LAG La Guajira
CO-MAG Magdalena
CO-NAR Nariño
CO-NSA Norte de Santander
CO-PUT Putumayo
CO-QUI Quindío
CO-RIS Risaralda
CO-SAN Santander
CO-SAP San Andrés, Providencia y Santa Catalina
CO-SUC Sucre
CO-TOL Tolima
CO-VAC Valle del Cauca
CO-VAU Vaupés
CO-VID Vichada
CR Costa Rica
CR-A Alajuela
CR-C Cartago
CR-G Guanacaste
CR-H Heredia
CR-L Limón
CR-P Puntarenas
CR-SJ San José
CU Cuba
CU-01 Pinar del Rio
CU-02 La Habana
CU-03 Ciudad de La Habana
CU-04 Matanzas
CU-05 Villa Clara
CU-06 Cienfuegos
CU-07 Sancti Spíritus
CU-08 Ciego de Ávila
CU-09 Camagüey
CU-10 Las Tunas
CU-11 Holguín
CU-12 Granma
CU-13 Santiago de Cuba
CU-14 Guantánamo
CU-99 Isla de la Juventud
CV Cape Verde
CV-B Ilhas de Barlavento
CV-BV Boa Vista
CV-PA Paul
CV-PN Porto Novo
CV-RB Ribeira Brava
CV-RG Ribeira Grande
CV-SV São Vicente
CV-S Ilhas de Sotavento
CV-BR Brava
CV-CA Santa Catarina
CV-CF Santa Catarina de Fogo
CV-CR Santa Cruz
CV-MA Maio
CV-MO Mosteiros
CV-PR Praia
CV-RS Ribeira Grande de Santiago
CV-SD São Domingos
CV-SF São Filipe
CV-SL São Lourenço dos Órgãos
CV-SM São Miguel
CV-SS São Salvador do Mundo
CV-TA Tarrafal
CV-TS Tarrafal de São Nicolau
CW Curaçao
CW-CW Curaçao
CX Christmas Island
CX-CX Christmas Island
CY Cyprus
CY-01 Lefkosía
CY-02 Lemesós
CY-03 Lárnaka
CY-04 Ammóchostos
CY-05 Páfos
CY-06 Kerýneia
CZ Czech Republic
CZ-JC Jihočeský kraj
CZ-311 České Budějovice
CZ-312 Český Krumlov
CZ-313 Jindřichův Hradec
CZ-314 Písek
CZ-315 Prachatice
CZ-316 Strakonice
CZ-317 Tábor
CZ-JM Jihomoravský kraj
CZ-621 Blansko
CZ-622 Brno-město
CZ-623 Brno-venkov
CZ-624 Břeclav
CZ-625 Hodonín
CZ-626 Vyškov
CZ-627 Znojmo
CZ-KA Karlovarský kraj
CZ-411 Cheb
CZ-412 Karlovy Vary
CZ-413 Sokolov
CZ-KR Královéhradecký kraj
CZ-521 Hradec Králové
CZ-522 Jičín
CZ-523 Náchod
CZ-524 Rychnov nad Kněžnou
CZ-525 Trutnov
CZ-LI Liberecký kraj
CZ-511 Česká Lípa
CZ-512 Jablonec nad Nisou
CZ-513 Liberec
CZ-514 Semily
CZ-MO Moravskoslezský kraj
CZ-801 Bruntál
CZ-802 Frýdek Místek
CZ-803 Karviná
CZ-804 Nový Jičín
CZ-805 Opava
CZ-806 Ostrava město
CZ-OL Olomoucký kraj
CZ-711 Jeseník
CZ-712 Olomouc
CZ-713 Prostĕjov
CZ-714 Přerov
CZ-715 Šumperk
CZ-PA Pardubický kraj
CZ-531 Chrudim
CZ-532 Pardubice
CZ-533 Svitavy
CZ-534 Ústí nad Orlicí
CZ-PL Plzeňský kraj
CZ-321 Domažlice
CZ-322 Klatovy
CZ-323 Plzeň město
CZ-324 Plzeň jih
CZ-325 Plzeň sever
CZ-326 Rokycany
CZ-327 Tachov
CZ-PR Praha, hlavní město
CZ-101 Praha 1
CZ-102 Praha 2
CZ-103 Praha 3
CZ-104 Praha 4
CZ-105 Praha 5
CZ-106 Praha 6
CZ-107 Praha 7
CZ-108 Praha 8
CZ-109 Praha 9
CZ-10A Praha 10
CZ-10B Praha 11
CZ-10C Praha 12
CZ-10D Praha 13
CZ-10E Praha 14
CZ-10F Praha 15
CZ-ST Středočeský kraj
CZ-201 Benešov
CZ-202 Beroun
CZ-203 Kladno
CZ-204 Kolín
CZ-205 Kutná Hora
CZ-206 Mělník
CZ-207 Mladá Boleslav
CZ-208 Nymburk
CZ-209 Praha východ
CZ-20A Praha západ
CZ-20B Příbram
CZ-20C Rakovník
CZ-US Ústecký kraj
CZ-421 Děčín
CZ-422 Chomutov
CZ-423 Litoměřice
CZ-424 Louny
CZ-425 Most
CZ-426 Teplice
CZ-427 Ústí nad Labem
CZ-VY Vysočina
CZ-611 Havlíčkův Brod
CZ-612 Jihlava
CZ-613 Pelhřimov
CZ-614 Třebíč
CZ-615 Žd’ár nad Sázavou
CZ-ZL Zlínský kraj
CZ-721 Kromĕříž
CZ-722 Uherské Hradištĕ
CZ-723 Vsetín
CZ-724 Zlín
DE Germany
DE-BB Brandenburg
DE-BE Berlin
DE-BW Baden-Württemberg
DE-BY Bayern
DE-HB Bremen
DE-HE Hessen
DE-HH Hamburg
DE-MV Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
DE-NI Niedersachsen
DE-NW Nordrhein-Westfalen
DE-RP Rheinland-Pfalz
DE-SH Schleswig-Holstein
DE-SL Saarland
DE-SN Sachsen
DE-ST Sachsen-Anhalt
DE-TH Thüringen
DJ Djibouti
DJ-AR Arta
DJ-AS Ali Sabieh
DJ-DI Dikhil
DJ-DJ Djibouti
DJ-OB Obock
DJ-TA Tadjourah
DK Denmark
DK-81 Nordjylland
DK-82 Midtjylland
DK-83 Syddanmark
DK-84 Hovedstaden
DK-85 Sjælland
DM Dominica
DM-01 Saint Peter
DM-02 Saint Andrew
DM-03 Saint David
DM-04 Saint George
DM-05 Saint John
DM-06 Saint Joseph
DM-07 Saint Luke
DM-08 Saint Mark
DM-09 Saint Patrick
DM-10 Saint Paul
DO Dominican Republic
DO-01 Distrito Nacional (Santo Domingo)
DO-02 Azua
DO-03 Bahoruco
DO-04 Barahona
DO-05 Dajabón
DO-06 Duarte
DO-07 La Estrelleta [Elías Piña]
DO-08 El Seybo [El Seibo]
DO-09 Espaillat
DO-10 Independencia
DO-11 La Altagracia
DO-12 La Romana
DO-13 La Vega
DO-14 María Trinidad Sánchez
DO-15 Monte Cristi
DO-16 Pedernales
DO-17 Peravia
DO-18 Puerto Plata
DO-19 Salcedo
DO-20 Samaná
DO-21 San Cristóbal
DO-22 San Juan
DO-23 San Pedro de Macorís
DO-24 Sánchez Ramírez
DO-25 Santiago
DO-26 Santiago Rodríguez
DO-27 Valverde
DO-28 Monseñor Nouel
DO-29 Monte Plata
DO-30 Hato Mayor
DZ Algeria
DZ-01 Adrar
DZ-02 Chlef
DZ-03 Laghouat
DZ-04 Oum el Bouaghi
DZ-05 Batna
DZ-06 Béjaïa
DZ-07 Biskra
DZ-08 Béchar
DZ-09 Blida
DZ-10 Bouira
DZ-11 Tamanghasset
DZ-12 Tébessa
DZ-13 Tlemcen
DZ-14 Tiaret
DZ-15 Tizi Ouzou
DZ-16 Alger
DZ-17 Djelfa
DZ-18 Jijel
DZ-19 Sétif
DZ-20 Saïda
DZ-21 Skikda
DZ-22 Sidi Bel Abbès
DZ-23 Annaba
DZ-24 Guelma
DZ-25 Constantine
DZ-26 Médéa
DZ-27 Mostaganem
DZ-28 Msila
DZ-29 Mascara
DZ-30 Ouargla
DZ-31 Oran
DZ-32 El Bayadh
DZ-33 Illizi
DZ-34 Bordj Bou Arréridj
DZ-35 Boumerdès
DZ-36 El Tarf
DZ-37 Tindouf
DZ-38 Tissemsilt
DZ-39 El Oued
DZ-40 Khenchela
DZ-41 Souk Ahras
DZ-42 Tipaza
DZ-43 Mila
DZ-44 Aïn Defla
DZ-45 Naama
DZ-46 Aïn Témouchent
DZ-47 Ghardaïa
DZ-48 Relizane
EC Ecuador
EC-A Azuay
EC-B Bolívar
EC-C Carchi
EC-D Orellana
EC-E Esmeraldas
EC-F Cañar
EC-G Guayas
EC-H Chimborazo
EC-I Imbabura
EC-L Loja
EC-M Manabí
EC-N Napo
EC-O El Oro
EC-P Pichincha
EC-R Los Ríos
EC-S Morona-Santiago
EC-SD Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas
EC-SE Santa Elena
EC-T Tungurahua
EC-U Sucumbíos
EC-W Galápagos
EC-X Cotopaxi
EC-Y Pastaza
EC-Z Zamora-Chinchipe
EE Estonia
EE-37 Harjumaa
EE-39 Hiiumaa
EE-44 Ida-Virumaa
EE-49 Jõgevamaa
EE-51 Järvamaa
EE-57 Läänemaa
EE-59 Lääne-Virumaa
EE-65 Põlvamaa
EE-67 Pärnumaa
EE-70 Raplamaa
EE-74 Saaremaa
EE-78 Tartumaa
EE-82 Valgamaa
EE-84 Viljandimaa
EE-86 Võrumaa
EG Egypt
EG-ALX Al Iskandarīyah
EG-ASN Aswān
EG-AST Asyūt
EG-BA Al Bahr al Ahmar
EG-BH Al Buhayrah
EG-BNS Banī Suwayf
EG-C Al Qāhirah
EG-DK Ad Daqahlīyah
EG-DT Dumyāt
EG-FYM Al Fayyūm
EG-GH Al Gharbīyah
EG-GZ Al Jīzah
EG-HU Ḩulwān
EG-IS Al Ismā`īlīyah
EG-JS Janūb Sīnā'
EG-KB Al Qalyūbīyah
EG-KFS Kafr ash Shaykh
EG-KN Qinā
EG-MN Al Minyā
EG-MNF Al Minūfīyah
EG-MT Matrūh
EG-PTS Būr Sa`īd
EG-SHG Sūhāj
EG-SHR Ash Sharqīyah
EG-SIN Shamal Sīnā'
EG-SU As Sādis min Uktūbar
EG-SUZ As Suways
EG-WAD Al Wādī al Jadīd
EH Western Sahara
EH-EH Western Sahara
ER Eritrea
ER-AN Anseba
ER-DK Debubawi Keyih Bahri [Debub-Keih-Bahri]
ER-DU Debub
ER-GB Gash-Barka
ER-MA Maakel [Maekel]
ER-SK Semenawi Keyih Bahri [Semien-Keih-Bahri]
ES Spain
ES-AN Andalucía
ES-AL Almería
ES-CA Cádiz
ES-CO Córdoba
ES-GR Granada
ES-H Huelva
ES-J Jaén
ES-MA Málaga
ES-SE Sevilla
ES-AR Aragón
ES-HU Huesca
ES-TE Teruel
ES-Z Zaragoza
ES-AS Asturias, Principado de
ES-O Asturias
ES-CB Cantabria
ES-S Cantabria
ES-CE Ceuta
ES-CL Castilla y León
ES-AV Ávila
ES-BU Burgos
ES-LE León
ES-P Palencia
ES-SA Salamanca
ES-SG Segovia
ES-SO Soria
ES-VA Valladolid
ES-ZA Zamora
ES-CM Castilla-La Mancha
ES-AB Albacete
ES-CR Ciudad Real
ES-CU Cuenca
ES-GU Guadalajara
ES-TO Toledo
ES-CN Canarias
ES-GC Las Palmas
ES-TF Santa Cruz de Tenerife
ES-CT Catalunya
ES-B Barcelona
ES-GI Girona
ES-L Lleida
ES-T Tarragona
ES-EX Extremadura
ES-BA Badajoz
ES-CC Cáceres
ES-GA Galicia
ES-C A Coruña
ES-LU Lugo
ES-OR Ourense
ES-PO Pontevedra
ES-IB Illes Balears
ES-PM Balears
ES-MC Murcia, Región de
ES-MU Murcia
ES-MD Madrid, Comunidad de
ES-M Madrid
ES-ML Melilla
ES-NC Navarra, Comunidad Foral de / Nafarroako Foru Komunitatea
ES-NA Navarra / Nafarroa
ES-PV País Vasco / Euskal Herria
ES-BI Vizcayaa / Bizkaia
ES-SS Guipúzcoa / Gipuzkoa
ES-VI Álava
ES-RI La Rioja
ES-LO La Rioja
ES-VC Valenciana, Comunidad / Valenciana, Comunitat
ES-A Alicante
ES-CS Castellón
ES-V Valencia / València
ET Ethiopia
ET-AA Ādīs Ābeba
ET-AF Āfar
ET-AM Āmara
ET-BE Bīnshangul Gumuz
ET-DD Dirē Dawa
ET-GA Gambēla Hizboch
ET-HA Hārerī Hizb
ET-OR Oromīya
ET-SN YeDebub Bihēroch Bihēreseboch na Hizboch
ET-SO Sumalē
ET-TI Tigray
FI Finland
FI-AL Ahvenanmaan lääni
FI-ES Etelä-Suomen lääni
FI-IS Itä-Suomen lääni
FI-LL Lapin lääni
FI-LS Länsi-Suomen lääni
FI-OL Oulun lääni
FJ Fiji
FJ-C Central
FJ-E Eastern
FJ-N Northern
FJ-R Rotuma
FJ-W Western
FK Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
FK-FK Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
FM Micronesia, Federated States of
FM-KSA Kosrae
FM-PNI Pohnpei
FM-TRK Chuuk
FO Faroe Islands
FO-FO Faroe Islands
FR France
FR-A Alsace
FR-67 Bas-Rhin
FR-68 Haut-Rhin
FR-B Aquitaine
FR-24 Dordogne
FR-33 Gironde
FR-40 Landes
FR-47 Lot-et-Garonne
FR-64 Pyrénées-Atlantiques
FR-BL Saint-Barthélemy
FR-C Auvergne
FR-03 Allier
FR-15 Cantal
FR-43 Haute-Loire
FR-63 Puy-de-Dôme
FR-CP Clipperton
FR-D Bourgogne
FR-21 Côte-d'Or
FR-58 Nièvre
FR-71 Saône-et-Loire
FR-89 Yonne
FR-E Bretagne
FR-22 Côtes-d'Armor
FR-29 Finistère
FR-35 Ille-et-Vilaine
FR-56 Morbihan
FR-F Centre
FR-18 Cher
FR-28 Eure-et-Loir
FR-36 Indre
FR-37 Indre-et-Loire
FR-41 Loir-et-Cher
FR-45 Loiret
FR-G Champagne-Ardenne
FR-08 Ardennes
FR-10 Aube
FR-51 Marne
FR-52 Haute-Marne
FR-GF Guyane
FR-GP Guadeloupe
FR-H Corse
FR-2A Corse-du-Sud
FR-2B Haute-Corse
FR-I Franche-Comté
FR-25 Doubs
FR-39 Jura
FR-70 Haute-Saône
FR-90 Territoire de Belfort
FR-J Île-de-France
FR-75 Paris
FR-77 Seine-et-Marne
FR-78 Yvelines
FR-91 Essonne
FR-92 Hauts-de-Seine
FR-93 Seine-Saint-Denis
FR-94 Val-de-Marne
FR-95 Val d'Oise
FR-K Languedoc-Roussillon
FR-11 Aude
FR-30 Gard
FR-34 Hérault
FR-48 Lozère
FR-66 Pyrénées-Orientales
FR-L Limousin
FR-19 Corrèze
FR-23 Creuse
FR-87 Haute-Vienne
FR-M Lorraine
FR-54 Meurthe-et-Moselle
FR-55 Meuse
FR-57 Moselle
FR-88 Vosges
FR-MF Saint-Martin
FR-MQ Martinique
FR-N Midi-Pyrénées
FR-09 Ariège
FR-12 Aveyron
FR-31 Haute-Garonne
FR-32 Gers
FR-46 Lot
FR-65 Hautes-Pyrénées
FR-81 Tarn
FR-82 Tarn-et-Garonne
FR-NC Nouvelle-Calédonie
FR-O Nord - Pas-de-Calais
FR-59 Nord
FR-62 Pas-de-Calais
FR-P Basse-Normandie
FR-14 Calvados
FR-50 Manche
FR-61 Orne
FR-PF Polynésie française
FR-PM Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon
FR-Q Haute-Normandie
FR-27 Eure
FR-76 Seine-Maritime
FR-R Pays de la Loire
FR-44 Loire-Atlantique
FR-49 Maine-et-Loire
FR-53 Mayenne
FR-72 Sarthe
FR-85 Vendée
FR-RE Réunion
FR-S Picardie
FR-02 Aisne
FR-60 Oise
FR-80 Somme
FR-T Poitou-Charentes
FR-16 Charente
FR-17 Charente-Maritime
FR-79 Deux-Sèvres
FR-86 Vienne
FR-TF Terres australes françaises
FR-U Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
FR-04 Alpes-de-Haute-Provence
FR-05 Hautes-Alpes
FR-06 Alpes-Maritimes
FR-13 Bouches-du-Rhône
FR-83 Var
FR-84 Vaucluse
FR-V Rhône-Alpes
FR-01 Ain
FR-07 Ardèche
FR-26 Drôme
FR-38 Isère
FR-42 Loire
FR-69 Rhône
FR-73 Savoie
FR-74 Haute-Savoie
FR-WF Wallis-et-Futuna
FR-YT Mayotte
GA Gabon
GA-1 Estuaire
GA-2 Haut-Ogooué
GA-3 Moyen-Ogooué
GA-4 Ngounié
GA-5 Nyanga
GA-6 Ogooué-Ivindo
GA-7 Ogooué-Lolo
GA-8 Ogooué-Maritime
GA-9 Woleu-Ntem
GB United Kingdom
GB-ABD Aberdeenshire
GB-ABE Aberdeen City
GB-AGB Argyll and Bute
GB-AGY Isle of Anglesey;Sir Ynys Môn
GB-ANS Angus
GB-ANT Antrim
GB-ARM Armagh
GB-BAS Bath and North East Somerset
GB-BBD Blackburn with Darwen
GB-BDF Bedford
GB-BDG Barking and Dagenham
GB-BEN Brent
GB-BEX Bexley
GB-BFS Belfast
GB-BGE Bridgend;Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr
GB-BGW Blaenau Gwent
GB-BIR Birmingham
GB-BKM Buckinghamshire
GB-BLA Ballymena
GB-BLY Ballymoney
GB-BMH Bournemouth
GB-BNB Banbridge
GB-BNE Barnet
GB-BNH Brighton and Hove
GB-BNS Barnsley
GB-BOL Bolton
GB-BPL Blackpool
GB-BRC Bracknell Forest
GB-BRD Bradford
GB-BRY Bromley
GB-BST Bristol, City of
GB-CAM Cambridgeshire
GB-CAY Caerphilly;Caerffili
GB-CBF Central Bedfordshire
GB-CGN Ceredigion;Sir Ceredigion
GB-CGV Craigavon
GB-CHE Cheshire East
GB-CHW Cheshire West and Chester
GB-CKF Carrickfergus
GB-CKT Cookstown
GB-CLD Calderdale
GB-CLK Clackmannanshire
GB-CLR Coleraine
GB-CMA Cumbria
GB-CMD Camden
GB-CMN Carmarthenshire;Sir Gaerfyrddin
GB-CON Cornwall
GB-COV Coventry
GB-CRF Cardiff;Caerdydd
GB-CRY Croydon
GB-CSR Castlereagh
GB-CWY Conwy
GB-DAL Darlington
GB-DBY Derbyshire
GB-DEN Denbighshire;Sir Ddinbych
GB-DER Derby
GB-DEV Devon
GB-DGN Dungannon
GB-DGY Dumfries and Galloway
GB-DNC Doncaster
GB-DND Dundee City
GB-DOR Dorset
GB-DRY Derry
GB-DUD Dudley
GB-DUR Durham
GB-EAL Ealing
GB-EAW England and Wales
GB-EAY East Ayrshire
GB-EDH Edinburgh, City of
GB-EDU East Dunbartonshire
GB-ELN East Lothian
GB-ELS Eilean Siar
GB-ENF Enfield
GB-ENG England
GB-ERW East Renfrewshire
GB-ERY East Riding of Yorkshire
GB-ESS Essex
GB-ESX East Sussex
GB-FAL Falkirk
GB-FER Fermanagh
GB-FLN Flintshire;Sir y Fflint
GB-GAT Gateshead
GB-GBN Great Britain
GB-GLG Glasgow City
GB-GLS Gloucestershire
GB-GRE Greenwich
GB-GWN Gwynedd
GB-HAL Halton
GB-HAM Hampshire
GB-HAV Havering
GB-HCK Hackney
GB-HEF Herefordshire
GB-HIL Hillingdon
GB-HLD Highland
GB-HMF Hammersmith and Fulham
GB-HNS Hounslow
GB-HPL Hartlepool
GB-HRT Hertfordshire
GB-HRW Harrow
GB-HRY Haringey
GB-IOW Isle of Wight
GB-ISL Islington
GB-IVC Inverclyde
GB-KEC Kensington and Chelsea
GB-KHL Kingston upon Hull
GB-KIR Kirklees
GB-KTT Kingston upon Thames
GB-KWL Knowsley
GB-LAN Lancashire
GB-LBH Lambeth
GB-LCE Leicester
GB-LDS Leeds
GB-LEC Leicestershire
GB-LEW Lewisham
GB-LIN Lincolnshire
GB-LIV Liverpool
GB-LMV Limavady
GB-LND London, City of
GB-LRN Larne
GB-LSB Lisburn
GB-LUT Luton
GB-MAN Manchester
GB-MDB Middlesbrough
GB-MDW Medway
GB-MFT Magherafelt
GB-MIK Milton Keynes
GB-MLN Midlothian
GB-MON Monmouthshire;Sir Fynwy
GB-MRT Merton
GB-MRY Moray
GB-MTY Merthyr Tydfil;Merthyr Tudful
GB-MYL Moyle
GB-NAY North Ayrshire
GB-NBL Northumberland
GB-NDN North Down
GB-NEL North East Lincolnshire
GB-NET Newcastle upon Tyne
GB-NFK Norfolk
GB-NGM Nottingham
GB-NIR Northern Ireland
GB-NLK North Lanarkshire
GB-NLN North Lincolnshire
GB-NSM North Somerset
GB-NTA Newtownabbey
GB-NTH Northamptonshire
GB-NTL Neath Port Talbot;Castell-nedd Port Talbot
GB-NTT Nottinghamshire
GB-NTY North Tyneside
GB-NWM Newham
GB-NWP Newport;Casnewydd
GB-NYK North Yorkshire
GB-NYM Newry and Mourne
GB-OLD Oldham
GB-OMH Omagh
GB-ORK Orkney Islands
GB-OXF Oxfordshire
GB-PEM Pembrokeshire;Sir Benfro
GB-PKN Perth and Kinross
GB-PLY Plymouth
GB-POL Poole
GB-POR Portsmouth
GB-POW Powys
GB-PTE Peterborough
GB-RCC Redcar and Cleveland
GB-RCH Rochdale
GB-RCT Rhondda, Cynon, Taff;Rhondda, Cynon,Taf
GB-RDB Redbridge
GB-RDG Reading
GB-RFW Renfrewshire
GB-RIC Richmond upon Thames
GB-ROT Rotherham
GB-RUT Rutland
GB-SAW Sandwell
GB-SAY South Ayrshire
GB-SCB Scottish Borders, The
GB-SCT Scotland
GB-SFK Suffolk
GB-SFT Sefton
GB-SGC South Gloucestershire
GB-SHF Sheffield
GB-SHN St. Helens
GB-SHR Shropshire
GB-SKP Stockport
GB-SLF Salford
GB-SLG Slough
GB-SLK South Lanarkshire
GB-SND Sunderland
GB-SOL Solihull
GB-SOM Somerset
GB-SOS Southend-on-Sea
GB-SRY Surrey
GB-STB Strabane
GB-STE Stoke-on-Trent
GB-STG Stirling
GB-STH Southampton
GB-STN Sutton
GB-STS Staffordshire
GB-STT Stockton-on-Tees
GB-STY South Tyneside
GB-SWA Swansea;Abertawe
GB-SWD Swindon
GB-SWK Southwark
GB-TAM Tameside
GB-TFW Telford and Wrekin
GB-THR Thurrock
GB-TOB Torbay
GB-TOF Torfaen;Tor-faen
GB-TRF Trafford
GB-TWH Tower Hamlets
GB-UKM United Kingdom
GB-VGL Vale of Glamorgan, The;Bro Morgannwg
GB-WAR Warwickshire
GB-WBK West Berkshire
GB-WDU West Dunbartonshire
GB-WFT Waltham Forest
GB-WGN Wigan
GB-WIL Wiltshire
GB-WKF Wakefield
GB-WLL Walsall
GB-WLN West Lothian
GB-WLS Wales
GB-WLV Wolverhampton
GB-WND Wandsworth
GB-WNM Windsor and Maidenhead
GB-WOK Wokingham
GB-WOR Worcestershire
GB-WRL Wirral
GB-WRT Warrington
GB-WRX Wrexham;Wrecsam
GB-WSM Westminster
GB-WSX West Sussex
GB-ZET Shetland Islands
GD Grenada
GD-01 Saint Andrew
GD-02 Saint David
GD-03 Saint George
GD-04 Saint John
GD-05 Saint Mark
GD-06 Saint Patrick
GD-10 Southern Grenadine Islands
GE Georgia
GE-AB Abkhazia
GE-AJ Ajaria
GE-GU Guria
GE-IM Imeret’i
GE-KA Kakhet’i
GE-KK K’vemo K’art’li
GE-MM Mts’khet’a-Mt’ianet’i
GE-RL Racha-Lech’khumi-K’vemo Svanet’i
GE-SJ Samts’khe-Javakhet’i
GE-SK Shida K’art’li
GE-SZ Samegrelo-Zemo Svanet’i
GE-TB T’bilisi
GF French Guiana
GF-GF French Guiana
GG Guernsey
GG-GG Guernsey
GH Ghana
GH-AA Greater Accra
GH-AH Ashanti
GH-BA Brong-Ahafo
GH-CP Central
GH-EP Eastern
GH-NP Northern
GH-TV Volta
GH-UE Upper East
GH-UW Upper West
GH-WP Western
GI Gibraltar
GI-GI Gibraltar
GL Greenland
GL-KU Kommune Kujalleq
GL-QA Qaasuitsup Kommunia
GL-QE Qeqqata Kommunia
GL-SM Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq
GM Gambia
GM-B Banjul
GM-L Lower River
GM-M Central River
GM-N North Bank
GM-U Upper River
GM-W Western
GN Guinea
GN-B Boké
GN-BF Boffa
GN-BK Boké
GN-FR Fria
GN-GA Gaoual
GN-KN Koundara
GN-C Conakry
GN-D Kindia
GN-CO Coyah
GN-DU Dubréka
GN-FO Forécariah
GN-KD Kindia
GN-TE Télimélé
GN-F Faranah
GN-DB Dabola
GN-DI Dinguiraye
GN-FA Faranah
GN-KS Kissidougou
GN-K Kankan
GN-KA Kankan
GN-KE Kérouané
GN-KO Kouroussa
GN-MD Mandiana
GN-SI Siguiri
GN-L Labé
GN-KB Koubia
GN-LA Labé
GN-LE Lélouma
GN-ML Mali
GN-TO Tougué
GN-M Mamou
GN-DL Dalaba
GN-MM Mamou
GN-PI Pita
GN-N Nzérékoré
GN-BE Beyla
GN-GU Guékédou
GN-LO Lola
GN-MC Macenta
GN-NZ Nzérékoré
GN-YO Yomou
GP Guadeloupe
GP-GP Guadeloupe
GQ Equatorial Guinea
GQ-AN Annobón
GQ-BN Bioko Norte
GQ-BS Bioko Sur
GQ-C Región Continental
GQ-CS Centro Sur
GQ-I Región Insular
GQ-KN Kié-Ntem
GQ-LI Litoral
GQ-WN Wele-Nzás
GR Greece
GR-69 Agio Oros
GR-A Anatoliki Makedonia kai Thraki
GR-52 Drama
GR-55 Kavala
GR-71 Evros
GR-72 Xanthi
GR-73 Rodopi
GR-B Kentriki Makedonia
GR-53 Imathia
GR-54 Thessaloniki
GR-57 Kilkis
GR-59 Pella
GR-61 Pieria
GR-62 Serres
GR-64 Chalkidiki
GR-C Dytiki Makedonia
GR-51 Grevena
GR-56 Kastoria
GR-58 Kozani
GR-63 Florina
GR-D Ipeiros
GR-32 Thesprotia
GR-33 Ioannina
GR-34 Preveza
GR-E Thessalia
GR-41 Karditsa
GR-42 Larisa
GR-43 Magnisia
GR-44 Trikala
GR-F Ionia Nisia
GR-21 Zakynthos
GR-22 Kerkyra
GR-23 Kefallonia
GR-24 Lefkada
GR-31 Arta
GR-G Dytiki Ellada
GR-01 Aitolia kai Akarnania
GR-13 Achaïa
GR-14 Ileia
GR-H Sterea Ellada
GR-03 Voiotia
GR-04 Evvoias
GR-05 Evrytania
GR-06 Fthiotida
GR-07 Fokida
GR-I Attiki
GR-A1 Attiki
GR-J Peloponnisos
GR-11 Argolida
GR-12 Arkadia
GR-15 Korinthia
GR-16 Lakonia
GR-17 Messinia
GR-K Voreio Aigaio
GR-83 Lesvos
GR-84 Samos
GR-85 Chios
GR-L Notio Aigaio
GR-81 Dodekanisos
GR-82 Kyklades
GR-M Kriti
GR-91 Irakleio
GR-92 Lasithi
GR-93 Rethymno
GR-94 Chania
GS South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
GS-GS South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
GT Guatemala
GT-AV Alta Verapaz
GT-BV Baja Verapaz
GT-CM Chimaltenango
GT-CQ Chiquimula
GT-ES Escuintla
GT-GU Guatemala
GT-HU Huehuetenango
GT-IZ Izabal
GT-JA Jalapa
GT-JU Jutiapa
GT-PE Petén
GT-PR El Progreso
GT-QC Quiché
GT-QZ Quetzaltenango
GT-RE Retalhuleu
GT-SA Sacatepéquez
GT-SM San Marcos
GT-SO Sololá
GT-SR Santa Rosa
GT-SU Suchitepéquez
GT-TO Totonicapán
GT-ZA Zacapa
GU Guam
GU-GU Guam
GW Guinea-Bissau
GW-BS Bissau
GW-L Leste
GW-BA Bafatá
GW-GA Gabú
GW-N Norte
GW-BM Biombo
GW-CA Cacheu
GW-S Sul
GW-BL Bolama
GW-QU Quinara
GW-TO Tombali
GY Guyana
GY-BA Barima-Waini
GY-CU Cuyuni-Mazaruni
GY-DE Demerara-Mahaica
GY-EB East Berbice-Corentyne
GY-ES Essequibo Islands-West Demerara
GY-MA Mahaica-Berbice
GY-PM Pomeroon-Supenaam
GY-PT Potaro-Siparuni
GY-UD Upper Demerara-Berbice
GY-UT Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo
HK Hong Kong
HK-HK Hong Kong
HM Heard Island and McDonald Islands
HM-HM Heard Island and McDonald Islands
HN Honduras
HN-AT Atlántida
HN-CH Choluteca
HN-CL Colón
HN-CM Comayagua
HN-CP Copán
HN-CR Cortés
HN-EP El Paraíso
HN-FM Francisco Morazán
HN-GD Gracias a Dios
HN-IB Islas de la Bahía
HN-IN Intibucá
HN-LE Lempira
HN-LP La Paz
HN-OC Ocotepeque
HN-OL Olancho
HN-SB Santa Bárbara
HN-VA Valle
HN-YO Yoro
HR Croatia
HR-01 Zagrebačka županija
HR-02 Krapinsko-zagorska županija
HR-03 Sisačko-moslavačka županija
HR-04 Karlovačka županija
HR-05 Varaždinska županija
HR-06 Koprivničko-križevačka županija
HR-07 Bjelovarsko-bilogorska županija
HR-08 Primorsko-goranska županija
HR-09 Ličko-senjska županija
HR-10 Virovitičko-podravska županija
HR-11 Požeško-slavonska županija
HR-12 Brodsko-posavska županija
HR-13 Zadarska županija
HR-14 Osječko-baranjska županija
HR-15 Šibensko-kninska županija
HR-16 Vukovarsko-srijemska županija
HR-17 Splitsko-dalmatinska županija
HR-18 Istarska županija
HR-19 Dubrovačko-neretvanska županija
HR-20 Međimurska županija
HR-21 Grad Zagreb
HT Haiti
HT-AR Artibonite
HT-CE Centre
HT-GA Grande-Anse
HT-ND Nord
HT-NE Nord-Est
HT-NO Nord-Ouest
HT-OU Ouest
HT-SE Sud-Est
HU Hungary
HU-BA Baranya
HU-BC Békéscsaba
HU-BE Békés
HU-BK Bács-Kiskun
HU-BU Budapest
HU-BZ Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén
HU-CS Csongrád
HU-DE Debrecen
HU-DU Dunaújváros
HU-EG Eger
HU-FE Fejér
HU-GS Győr-Moson-Sopron
HU-GY Győr
HU-HB Hajdú-Bihar
HU-HE Heves
HU-HV Hódmezővásárhely
HU-JN Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok
HU-KE Komárom-Esztergom
HU-KM Kecskemét
HU-KV Kaposvár
HU-MI Miskolc
HU-NK Nagykanizsa
HU-NO Nógrád
HU-NY Nyíregyháza
HU-PE Pest
HU-PS Pécs
HU-SD Szeged
HU-SF Székesfehérvár
HU-SH Szombathely
HU-SK Szolnok
HU-SN Sopron
HU-SO Somogy
HU-SS Szekszárd
HU-ST Salgótarján
HU-SZ Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg
HU-TB Tatabánya
HU-TO Tolna
HU-VE Veszprém (county)
HU-VM Veszprém
HU-ZA Zala
HU-ZE Zalaegerszeg
ID Indonesia
ID-IJ Papua
ID-PA Papua
ID-PB Papua Barat
ID-JW Jawa
ID-BT Banten
ID-JB Jawa Barat
ID-JI Jawa Timur
ID-JK Jakarta Raya
ID-JT Jawa Tengah
ID-YO Yogyakarta
ID-KA Kalimantan
ID-KB Kalimantan Barat
ID-KI Kalimantan Timur
ID-KS Kalimantan Selatan
ID-KT Kalimantan Tengah
ID-MA Maluku
ID-MA Maluku
ID-MU Maluku Utara
ID-NU Nusa Tenggara
ID-BA Bali
ID-NB Nusa Tenggara Barat
ID-NT Nusa Tenggara Timur
ID-SL Sulawesi
ID-GO Gorontalo
ID-SA Sulawesi Utara
ID-SG Sulawesi Tenggara
ID-SN Sulawesi Selatan
ID-SR Sulawesi Barat
ID-ST Sulawesi Tengah
ID-SM Sumatera
ID-AC Aceh
ID-BB Bangka Belitung
ID-BE Bengkulu
ID-JA Jambi
ID-KR Kepulauan Riau
ID-LA Lampung
ID-RI Riau
ID-SB Sumatra Barat
ID-SS Sumatra Selatan
ID-SU Sumatera Utara
IE Ireland
IE-C Connacht
IE-G Galway
IE-LM Leitrim
IE-MO Mayo
IE-RN Roscommon
IE-SO Sligo
IE-L Leinster
IE-CW Carlow
IE-D Dublin
IE-KE Kildare
IE-KK Kilkenny
IE-LD Longford
IE-LH Louth
IE-LS Laois
IE-MH Meath
IE-OY Offaly
IE-WH Westmeath
IE-WW Wicklow
IE-WX Wexford
IE-M Munster
IE-C Cork
IE-CE Clare
IE-KY Kerry
IE-LK Limerick
IE-TA Tipperary
IE-WD Waterford
IE-U Ulster
IE-CN Cavan
IE-DL Donegal
IE-MN Monaghan
IL Israel
IL-D HaDarom
IL-HA Hefa
IL-JM Yerushalayim Al Quds
IL-M HaMerkaz
IL-TA Tel-Aviv
IL-Z HaZafon
IM Isle of Man
IM-IM Isle of Man
IN India
IN-AN Andaman and Nicobar Islands
IN-AP Andhra Pradesh
IN-AR Arunāchal Pradesh
IN-AS Assam
IN-BR Bihār
IN-CH Chandīgarh
IN-CT Chhattīsgarh
IN-DD Damān and Diu
IN-DL Delhi
IN-DN Dādra and Nagar Haveli
IN-GJ Gujarāt
IN-HP Himāchal Pradesh
IN-HR Haryāna
IN-JH Jharkhand
IN-JK Jammu and Kashmīr
IN-KA Karnātaka
IN-KL Kerala
IN-LD Lakshadweep
IN-MH Mahārāshtra
IN-ML Meghālaya
IN-MN Manipur
IN-MP Madhya Pradesh
IN-MZ Mizoram
IN-NL Nāgāland
IN-OR Orissa
IN-PB Punjab
IN-PY Pondicherry
IN-RJ Rājasthān
IN-SK Sikkim
IN-TN Tamil Nādu
IN-TR Tripura
IN-UL Uttaranchal
IN-UP Uttar Pradesh
IN-WB West Bengal
IO British Indian Ocean Territory
IO-IO British Indian Ocean Territory
IQ Iraq
IQ-AN Al Anbar
IQ-AR Arbil
IQ-BA Al Basrah
IQ-BB Babil
IQ-BG Baghdad
IQ-DA Dahuk
IQ-DI Diyala
IQ-DQ Dhi Qar
IQ-KA Karbala'
IQ-MA Maysan
IQ-MU Al Muthanna
IQ-NA An Najef
IQ-NI Ninawa
IQ-QA Al Qadisiyah
IQ-SD Salah ad Din
IQ-SW As Sulaymaniyah
IQ-TS At Ta'mim
IQ-WA Wasit
IR Iran, Islamic Republic of
IR-01 Āzarbāyjān-e Sharqī
IR-02 Āzarbāyjān-e Gharbī
IR-03 Ardabīl
IR-04 Eşfahān
IR-05 Īlām
IR-06 Būshehr
IR-07 Tehrān
IR-08 Chahār Mahāll va Bakhtīārī
IR-10 Khūzestān
IR-11 Zanjān
IR-12 Semnān
IR-13 Sīstān va Balūchestān
IR-14 Fārs
IR-15 Kermān
IR-16 Kordestān
IR-17 Kermānshāh
IR-18 Kohgīlūyeh va Būyer Ahmad
IR-19 Gīlān
IR-20 Lorestān
IR-21 Māzandarān
IR-22 Markazī
IR-23 Hormozgān
IR-24 Hamadān
IR-25 Yazd
IR-26 Qom
IR-27 Golestān
IR-28 Qazvīn
IR-29 Khorāsān-e Janūbī
IR-30 Khorāsān-e Razavī
IR-31 Khorāsān-e Shemālī
IS Iceland
IS-0 Reykjavík
IS-1 Höfuðborgarsvæðið
IS-2 Suðurnes
IS-3 Vesturland
IS-4 Vestfirðir
IS-5 Norðurland vestra
IS-6 Norðurland eystra
IS-7 Austurland
IS-8 Suðurland
IT Italy
IT-21 Piemonte
IT-AL Alessandria
IT-AT Asti
IT-BI Biella
IT-CN Cuneo
IT-NO Novara
IT-TO Torino
IT-VB Verbano-Cusio-Ossola
IT-VC Vercelli
IT-23 Valle d'Aosta
IT-AO Aosta
IT-25 Lombardia
IT-BG Bergamo
IT-BS Brescia
IT-CO Como
IT-CR Cremona
IT-LC Lecco
IT-LO Lodi
IT-MB Monza e Brianza
IT-MI Milano
IT-MN Mantova
IT-PV Pavia
IT-SO Sondrio
IT-VA Varese
IT-32 Trentino-Alto Adige
IT-BZ Bolzano
IT-TN Trento
IT-34 Veneto
IT-BL Belluno
IT-PD Padova
IT-RO Rovigo
IT-TV Treviso
IT-VE Venezia
IT-VI Vicenza
IT-VR Verona
IT-36 Friuli-Venezia Giulia
IT-GO Gorizia
IT-PN Pordenone
IT-TS Trieste
IT-UD Udine
IT-42 Liguria
IT-GE Genova
IT-IM Imperia
IT-SP La Spezia
IT-SV Savona
IT-45 Emilia-Romagna
IT-BO Bologna
IT-FC Forlì-Cesena
IT-FE Ferrara
IT-MO Modena
IT-PC Piacenza
IT-PR Parma
IT-RA Ravenna
IT-RE Reggio Emilia
IT-RN Rimini
IT-52 Toscana
IT-AR Arezzo
IT-FI Firenze
IT-GR Grosseto
IT-LI Livorno
IT-LU Lucca
IT-MS Massa-Carrara
IT-PI Pisa
IT-PO Prato
IT-PT Pistoia
IT-SI Siena
IT-55 Umbria
IT-PG Perugia
IT-TR Terni
IT-57 Marche
IT-AN Ancona
IT-AP Ascoli Piceno
IT-FM Fermo
IT-MC Macerata
IT-PU Pesaro e Urbino
IT-62 Lazio
IT-FR Frosinone
IT-LT Latina
IT-RI Rieti
IT-RM Roma
IT-VT Viterbo
IT-65 Abruzzo
IT-AQ L'Aquila
IT-CH Chieti
IT-PE Pescara
IT-TE Teramo
IT-67 Molise
IT-CB Campobasso
IT-IS Isernia
IT-72 Campania
IT-AV Avellino
IT-BN Benevento
IT-CE Caserta
IT-NA Napoli
IT-SA Salerno
IT-75 Puglia
IT-BA Bari
IT-BR Brindisi
IT-BT Barletta-Andria-Trani
IT-FG Foggia
IT-LE Lecce
IT-TA Taranto
IT-77 Basilicata
IT-MT Matera
IT-PZ Potenza
IT-78 Calabria
IT-CS Cosenza
IT-CZ Catanzaro
IT-KR Crotone
IT-RC Reggio Calabria
IT-VV Vibo Valentia
IT-82 Sicilia
IT-AG Agrigento
IT-CL Caltanissetta
IT-CT Catania
IT-EN Enna
IT-ME Messina
IT-PA Palermo
IT-RG Ragusa
IT-SR Siracusa
IT-TP Trapani
IT-88 Sardegna
IT-CA Cagliari
IT-CI Carbonia-Iglesias
IT-NU Nuoro
IT-OG Ogliastra
IT-OR Oristano
IT-OT Olbia-Tempio
IT-SS Sassari
IT-VS Medio Campidano
JE Jersey
JE-JE Jersey
JM Jamaica
JM-01 Kingston
JM-02 Saint Andrew
JM-03 Saint Thomas
JM-04 Portland
JM-05 Saint Mary
JM-06 Saint Ann
JM-07 Trelawny
JM-08 Saint James
JM-09 Hanover
JM-10 Westmoreland
JM-11 Saint Elizabeth
JM-12 Manchester
JM-13 Clarendon
JM-14 Saint Catherine
JO Jordan
JO-AJ `Ajlun
JO-AM Amman
JO-AQ Al `Aqabah
JO-AT Aţ Ţafīlah
JO-AZ Az Zarqā'
JO-BA Al Balqā'
JO-JA Jarash
JO-JR Irbid
JO-KA Al Karak
JO-MA Al Mafraq
JO-MD Mādabā
JO-MN Ma`ān
JP Japan
JP-01 Hokkaido
JP-02 Aomori
JP-03 Iwate
JP-04 Miyagi
JP-05 Akita
JP-06 Yamagata
JP-07 Fukushima
JP-08 Ibaraki
JP-09 Tochigi
JP-10 Gunma
JP-11 Saitama
JP-12 Chiba
JP-13 Tokyo
JP-14 Kanagawa
JP-15 Niigata
JP-16 Toyama
JP-17 Ishikawa
JP-18 Fukui
JP-19 Yamanashi
JP-20 Nagano
JP-21 Gifu
JP-22 Shizuoka
JP-23 Aichi
JP-24 Mie
JP-25 Shiga
JP-26 Kyoto
JP-27 Osaka
JP-28 Hyogo
JP-29 Nara
JP-30 Wakayama
JP-31 Tottori
JP-32 Shimane
JP-33 Okayama
JP-34 Hiroshima
JP-35 Yamaguchi
JP-36 Tokushima
JP-37 Kagawa
JP-38 Ehime
JP-39 Kochi
JP-40 Fukuoka
JP-41 Saga
JP-42 Nagasaki
JP-43 Kumamoto
JP-44 Oita
JP-45 Miyazaki
JP-46 Kagoshima
JP-47 Okinawa
KE Kenya
KE-110 Nairobi Municipality
KE-200 Central
KE-300 Coast
KE-400 Eastern
KE-500 North-Eastern Kaskazini Mashariki
KE-700 Rift Valley
KE-900 Western Magharibi
KG Kyrgyzstan
KG-B Batken
KG-C Chü
KG-GB Bishkek
KG-J Jalal-Abad
KG-N Naryn
KG-O Osh
KG-T Talas
KG-Y Ysyk-Köl
KH Cambodia
KH-1 Banteay Mean Chey
KH-10 Krachoh
KH-11 Mondol Kiri
KH-12 Phnom Penh
KH-13 Preah Vihear
KH-14 Prey Veaeng
KH-15 Pousaat
KH-16 Rotanak Kiri
KH-17 Siem Reab
KH-18 Krong Preah Sihanouk
KH-19 Stueng Traeng
KH-2 Battambang
KH-20 Svaay Rieng
KH-21 Taakaev
KH-22 Otdar Mean Chey
KH-23 Krong Kaeb
KH-24 Krong Pailin
KH-3 Kampong Cham
KH-4 Kampong Chhnang
KH-5 Kampong Speu
KH-6 Kampong Thom
KH-7 Kampot
KH-8 Kandal
KH-9 Kach Kong
KI Kiribati
KI-G Gilbert Islands
KI-L Line Islands
KI-P Phoenix Islands
KM Comoros
KM-A Andjouân (Anjwān)
KM-G Andjazîdja (Anjazījah)
KM-M Moûhîlî (Mūhīlī)
KN Saint Kitts and Nevis
KN-K Saint Kitts
KN-01 Christ Church Nichola Town
KN-02 Saint Anne Sandy Point
KN-03 Saint George Basseterre
KN-06 Saint John Capisterre
KN-08 Saint Mary Cayon
KN-09 Saint Paul Capisterre
KN-11 Saint Peter Basseterre
KN-13 Saint Thomas Middle Island
KN-15 Trinity Palmetto Point
KN-N Nevis
KN-04 Saint George Gingerland
KN-05 Saint James Windward
KN-07 Saint John Figtree
KN-10 Saint Paul Charlestown
KN-12 Saint Thomas Lowland
KP Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
KP-01 P’yŏngyang
KP-02 P’yŏngan-namdo
KP-03 P’yŏngan-bukto
KP-04 Chagang-do
KP-05 Hwanghae-namdo
KP-06 Hwanghae-bukto
KP-07 Kangwŏn-do
KP-08 Hamgyŏng-namdo
KP-09 Hamgyŏng-bukto
KP-10 Yanggang-do
KP-13 Nasŏn (Najin-Sŏnbong)
KR Korea, Republic of
KR-11 Seoul Teugbyeolsi
KR-26 Busan Gwang'yeogsi
KR-27 Daegu Gwang'yeogsi
KR-28 Incheon Gwang'yeogsi
KR-29 Gwangju Gwang'yeogsi
KR-30 Daejeon Gwang'yeogsi
KR-31 Ulsan Gwang'yeogsi
KR-41 Gyeonggido
KR-42 Gang'weondo
KR-43 Chungcheongbukdo
KR-44 Chungcheongnamdo
KR-45 Jeonrabukdo
KR-46 Jeonranamdo
KR-47 Gyeongsangbukdo
KR-48 Gyeongsangnamdo
KR-49 Jejudo
KW Kuwait
KW-AH Al Ahmadi
KW-FA Al Farwānīyah
KW-HA Hawallī
KW-JA Al Jahrah
KW-KU Al Kuwayt
KY Cayman Islands
KY-KY Cayman Islands
KZ Kazakhstan
KZ-AKM Aqmola oblysy
KZ-AKT Aqtöbe oblysy
KZ-ALA Almaty
KZ-ALM Almaty oblysy
KZ-AST Astana
KZ-ATY Atyraū oblysy
KZ-KAR Qaraghandy oblysy
KZ-KUS Qostanay oblysy
KZ-KZY Qyzylorda oblysy
KZ-MAN Mangghystaū oblysy
KZ-PAV Pavlodar oblysy
KZ-SEV Soltüstik Quzaqstan oblysy
KZ-VOS Shyghys Qazaqstan oblysy
KZ-YUZ Ongtüstik Qazaqstan oblysy
KZ-ZAP Batys Quzaqstan oblysy
KZ-ZHA Zhambyl oblysy
LA Lao People's Democratic Republic
LA-AT Attapu
LA-BK Bokèo
LA-BL Bolikhamxai
LA-CH Champasak
LA-HO Houaphan
LA-KH Khammouan
LA-LM Louang Namtha
LA-LP Louangphabang
LA-OU Oudômxai
LA-PH Phôngsali
LA-SL Salavan
LA-SV Savannakhét
LA-VI Vientiane
LA-VT Vientiane
LA-XA Xaignabouli
LA-XE Xékong
LA-XI Xiangkhoang
LA-XN Xiasômboun
LB Lebanon
LB-AK Aakkâr
LB-AS Liban-Nord
LB-BA Beyrouth
LB-BH Baalbek-Hermel
LB-BI Béqaa
LB-JA Liban-Sud
LB-JL Mont-Liban
LB-NA Nabatîyé
LC Saint Lucia
LC-LC Saint Lucia
LI Liechtenstein
LI-01 Balzers
LI-02 Eschen
LI-03 Gamprin
LI-04 Mauren
LI-05 Planken
LI-06 Ruggell
LI-07 Schaan
LI-08 Schellenberg
LI-09 Triesen
LI-10 Triesenberg
LI-11 Vaduz
LK Sri Lanka
LK-1 Basnāhira paḷāta
LK-11 Kŏḷamba
LK-12 Gampaha
LK-13 Kaḷutara
LK-2 Madhyama paḷāta
LK-21 Mahanuvara
LK-22 Mātale
LK-23 Nuvara Ĕliya
LK-3 Dakuṇu paḷāta
LK-31 Gālla
LK-32 Mātara
LK-33 Hambantŏṭa
LK-4 Uturu paḷāta
LK-41 Yāpanaya
LK-42 Kilinŏchchi
LK-43 Mannārama
LK-44 Vavuniyāva
LK-45 Mulativ
LK-5 Næ̆gĕnahira paḷāta
LK-51 Maḍakalapuva
LK-52 Ampāara
LK-53 Trikuṇāmalaya
LK-6 Vayamba paḷāta
LK-61 Kuruṇægala
LK-62 Puttalama
LK-7 Uturumæ̆da paḷāta
LK-71 Anurādhapura
LK-72 Pŏḷŏnnaruva
LK-8 Ūva paḷāta
LK-81 Badulla
LK-82 Mŏṇarāgala
LK-9 Sabaragamuva paḷāta
LK-91 Ratnapura
LK-92 Kægalla
LR Liberia
LR-BG Bong
LR-BM Bomi
LR-CM Grand Cape Mount
LR-GB Grand Bassa
LR-GG Grand Gedeh
LR-GK Grand Kru
LR-LO Lofa
LR-MG Margibi
LR-MO Montserrado
LR-MY Maryland
LR-NI Nimba
LR-RI Rivercess
LR-SI Sinoe
LS Lesotho
LS-A Maseru
LS-B Butha-Buthe
LS-C Leribe
LS-D Berea
LS-E Mafeteng
LS-F Mohale's Hoek
LS-G Quthing
LS-H Qacha's Nek
LS-J Mokhotlong
LS-K Thaba-Tseka
LT Lithuania
LT-AL Alytaus Apskritis
LT-KL Klaipėdos Apskritis
LT-KU Kauno Apskritis
LT-MR Marijampolės Apskritis
LT-PN Panevėžio Apskritis
LT-SA Šiaulių Apskritis
LT-TA Tauragés Apskritis
LT-TE Telšių Apskritis
LT-UT Utenos Apskritis
LT-VL Vilniaus Apskritis
LU Luxembourg
LU-D Diekirch
LU-G Grevenmacher
LU-L Luxembourg
LV Latvia
LV-AI Aizkraukle
LV-AL Alūksne
LV-BL Balvi
LV-BU Bauska
LV-CE Cēsis
LV-DA Daugavpils
LV-DGV Daugavpils
LV-DO Dobele
LV-GU Gulbene
LV-JEL Jelgava
LV-JK Jēkabpils
LV-JL Jelgava
LV-JUR Jūrmala
LV-KR Krāslava
LV-KU Kuldīga
LV-LE Liepāja
LV-LM Limbaži
LV-LPX Liepāja
LV-LU Ludza
LV-MA Madona
LV-OG Ogre
LV-PR Preiļi
LV-RE Rēzekne
LV-REZ Rēzekne
LV-RI Rīga
LV-SA Saldus
LV-TA Talsi
LV-TU Tukums
LV-VE Ventspils
LV-VEN Ventspils
LV-VK Valka
LV-VM Valmiera
LY Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
LY-BA Banghāzī
LY-BU Al Buţnān
LY-DR Darnah
LY-GT Ghāt
LY-JA Al Jabal al Akhḑar
LY-JB Jaghbūb
LY-JG Al Jabal al Gharbī
LY-JI Al Jifārah
LY-JU Al Jufrah
LY-KF Al Kufrah
LY-MB Al Marqab
LY-MI Mişrātah
LY-MJ Al Marj
LY-MQ Murzuq
LY-NL Nālūt
LY-NQ An Nuqaţ al Khams
LY-SB Sabhā
LY-SR Surt
LY-TB Ţarābulus
LY-WA Al Wāḩāt
LY-WD Wādī al Ḩayāt
LY-WS Wādī ash Shāţiʾ
LY-ZA Az Zāwiyah
MA Morocco
MA-01 Tanger-Tétouan
MA-CHE Chefchaouen
MA-FAH Fahs-Beni Makada
MA-LAR Larache
MA-TET Tétouan
MA-TNG Tanger-Assilah
MA-02 Gharb-Chrarda-Beni Hssen
MA-KEN Kénitra
MA-SIK Sidl Kacem
MA-03 Taza-Al Hoceima-Taounate
MA-HOC Al Hoceïma
MA-TAO Taounate
MA-04 L'Oriental
MA-BER Berkane
MA-FIG Figuig
MA-JRA Jrada
MA-NAD Nador
MA-OUJ Oujda-Angad
MA-TAI Taourirt
MA-05 Fès-Boulemane
MA-BOM Boulemane
MA-FES Fès-Dar-Dbibegh
MA-MOU Moulay Yacoub
MA-SEF Sefrou
MA-06 Meknès-Tafilalet
MA-ERR Errachidia
MA-HAJ El Hajeb
MA-IFR Ifrane
MA-KHN Khenifra
MA-MEK Meknès
MA-07 Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer
MA-KHE Khemisaet
MA-RAB Rabat
MA-SKH Skhirate-Témara
MA-08 Grand Casablanca
MA-CAS Casablanca [Dar el Beïda]
MA-MED Médiouna
MA-MOH Mohammadia
MA-NOU Nouaceur
MA-09 Chaouia-Ouardigha
MA-BES Ben Slimane
MA-KHO Khouribga
MA-SET Settat
MA-10 Doukhala-Abda
MA-JDI El Jadida
MA-11 Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz
MA-CHI Chichaoua
MA-ESI Essaouira
MA-HAO Al Haouz
MA-KES Kelaat es Sraghna
MA-MMD Marrakech-Medina
MA-MMN Marrakech-Menara
MA-SYB Sidi Youssef Ben Ali
MA-12 Tadla-Azilal
MA-AZI Azilal
MA-BEM Beni Mellal
MA-13 Sous-Massa-Draa
MA-AGD Agadir-Ida-Outanane
MA-CHT Chtouka-Ait Baha
MA-INE Inezgane-Ait Melloul
MA-OUA Ouarzazate
MA-TAR Taroudant
MA-TIZ Tiznit
MA-ZAG Zagora
MA-14 Guelmim-Es Smara
MA-ASZ Assa-Zag
MA-ESM Es Smara (EH)
MA-GUE Guelmim
MA-TNT Tan-Tan
MA-15 Laâyoune-Boujdour-Sakia el Hamra
MA-BOD Boujdour (EH)
MA-LAA Laâyoune (EH)
MA-16 Oued ed Dahab-Lagouira
MA-AOU Aousserd
MA-OUD Oued ed Dahab (EH)
MC Monaco
MC-MC Monaco
MD Moldova, Republic of
MD-AN Anenii Noi
MD-BA Bălți
MD-BD Tighina
MD-BR Briceni
MD-BS Basarabeasca
MD-CA Cahul
MD-CL Călărași
MD-CM Cimișlia
MD-CR Criuleni
MD-CS Căușeni
MD-CT Cantemir
MD-CU Chișinău
MD-DO Dondușeni
MD-DR Drochia
MD-DU Dubăsari
MD-ED Edineț
MD-FA Fălești
MD-FL Florești
MD-GA Găgăuzia, Unitatea teritorială autonomă
MD-GL Glodeni
MD-HI Hîncești
MD-IA Ialoveni
MD-LE Leova
MD-NI Nisporeni
MD-OC Ocnița
MD-OR Orhei
MD-RE Rezina
MD-RI Rîșcani
MD-SD Șoldănești
MD-SI Sîngerei
MD-SN Stînga Nistrului, unitatea teritorială din
MD-SO Soroca
MD-ST Strășeni
MD-SV Ștefan Vodă
MD-TA Taraclia
MD-TE Telenești
MD-UN Ungheni
ME Montenegro
ME-01 Andrijevica
ME-02 Bar
ME-03 Berane
ME-04 Bijelo Polje
ME-05 Budva
ME-06 Cetinje
ME-07 Danilovgrad
ME-08 Herceg-Novi
ME-09 Kolašin
ME-10 Kotor
ME-11 Mojkovac
ME-12 Nikšić
ME-13 Plav
ME-14 Pljevlja
ME-15 Plužine
ME-16 Podgorica
ME-17 Rožaje
ME-18 Šavnik
ME-19 Tivat
ME-20 Ulcinj
ME-21 Žabljak
MF Saint Martin (French part)
MF-MF Saint Martin (French part)
MG Madagascar
MG-A Toamasina
MG-D Antsiranana
MG-F Fianarantsoa
MG-M Mahajanga
MG-T Antananarivo
MG-U Toliara
MH Marshall Islands
MH-L Ralik chain
MH-ALL Ailinglaplap
MH-ENI Enewetak
MH-JAB Jabat
MH-JAL Jaluit
MH-KWA Kwajalein
MH-NMK Namdrik
MH-RON Rongelap
MH-WTN Wotho
MH-T Ratak chain
MH-ALK Ailuk
MH-LIK Likiep
MH-MAJ Majuro
MH-MAL Maloelap
MH-MEJ Mejit
MH-UTI Utirik
MH-WTJ Wotje
MK Macedonia, Republic of
MK-01 Aerodrom
MK-02 Aračinovo
MK-03 Berovo
MK-04 Bitola
MK-05 Bogdanci
MK-06 Bogovinje
MK-07 Bosilovo
MK-08 Brvenica
MK-09 Butel
MK-10 Valandovo
MK-11 Vasilevo
MK-12 Vevčani
MK-13 Veles
MK-14 Vinica
MK-15 Vraneštica
MK-16 Vrapčište
MK-17 Gazi Baba
MK-18 Gevgelija
MK-19 Gostivar
MK-20 Gradsko
MK-21 Debar
MK-22 Debarca
MK-23 Delčevo
MK-24 Demir Kapija
MK-25 Demir Hisar
MK-26 Dojran
MK-27 Dolneni
MK-28 Drugovo
MK-29 Gjorče Petrov
MK-30 Želino
MK-31 Zajas
MK-32 Zelenikovo
MK-33 Zrnovci
MK-34 Ilinden
MK-35 Jegunovce
MK-36 Kavadarci
MK-37 Karbinci
MK-38 Karpoš
MK-39 Kisela Voda
MK-40 Kičevo
MK-41 Konče
MK-42 Kočani
MK-43 Kratovo
MK-44 Kriva Palanka
MK-45 Krivogaštani
MK-46 Kruševo
MK-47 Kumanovo
MK-48 Lipkovo
MK-49 Lozovo
MK-50 Mavrovo-i-Rostuša
MK-51 Makedonska Kamenica
MK-52 Makedonski Brod
MK-53 Mogila
MK-54 Negotino
MK-55 Novaci
MK-56 Novo Selo
MK-57 Oslomej
MK-58 Ohrid
MK-59 Petrovec
MK-60 Pehčevo
MK-61 Plasnica
MK-62 Prilep
MK-63 Probištip
MK-64 Radoviš
MK-65 Rankovce
MK-66 Resen
MK-67 Rosoman
MK-68 Saraj
MK-69 Sveti Nikole
MK-70 Sopište
MK-71 Staro Nagoričane
MK-72 Struga
MK-73 Strumica
MK-74 Studeničani
MK-75 Tearce
MK-76 Tetovo
MK-77 Centar
MK-78 Centar Župa
MK-79 Čair
MK-80 Čaška
MK-81 Češinovo-Obleševo
MK-82 Čučer Sandevo
MK-83 Štip
MK-84 Šuto Orizari
ML Mali
ML-1 Kayes
ML-2 Koulikoro
ML-3 Sikasso
ML-4 Ségou
ML-5 Mopti
ML-6 Tombouctou
ML-7 Gao
ML-8 Kidal
ML-BK0 Bamako
MM Myanmar
MM-01 Sagaing
MM-02 Bago
MM-03 Magway
MM-04 Mandalay
MM-05 Tanintharyi
MM-06 Yangon
MM-07 Ayeyarwady
MM-11 Kachin
MM-12 Kayah
MM-13 Kayin
MM-14 Chin
MM-15 Mon
MM-16 Rakhine
MM-17 Shan
MN Mongolia
MN-035 Orhon
MN-037 Darhan uul
MN-039 Hentiy
MN-041 Hövsgöl
MN-043 Hovd
MN-046 Uvs
MN-047 Töv
MN-049 Selenge
MN-051 Sühbaatar
MN-053 Ömnögovi
MN-055 Övörhangay
MN-057 Dzavhan
MN-059 Dundgovi
MN-061 Dornod
MN-063 Dornogovi
MN-064 Govi-Sumber
MN-065 Govi-Altay
MN-067 Bulgan
MN-069 Bayanhongor
MN-071 Bayan-Ölgiy
MN-073 Arhangay
MN-1 Ulanbaatar
MO Macao
MO-MO Macao
MP Northern Mariana Islands
MP-MP Northern Mariana Islands
MQ Martinique
MQ-MQ Martinique
MR Mauritania
MR-01 Hodh ech Chargui
MR-02 Hodh el Charbi
MR-03 Assaba
MR-04 Gorgol
MR-05 Brakna
MR-06 Trarza
MR-07 Adrar
MR-08 Dakhlet Nouadhibou
MR-09 Tagant
MR-10 Guidimaka
MR-11 Tiris Zemmour
MR-12 Inchiri
MR-NKC Nouakchott
MS Montserrat
MS-MS Montserrat
MT Malta
MT-01 Attard
MT-02 Balzan
MT-03 Birgu
MT-04 Birkirkara
MT-05 Birżebbuġa
MT-06 Bormla
MT-07 Dingli
MT-08 Fgura
MT-09 Floriana
MT-10 Fontana
MT-11 Gudja
MT-12 Gżira
MT-13 Għajnsielem
MT-14 Għarb
MT-15 Għargħur
MT-16 Għasri
MT-17 Għaxaq
MT-18 Ħamrun
MT-19 Iklin
MT-20 Isla
MT-21 Kalkara
MT-22 Kerċem
MT-23 Kirkop
MT-24 Lija
MT-25 Luqa
MT-26 Marsa
MT-27 Marsaskala
MT-28 Marsaxlokk
MT-29 Mdina
MT-30 Mellieħa
MT-31 Mġarr
MT-32 Mosta
MT-33 Mqabba
MT-34 Msida
MT-35 Mtarfa
MT-36 Munxar
MT-37 Nadur
MT-38 Naxxar
MT-39 Paola
MT-40 Pembroke
MT-41 Pietà
MT-42 Qala
MT-43 Qormi
MT-44 Qrendi
MT-45 Rabat Għawdex
MT-46 Rabat Malta
MT-47 Safi
MT-48 San Ġiljan
MT-49 San Ġwann
MT-50 San Lawrenz
MT-51 San Pawl il-Baħar
MT-52 Sannat
MT-53 Santa Luċija
MT-54 Santa Venera
MT-55 Siġġiewi
MT-56 Sliema
MT-57 Swieqi
MT-58 Ta’ Xbiex
MT-59 Tarxien
MT-60 Valletta
MT-61 Xagħra
MT-62 Xewkija
MT-63 Xgħajra
MT-64 Żabbar
MT-65 Żebbuġ Għawdex
MT-66 Żebbuġ Malta
MT-67 Żejtun
MT-68 Żurrieq
MU Mauritius
MU-AG Agalega Islands
MU-BL Black River
MU-BR Beau Bassin-Rose Hill
MU-CC Cargados Carajos Shoals
MU-CU Curepipe
MU-FL Flacq
MU-GP Grand Port
MU-MO Moka
MU-PA Pamplemousses
MU-PL Port Louis
MU-PU Port Louis
MU-PW Plaines Wilhems
MU-QB Quatre Bornes
MU-RO Rodrigues Island
MU-RP Rivière du Rempart
MU-SA Savanne
MU-VP Vacoas-Phoenix
MV Maldives
MV-01 Seenu
MV-02 Alif
MV-03 Lhaviyani
MV-04 Vaavu
MV-05 Laamu
MV-07 Haa Alif
MV-08 Thaa
MV-12 Meemu
MV-13 Raa
MV-14 Faafu
MV-17 Dhaalu
MV-20 Baa
MV-23 Haa Dhaalu
MV-24 Shaviyani
MV-25 Noonu
MV-26 Kaafu
MV-27 Gaafu Aliff
MV-28 Gaafu Daalu
MV-29 Gnaviyani
MW Malawi
MW-C Central Region
MW-DE Dedza
MW-DO Dowa
MW-KS Kasungu
MW-LI Lilongwe
MW-MC Mchinji
MW-NI Ntchisi
MW-NK Nkhotakota
MW-NU Ntcheu
MW-SA Salima
MW-N Northern Region
MW-CT Chitipa
MW-KR Karonga
MW-LK Likoma
MW-MZ Mzimba
MW-NB Nkhata Bay
MW-NE Neno
MW-RU Rumphi
MW-S Southern Region
MW-BA Balaka
MW-BL Blantyre
MW-CK Chikwawa
MW-CR Chiradzulu
MW-MG Mangochi
MW-MH Machinga
MW-MU Mulanje
MW-MW Mwanza
MW-NS Nsanje
MW-PH Phalombe
MW-TH Thyolo
MW-ZO Zomba
MX Mexico
MX-AGU Aguascalientes
MX-BCN Baja California
MX-BCS Baja California Sur
MX-CAM Campeche
MX-CHH Chihuahua
MX-CHP Chiapas
MX-COA Coahuila
MX-COL Colima
MX-DIF Distrito Federal
MX-DUR Durango
MX-GRO Guerrero
MX-GUA Guanajuato
MX-HID Hidalgo
MX-JAL Jalisco
MX-MEX México
MX-MIC Michoacán
MX-MOR Morelos
MX-NAY Nayarit
MX-NLE Nuevo León
MX-OAX Oaxaca
MX-PUE Puebla
MX-QUE Querétaro
MX-ROO Quintana Roo
MX-SIN Sinaloa
MX-SLP San Luis Potosí
MX-SON Sonora
MX-TAB Tabasco
MX-TAM Tamaulipas
MX-TLA Tlaxcala
MX-VER Veracruz
MX-YUC Yucatán
MX-ZAC Zacatecas
MY Malaysia
MY-01 Johor
MY-02 Kedah
MY-03 Kelantan
MY-04 Melaka
MY-05 Negeri Sembilan
MY-06 Pahang
MY-07 Pulau Pinang
MY-08 Perak
MY-09 Perlis
MY-10 Selangor
MY-11 Terengganu
MY-12 Sabah
MY-13 Sarawak
MY-14 Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
MY-15 Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan
MY-16 Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya
MZ Mozambique
MZ-A Niassa
MZ-B Manica
MZ-G Gaza
MZ-I Inhambane
MZ-L Maputo
MZ-MPM Maputo (city)
MZ-N Numpula
MZ-P Cabo Delgado
MZ-Q Zambezia
MZ-S Sofala
MZ-T Tete
NA Namibia
NA-CA Caprivi
NA-ER Erongo
NA-HA Hardap
NA-KA Karas
NA-KH Khomas
NA-KU Kunene
NA-OD Otjozondjupa
NA-OH Omaheke
NA-OK Okavango
NA-ON Oshana
NA-OS Omusati
NA-OT Oshikoto
NA-OW Ohangwena
NC New Caledonia
NC-NC New Caledonia
NE Niger
NE-1 Agadez
NE-2 Diffa
NE-3 Dosso
NE-4 Maradi
NE-5 Tahoua
NE-6 Tillabéri
NE-7 Zinder
NE-8 Niamey
NF Norfolk Island
NF-NF Norfolk Island
NG Nigeria
NG-AB Abia
NG-AD Adamawa
NG-AK Akwa Ibom
NG-AN Anambra
NG-BA Bauchi
NG-BE Benue
NG-BO Borno
NG-BY Bayelsa
NG-CR Cross River
NG-DE Delta
NG-EB Ebonyi
NG-EK Ekiti
NG-EN Enugu
NG-FC Abuja Capital Territory
NG-GO Gombe
NG-JI Jigawa
NG-KD Kaduna
NG-KE Kebbi
NG-KN Kano
NG-KO Kogi
NG-KT Katsina
NG-KW Kwara
NG-LA Lagos
NG-NA Nassarawa
NG-NI Niger
NG-OG Ogun
NG-ON Ondo
NG-OS Osun
NG-PL Plateau
NG-RI Rivers
NG-SO Sokoto
NG-TA Taraba
NG-YO Yobe
NG-ZA Zamfara
NI Nicaragua
NI-AN Atlántico Norte
NI-AS Atlántico Sur
NI-BO Boaco
NI-CA Carazo
NI-CI Chinandega
NI-CO Chontales
NI-ES Estelí
NI-GR Granada
NI-JI Jinotega
NI-LE León
NI-MD Madriz
NI-MN Managua
NI-MS Masaya
NI-MT Matagalpa
NI-NS Nueva Segovia
NI-RI Rivas
NI-SJ Río San Juan
NL Netherlands
NL-DR Drenthe
NL-FL Flevoland
NL-FR Friesland
NL-GE Gelderland
NL-GR Groningen
NL-LI Limburg
NL-NB Noord-Brabant
NL-NH Noord-Holland
NL-OV Overijssel
NL-UT Utrecht
NL-ZE Zeeland
NL-ZH Zuid-Holland
NO Norway
NO-01 Østfold
NO-02 Akershus
NO-03 Oslo
NO-04 Hedmark
NO-05 Oppland
NO-06 Buskerud
NO-07 Vestfold
NO-08 Telemark
NO-09 Aust-Agder
NO-10 Vest-Agder
NO-11 Rogaland
NO-12 Hordaland
NO-14 Sogn og Fjordane
NO-15 Møre og Romsdal
NO-16 Sør-Trøndelag
NO-17 Nord-Trøndelag
NO-18 Nordland
NO-19 Troms
NO-20 Finnmark
NO-21 Svalbard
NO-22 Jan Mayen
NP Nepal
NP-1 Madhyamanchal
NP-BA Bagmati
NP-JA Janakpur
NP-NA Narayani
NP-2 Madhya Pashchimanchal
NP-BH Bheri
NP-KA Karnali
NP-RA Rapti
NP-3 Pashchimanchal
NP-DH Dhawalagiri
NP-GA Gandaki
NP-LU Lumbini
NP-4 Purwanchal
NP-KO Kosi
NP-ME Mechi
NP-SA Sagarmatha
NP-5 Sudur Pashchimanchal
NP-MA Mahakali
NP-SE Seti
NR Nauru
NR-01 Aiwo
NR-02 Anabar
NR-03 Anetan
NR-04 Anibare
NR-05 Baiti
NR-06 Boe
NR-07 Buada
NR-08 Denigomodu
NR-09 Ewa
NR-10 Ijuw
NR-11 Meneng
NR-12 Nibok
NR-13 Uaboe
NR-14 Yaren
NU Niue
NU-NU Niue
NZ New Zealand
NZ-CIT Chatham Islands Territory
NZ-N North Island
NZ-AUK Auckland
NZ-BOP Bay of Plenty
NZ-GIS Gisborne District
NZ-HKB Hawke's Bay
NZ-MWT Manawatu-Wanganui
NZ-NTL Northland
NZ-TKI Taranaki
NZ-WGN Wellington
NZ-WKO Waikato
NZ-S South Island
NZ-CAN Canterbury
NZ-MBH Marlborough District
NZ-NSN Nelson City
NZ-OTA Otago
NZ-STL Southland
NZ-TAS Tasman District
NZ-WTC West Coast
OM Oman
OM-BA Al Bāţinah
OM-BU Al Buraymī
OM-DA Ad Dākhilīya
OM-MA Masqaţ
OM-MU Musandam
OM-SH Ash Sharqīyah
OM-WU Al Wusţá
OM-ZA Az̧ Z̧āhirah
OM-ZU Z̧ufār
PA Panama
PA-1 Bocas del Toro
PA-2 Coclé
PA-3 Colón
PA-4 Chiriquí
PA-5 Darién
PA-6 Herrera
PA-7 Los Santos
PA-8 Panamá
PA-9 Veraguas
PA-EM Emberá
PA-KY Kuna Yala
PA-NB Ngöbe-Buglé
PE Peru
PE-AMA Amazonas
PE-ANC Ancash
PE-APU Apurímac
PE-ARE Arequipa
PE-AYA Ayacucho
PE-CAJ Cajamarca
PE-CAL El Callao
PE-CUS Cusco [Cuzco]
PE-HUC Huánuco
PE-HUV Huancavelica
PE-JUN Junín
PE-LAL La Libertad
PE-LAM Lambayeque
PE-LMA Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima
PE-LOR Loreto
PE-MDD Madre de Dios
PE-MOQ Moquegua
PE-PAS Pasco
PE-PIU Piura
PE-SAM San Martín
PE-TAC Tacna
PE-TUM Tumbes
PE-UCA Ucayali
PF French Polynesia
PF-PF French Polynesia
PG Papua New Guinea
PG-CPK Chimbu
PG-CPM Central
PG-EBR East New Britain
PG-EHG Eastern Highlands
PG-ESW East Sepik
PG-MBA Milne Bay
PG-MPL Morobe
PG-MPM Madang
PG-MRL Manus
PG-NCD National Capital District (Port Moresby)
PG-NIK New Ireland
PG-NPP Northern
PG-NSA North Solomons
PG-SAN Sandaun
PG-SHM Southern Highlands
PG-WBK West New Britain
PG-WHM Western Highlands
PG-WPD Western
PH Philippines
PH-00 National Capital Region
PH-01 Ilocos (Region I)
PH-ILN Ilocos Norte
PH-ILS Ilocos Sur
PH-LUN La Union
PH-PAN Pangasinan
PH-02 Cagayan Valley (Region II)
PH-BTN Batanes
PH-CAG Cagayan
PH-ISA Isabela
PH-NUV Nueva Vizcaya
PH-QUI Quirino
PH-03 Central Luzon (Region III)
PH-AUR Aurora
PH-BAN Batasn
PH-BUL Bulacan
PH-NUE Nueva Ecija
PH-PAM Pampanga
PH-TAR Tarlac
PH-ZMB Zambales
PH-05 Bicol (Region V)
PH-ALB Albay
PH-CAN Camarines Norte
PH-CAS Camarines Sur
PH-CAT Catanduanes
PH-MAS Masbate
PH-SOR Sorsogon
PH-06 Western Visayas (Region VI)
PH-AKL Aklan
PH-ANT Antique
PH-CAP Capiz
PH-GUI Guimaras
PH-ILI Iloilo
PH-NEC Negroe Occidental
PH-07 Central Visayas (Region VII)
PH-BOH Bohol
PH-NER Negros Oriental
PH-SIG Siquijor
PH-08 Eastern Visayas (Region VIII)
PH-BIL Biliran
PH-EAS Eastern Samar
PH-LEY Leyte
PH-NSA Northern Samar
PH-SLE Southern Leyte
PH-WSA Western Samar
PH-09 Zamboanga Peninsula (Region IX)
PH-BAS Basilan
PH-ZAN Zamboanga del Norte
PH-ZAS Zamboanga del Sur
PH-ZSI Zamboanga Sibugay
PH-10 Northern Mindanao (Region X)
PH-BUK Bukidnon
PH-CAM Camiguin
PH-MSC Misamis Occidental
PH-MSR Misamis Oriental
PH-11 Davao (Region XI)
PH-COM Compostela Valley
PH-DAO Davao Oriental
PH-DAS Davao del Sur
PH-DAV Davao del Norte
PH-SAR Sarangani
PH-SCO South Cotabato
PH-12 Soccsksargen (Region XII)
PH-LAN Lanao del Norte
PH-NCO North Cotabato
PH-SUK Sultan Kudarat
PH-13 Caraga (Region XIII)
PH-AGN Agusan del Norte
PH-AGS Agusan del Sur
PH-DIN Dinagat Islands
PH-SUN Surigao del Norte
PH-SUR Surigao del Sur
PH-14 Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)
PH-LAS Lanao del Sur
PH-MAG Maguindanao
PH-TAW Tawi-Tawi
PH-15 Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)
PH-APA Apayao
PH-BEN Benguet
PH-IFU Ifugao
PH-KAL Kalinga-Apayso
PH-MOU Mountain Province
PH-BTG Batangas
PH-CAV Cavite
PH-LAG Laguna
PH-QUE Quezon
PH-RIZ Rizal
PH-41 MIMAROPA (Region IV-B)
PH-MAD Marinduque
PH-MDC Mindoro Occidental
PH-MDR Mindoro Oriental
PH-PLW Palawan
PH-ROM Romblon
PK Pakistan
PK-BA Balochistan
PK-IS Islamabad
PK-JK Azad Kashmir
PK-NA Northern Areas
PK-NW North-West Frontier
PK-PB Punjab
PK-SD Sindh
PK-TA Federally Administered Tribal Areas
PL Poland
PL-DS Dolnośląskie
PL-KP Kujawsko-pomorskie
PL-LB Lubuskie
PL-LD Łódzkie
PL-LU Lubelskie
PL-MA Małopolskie
PL-MZ Mazowieckie
PL-OP Opolskie
PL-PD Podlaskie
PL-PK Podkarpackie
PL-PM Pomorskie
PL-SK Świętokrzyskie
PL-SL Śląskie
PL-WN Warmińsko-mazurskie
PL-WP Wielkopolskie
PL-ZP Zachodniopomorskie
PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon
PM-PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon
PN Pitcairn
PN-PN Pitcairn
PR Puerto Rico
PR-PR Puerto Rico
PS Palestinian Territory, Occupied
PS-PS Palestinian Territory, Occupied
PT Portugal
PT-01 Aveiro
PT-02 Beja
PT-03 Braga
PT-04 Bragança
PT-05 Castelo Branco
PT-06 Coimbra
PT-07 Évora
PT-08 Faro
PT-09 Guarda
PT-10 Leiria
PT-11 Lisboa
PT-12 Portalegre
PT-13 Porto
PT-14 Santarém
PT-15 Setúbal
PT-16 Viana do Castelo
PT-17 Vila Real
PT-18 Viseu
PT-20 Região Autónoma dos Açores
PT-30 Região Autónoma da Madeira
PW Palau
PW-002 Aimeliik
PW-004 Airai
PW-010 Angaur
PW-050 Hatobohei
PW-100 Kayangel
PW-150 Koror
PW-212 Melekeok
PW-214 Ngaraard
PW-218 Ngarchelong
PW-222 Ngardmau
PW-224 Ngatpang
PW-226 Ngchesar
PW-227 Ngeremlengui
PW-228 Ngiwal
PW-350 Peleliu
PW-370 Sonsorol
PY Paraguay
PY-1 Concepción
PY-10 Alto Paraná
PY-11 Central
PY-12 Ñeembucú
PY-13 Amambay
PY-14 Canindeyú
PY-15 Presidente Hayes
PY-16 Alto Paraguay
PY-19 Boquerón
PY-2 San Pedro
PY-3 Cordillera
PY-4 Guairá
PY-5 Caaguazú
PY-6 Caazapá
PY-7 Itapúa
PY-8 Misiones
PY-9 Paraguarí
PY-ASU Asunción
QA Qatar
QA-DA Ad Dawhah
QA-GH Al Ghuwayriyah
QA-JB Jariyan al Batnah
QA-JU Al Jumayliyah
QA-KH Al Khawr
QA-MS Madinat ash Shamal
QA-RA Ar Rayyan
QA-US Umm Salal
QA-WA Al Wakrah
RE Reunion
RE-RE Reunion
RO Romania
RO-AB Alba
RO-AG Argeș
RO-AR Arad
RO-B București
RO-BC Bacău
RO-BH Bihor
RO-BN Bistrița-Năsăud
RO-BR Brăila
RO-BT Botoșani
RO-BV Brașov
RO-BZ Buzău
RO-CJ Cluj
RO-CL Călărași
RO-CS Caraș-Severin
RO-CT Constanța
RO-CV Covasna
RO-DB Dâmbovița
RO-DJ Dolj
RO-GJ Gorj
RO-GL Galați
RO-GR Giurgiu
RO-HD Hunedoara
RO-HR Harghita
RO-IF Ilfov
RO-IL Ialomița
RO-IS Iași
RO-MH Mehedinți
RO-MM Maramureș
RO-MS Mureș
RO-NT Neamț
RO-PH Prahova
RO-SB Sibiu
RO-SJ Sălaj
RO-SM Satu Mare
RO-SV Suceava
RO-TL Tulcea
RO-TM Timiș
RO-TR Teleorman
RO-VL Vâlcea
RO-VN Vrancea
RO-VS Vaslui
RS Serbia
RS-00 Beograd
RS-08 Mačvanski okrug
RS-09 Kolubarski okrug
RS-10 Podunavski okrug
RS-11 Braničevski okrug
RS-12 Šumadijski okrug
RS-13 Pomoravski okrug
RS-14 Borski okrug
RS-15 Zaječarski okrug
RS-16 Zlatiborski okrug
RS-17 Moravički okrug
RS-18 Raški okrug
RS-19 Rasinski okrug
RS-20 Nišavski okrug
RS-21 Toplički okrug
RS-22 Pirotski okrug
RS-23 Jablanički okrug
RS-24 Pčinjski okrug
RS-KM Kosovo-Metohija
RS-25 Kosovski okrug
RS-26 Pećki okrug
RS-27 Prizrenski okrug
RS-28 Kosovsko-Mitrovački okrug
RS-29 Kosovsko-Pomoravski okrug
RS-VO Vojvodina
RS-01 Severnobački okrug
RS-02 Srednjebanatski okrug
RS-03 Severnobanatski okrug
RS-04 Južnobanatski okrug
RS-05 Zapadnobački okrug
RS-06 Južnobački okrug
RS-07 Sremski okrug
RU Russian Federation
RU-AD Adygeya, Respublika
RU-AL Altay, Respublika
RU-ALT Altayskiy kray
RU-AMU Amurskaya oblast'
RU-ARK Arkhangel'skaya oblast'
RU-AST Astrakhanskaya oblast'
RU-BA Bashkortostan, Respublika
RU-BEL Belgorodskaya oblast'
RU-BRY Bryanskaya oblast'
RU-BU Buryatiya, Respublika
RU-CE Chechenskaya Respublika
RU-CHE Chelyabinskaya oblast'
RU-CHU Chukotskiy avtonomnyy okrug
RU-CU Chuvashskaya Respublika
RU-DA Dagestan, Respublika
RU-IN Respublika Ingushetiya
RU-IRK Irkutiskaya oblast'
RU-IVA Ivanovskaya oblast'
RU-KAM Kamchatskiy kray
RU-KB Kabardino-Balkarskaya Respublika
RU-KC Karachayevo-Cherkesskaya Respublika
RU-KDA Krasnodarskiy kray
RU-KEM Kemerovskaya oblast'
RU-KGD Kaliningradskaya oblast'
RU-KGN Kurganskaya oblast'
RU-KHA Khabarovskiy kray
RU-KHM Khanty-Mansiysky avtonomnyy okrug-Yugra
RU-KIR Kirovskaya oblast'
RU-KK Khakasiya, Respublika
RU-KL Kalmykiya, Respublika
RU-KLU Kaluzhskaya oblast'
RU-KO Komi, Respublika
RU-KOS Kostromskaya oblast'
RU-KR Kareliya, Respublika
RU-KRS Kurskaya oblast'
RU-KYA Krasnoyarskiy kray
RU-LEN Leningradskaya oblast'
RU-LIP Lipetskaya oblast'
RU-MAG Magadanskaya oblast'
RU-ME Mariy El, Respublika
RU-MO Mordoviya, Respublika
RU-MOS Moskovskaya oblast'
RU-MOW Moskva
RU-MUR Murmanskaya oblast'
RU-NEN Nenetskiy avtonomnyy okrug
RU-NGR Novgorodskaya oblast'
RU-NIZ Nizhegorodskaya oblast'
RU-NVS Novosibirskaya oblast'
RU-OMS Omskaya oblast'
RU-ORE Orenburgskaya oblast'
RU-ORL Orlovskaya oblast'
RU-PER Permskiy kray
RU-PNZ Penzenskaya oblast'
RU-PRI Primorskiy kray
RU-PSK Pskovskaya oblast'
RU-ROS Rostovskaya oblast'
RU-RYA Ryazanskaya oblast'
RU-SA Sakha, Respublika [Yakutiya]
RU-SAK Sakhalinskaya oblast'
RU-SAM Samaraskaya oblast'
RU-SAR Saratovskaya oblast'
RU-SE Severnaya Osetiya-Alaniya, Respublika
RU-SMO Smolenskaya oblast'
RU-SPE Sankt-Peterburg
RU-STA Stavropol'skiy kray
RU-SVE Sverdlovskaya oblast'
RU-TA Tatarstan, Respublika
RU-TAM Tambovskaya oblast'
RU-TOM Tomskaya oblast'
RU-TUL Tul'skaya oblast'
RU-TVE Tverskaya oblast'
RU-TY Tyva, Respublika [Tuva]
RU-TYU Tyumenskaya oblast'
RU-UD Udmurtskaya Respublika
RU-ULY Ul'yanovskaya oblast'
RU-VGG Volgogradskaya oblast'
RU-VLA Vladimirskaya oblast'
RU-VLG Vologodskaya oblast'
RU-VOR Voronezhskaya oblast'
RU-YAN Yamalo-Nenetskiy avtonomnyy okrug
RU-YAR Yaroslavskaya oblast'
RU-YEV Yevreyskaya avtonomnaya oblast'
RU-ZAB Zabajkal'skij kraj
RW Rwanda
RW-01 Ville de Kigali
RW-02 Est
RW-03 Nord
RW-04 Ouest
RW-05 Sud
SA Saudi Arabia
SA-01 Ar Riyāḍ
SA-02 Makkah
SA-03 Al Madīnah
SA-04 Ash Sharqīyah
SA-05 Al Qaşīm
SA-06 Ḥā'il
SA-07 Tabūk
SA-08 Al Ḥudūd ash Shamāliyah
SA-09 Jīzan
SA-10 Najrān
SA-11 Al Bāhah
SA-12 Al Jawf
SA-14 `Asīr
SB Solomon Islands
SB-CE Central
SB-CH Choiseul
SB-CT Capital Territory (Honiara)
SB-GU Guadalcanal
SB-IS Isabel
SB-MK Makira
SB-ML Malaita
SB-RB Rennell and Bellona
SB-TE Temotu
SB-WE Western
SC Seychelles
SC-01 Anse aux Pins
SC-02 Anse Boileau
SC-03 Anse Etoile
SC-04 Anse Louis
SC-05 Anse Royale
SC-06 Baie Lazare
SC-07 Baie Sainte Anne
SC-08 Beau Vallon
SC-09 Bel Air
SC-10 Bel Ombre
SC-11 Cascade
SC-12 Glacis
SC-13 Grand Anse Mahe
SC-14 Grand Anse Praslin
SC-15 La Digue
SC-16 English River
SC-17 Mont Buxton
SC-18 Mont Fleuri
SC-19 Plaisance
SC-20 Pointe Larue
SC-21 Port Glaud
SC-22 Saint Louis
SC-23 Takamaka
SC-24 Les Mamelles
SC-25 Roche Caiman
SD Sudan
SD-01 Ash Shamālīyah
SD-02 Shamāl Dārfūr
SD-03 Al Kharţūm
SD-04 An Nīl
SD-05 Kassalā
SD-06 Al Qaḑārif
SD-07 Al Jazīrah
SD-08 An Nīl al Abyaḑ
SD-09 Shamāl Kurdufān
SD-11 Janūb Dārfūr
SD-12 Gharb Dārfūr
SD-13 Janūb Kurdufān
SD-14 Gharb Baḩr al Ghazāl
SD-15 Shamāl Baḩr al Ghazāl
SD-16 Gharb al Istiwā'īyah
SD-17 Baḩr al Jabal
SD-18 Al Buḩayrāt
SD-19 Sharq al Istiwā'īyah
SD-20 Jūnqalī
SD-21 Wārāb
SD-22 Al Waḩdah
SD-23 A‘ālī an Nīl
SD-24 An Nīl al Azraq
SD-25 Sinnār
SD-26 Al Baḩr al Aḩmar
SE Sweden
SE-AB Stockholms län
SE-AC Västerbottens län
SE-BD Norrbottens län
SE-C Uppsala län
SE-D Södermanlands län
SE-E Östergötlands län
SE-F Jönköpings län
SE-G Kronobergs län
SE-H Kalmar län
SE-I Gotlands län
SE-K Blekinge län
SE-M Skåne län
SE-N Hallands län
SE-O Västra Götalands län
SE-S Värmlands län
SE-T Örebro län
SE-U Västmanlands län
SE-W Dalarnas län
SE-X Gävleborgs län
SE-Y Västernorrlands län
SE-Z Jämtlande län
SG Singapore
SG-01 Central Singapore
SG-02 North East
SG-03 North West
SG-04 South East
SG-05 South West
SH Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
SH-SH Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
SI Slovenia
SI-001 Ajdovščina
SI-002 Beltinci
SI-003 Bled
SI-004 Bohinj
SI-005 Borovnica
SI-006 Bovec
SI-007 Brda
SI-008 Brezovica
SI-009 Brežice
SI-010 Tišina
SI-011 Celje
SI-012 Cerklje na Gorenjskem
SI-013 Cerknica
SI-014 Cerkno
SI-015 Črenšovci
SI-016 Črna na Koroškem
SI-017 Črnomelj
SI-018 Destrnik
SI-019 Divača
SI-020 Dobrepolje
SI-021 Dobrova-Polhov Gradec
SI-022 Dol pri Ljubljani
SI-023 Domžale
SI-024 Dornava
SI-025 Dravograd
SI-026 Duplek
SI-027 Gorenja vas-Poljane
SI-028 Gorišnica
SI-029 Gornja Radgona
SI-030 Gornji Grad
SI-031 Gornji Petrovci
SI-032 Grosuplje
SI-033 Šalovci
SI-034 Hrastnik
SI-035 Hrpelje-Kozina
SI-036 Idrija
SI-037 Ig
SI-038 Ilirska Bistrica
SI-039 Ivančna Gorica
SI-040 Izola/Isola
SI-041 Jesenice
SI-042 Juršinci
SI-043 Kamnik
SI-044 Kanal
SI-045 Kidričevo
SI-046 Kobarid
SI-047 Kobilje
SI-048 Kočevje
SI-049 Komen
SI-050 Koper/Capodistria
SI-051 Kozje
SI-052 Kranj
SI-053 Kranjska Gora
SI-054 Krško
SI-055 Kungota
SI-056 Kuzma
SI-057 Laško
SI-058 Lenart
SI-059 Lendava/Lendva
SI-060 Litija
SI-061 Ljubljana
SI-062 Ljubno
SI-063 Ljutomer
SI-064 Logatec
SI-065 Loška dolina
SI-066 Loški Potok
SI-067 Luče
SI-068 Lukovica
SI-069 Majšperk
SI-070 Maribor
SI-071 Medvode
SI-072 Mengeš
SI-073 Metlika
SI-074 Mežica
SI-075 Miren-Kostanjevica
SI-076 Mislinja
SI-077 Moravče
SI-078 Moravske Toplice
SI-079 Mozirje
SI-080 Murska Sobota
SI-081 Muta
SI-082 Naklo
SI-083 Nazarje
SI-084 Nova Gorica
SI-085 Novo mesto
SI-086 Odranci
SI-087 Ormož
SI-088 Osilnica
SI-089 Pesnica
SI-090 Piran/Pirano
SI-091 Pivka
SI-092 Podčetrtek
SI-093 Podvelka
SI-094 Postojna
SI-095 Preddvor
SI-096 Ptuj
SI-097 Puconci
SI-098 Rače-Fram
SI-099 Radeče
SI-100 Radenci
SI-101 Radlje ob Dravi
SI-102 Radovljica
SI-103 Ravne na Koroškem
SI-104 Ribnica
SI-105 Rogašovci
SI-106 Rogaška Slatina
SI-107 Rogatec
SI-108 Ruše
SI-109 Semič
SI-110 Sevnica
SI-111 Sežana
SI-112 Slovenj Gradec
SI-113 Slovenska Bistrica
SI-114 Slovenske Konjice
SI-115 Starče
SI-116 Sveti Jurij
SI-117 Šenčur
SI-118 Šentilj
SI-119 Šentjernej
SI-120 Šentjur
SI-121 Škocjan
SI-122 Škofja Loka
SI-123 Škofljica
SI-124 Šmarje pri Jelšah
SI-125 Šmartno ob Paki
SI-126 Šoštanj
SI-127 Štore
SI-128 Tolmin
SI-129 Trbovlje
SI-130 Trebnje
SI-131 Tržič
SI-132 Turnišče
SI-133 Velenje
SI-134 Velike Lašče
SI-135 Videm
SI-136 Vipava
SI-137 Vitanje
SI-138 Vodice
SI-139 Vojnik
SI-140 Vrhnika
SI-141 Vuzenica
SI-142 Zagorje ob Savi
SI-143 Zavrč
SI-144 Zreče
SI-146 Železniki
SI-147 Žiri
SI-148 Benedikt
SI-149 Bistrica ob Sotli
SI-150 Bloke
SI-151 Braslovče
SI-152 Cankova
SI-153 Cerkvenjak
SI-154 Dobje
SI-155 Dobrna
SI-156 Dobrovnik/Dobronak
SI-157 Dolenjske Toplice
SI-158 Grad
SI-159 Hajdina
SI-160 Hoče-Slivnica
SI-161 Hodoš/Hodos
SI-162 Horjul
SI-163 Jezersko
SI-164 Komenda
SI-165 Kostel
SI-166 Križevci
SI-167 Lovrenc na Pohorju
SI-168 Markovci
SI-169 Miklavž na Dravskem polju
SI-170 Mirna Peč
SI-171 Oplotnica
SI-172 Podlehnik
SI-173 Polzela
SI-174 Prebold
SI-175 Prevalje
SI-176 Razkrižje
SI-177 Ribnica na Pohorju
SI-178 Selnica ob Dravi
SI-179 Sodražica
SI-180 Solčava
SI-181 Sveta Ana
SI-182 Sveta Andraž v Slovenskih Goricah
SI-183 Šempeter-Vrtojba
SI-184 Tabor
SI-185 Trnovska vas
SI-186 Trzin
SI-187 Velika Polana
SI-188 Veržej
SI-189 Vransko
SI-190 Žalec
SI-191 Žetale
SI-192 Žirovnica
SI-193 Žužemberk
SI-194 Šmartno pri Litiji
SI-195 Apače
SI-196 Cirkulane
SI-197 Kosanjevica na Krki
SI-198 Makole
SI-199 Mokronog-Trebelno
SI-200 Poljčane
SI-201 Renče-Vogrsko
SI-202 Središče ob Dravi
SI-203 Straža
SI-204 Sveta Trojica v Slovenskih Goricah
SI-205 Sveti Tomaž
SI-206 Šmarjeske Topliče
SI-207 Gorje
SI-208 Log-Dragomer
SI-209 Rečica ob Savinji
SI-210 Sveti Jurij v Slovenskih Goricah
SI-211 Šentrupert
SJ Svalbard and Jan Mayen
SJ-SJ Svalbard and Jan Mayen
SK Slovakia
SK-BC Banskobystrický kraj
SK-BL Bratislavský kraj
SK-KI Košický kraj
SK-NI Nitriansky kraj
SK-PV Prešovský kraj
SK-TA Trnavský kraj
SK-TC Trenčiansky kraj
SK-ZI Žilinský kraj
SL Sierra Leone
SL-E Eastern
SL-N Northern
SL-S Southern (Sierra Leone)
SL-W Western Area (Freetown)
SM San Marino
SM-01 Acquaviva
SM-02 Chiesanuova
SM-03 Domagnano
SM-04 Faetano
SM-05 Fiorentino
SM-06 Borgo Maggiore
SM-07 San Marino
SM-08 Montegiardino
SM-09 Serravalle
SN Senegal
SN-DB Diourbel
SN-DK Dakar
SN-FK Fatick
SN-KA Kaffrine
SN-KD Kolda
SN-KE Kédougou
SN-KL Kaolack
SN-LG Louga
SN-MT Matam
SN-SE Sédhiou
SN-SL Saint-Louis
SN-TC Tambacounda
SN-TH Thiès
SN-ZG Ziguinchor
SO Somalia
SO-AW Awdal
SO-BK Bakool
SO-BN Banaadir
SO-BR Bari
SO-GA Galguduud
SO-GE Gedo
SO-HI Hiirsan
SO-JD Jubbada Dhexe
SO-JH Jubbada Hoose
SO-MU Mudug
SO-NU Nugaal
SO-SA Saneag
SO-SD Shabeellaha Dhexe
SO-SH Shabeellaha Hoose
SO-SO Sool
SO-TO Togdheer
SO-WO Woqooyi Galbeed
SR Suriname
SR-BR Brokopondo
SR-CM Commewijne
SR-CR Coronie
SR-MA Marowijne
SR-NI Nickerie
SR-PM Paramaribo
SR-PR Para
SR-SA Saramacca
SR-SI Sipaliwini
SR-WA Wanica
SS South Sudan
SS-SS South Sudan
ST Sao Tome and Principe
ST-P Príncipe
ST-S São Tomé
SV El Salvador
SV-AH Ahuachapán
SV-CA Cabañas
SV-CH Chalatenango
SV-CU Cuscatlán
SV-LI La Libertad
SV-MO Morazán
SV-PA La Paz
SV-SA Santa Ana
SV-SM San Miguel
SV-SO Sonsonate
SV-SS San Salvador
SV-SV San Vicente
SV-UN La Unión
SV-US Usulután
SX Sint Maarten
SX-SX Sint Maarten
SY Syrian Arab Republic
SY-DI Dimashq
SY-DR Dar'a
SY-DY Dayr az Zawr
SY-HA Al Hasakah
SY-HI Homs
SY-HL Halab
SY-HM Hamah
SY-ID Idlib
SY-LA Al Ladhiqiyah
SY-QU Al Qunaytirah
SY-RA Ar Raqqah
SY-RD Rif Dimashq
SY-SU As Suwayda'
SY-TA Tartus
SZ Swaziland
SZ-HH Hhohho
SZ-LU Lubombo
SZ-MA Manzini
SZ-SH Shiselweni
TC Turks and Caicos Islands
TC-TC Turks and Caicos Islands
TD Chad
TD-BA Al Baṭḩah
TD-BG Baḩr al Ghazāl
TD-BO Būrkū
TD-CB Shārī Bāqirmī
TD-EN Innīdī
TD-GR Qīrā
TD-HL Ḥajjar Lamīs
TD-KA Kānim
TD-LC Al Buḩayrah
TD-LO Lūqūn al Gharbī
TD-LR Lūqūn ash Sharqī
TD-MA Māndūl
TD-MC Shārī al Awsaṭ
TD-ME Māyū Kībbī ash Sharqī
TD-MO Māyū Kībbī al Gharbī
TD-ND Madīnat Injamīnā
TD-OD Waddāy
TD-SA Salāmāt
TD-SI Sīlā
TD-TA Tānjilī
TD-TI Tibastī
TD-WF Wādī Fīrā
TF French Southern Territories
TF-TF French Southern Territories
TG Togo
TG-C Région du Centre
TG-K Région de la Kara
TG-M Région Maritime
TG-P Région des Plateaux
TG-S Région des Savannes
TH Thailand
TH-10 Krung Thep Maha Nakhon Bangkok
TH-11 Samut Prakan
TH-12 Nonthaburi
TH-13 Pathum Thani
TH-14 Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya
TH-15 Ang Thong
TH-16 Lop Buri
TH-17 Sing Buri
TH-18 Chai Nat
TH-19 Saraburi
TH-20 Chon Buri
TH-21 Rayong
TH-22 Chanthaburi
TH-23 Trat
TH-24 Chachoengsao
TH-25 Prachin Buri
TH-26 Nakhon Nayok
TH-27 Sa Kaeo
TH-30 Nakhon Ratchasima
TH-31 Buri Ram
TH-32 Surin
TH-33 Si Sa Ket
TH-34 Ubon Ratchathani
TH-35 Yasothon
TH-36 Chaiyaphum
TH-37 Amnat Charoen
TH-39 Nong Bua Lam Phu
TH-40 Khon Kaen
TH-41 Udon Thani
TH-42 Loei
TH-43 Nong Khai
TH-44 Maha Sarakham
TH-45 Roi Et
TH-46 Kalasin
TH-47 Sakon Nakhon
TH-48 Nakhon Phanom
TH-49 Mukdahan
TH-50 Chiang Mai
TH-51 Lamphun
TH-52 Lampang
TH-53 Uttaradit
TH-54 Phrae
TH-55 Nan
TH-56 Phayao
TH-57 Chiang Rai
TH-58 Mae Hong Son
TH-60 Nakhon Sawan
TH-61 Uthai Thani
TH-62 Kamphaeng Phet
TH-63 Tak
TH-64 Sukhothai
TH-65 Phitsanulok
TH-66 Phichit
TH-67 Phetchabun
TH-70 Ratchaburi
TH-71 Kanchanaburi
TH-72 Suphan Buri
TH-73 Nakhon Pathom
TH-74 Samut Sakhon
TH-75 Samut Songkhram
TH-76 Phetchaburi
TH-77 Prachuap Khiri Khan
TH-80 Nakhon Si Thammarat
TH-81 Krabi
TH-82 Phangnga
TH-83 Phuket
TH-84 Surat Thani
TH-85 Ranong
TH-86 Chumphon
TH-90 Songkhla
TH-91 Satun
TH-92 Trang
TH-93 Phatthalung
TH-94 Pattani
TH-95 Yala
TH-96 Narathiwat
TH-S Phatthaya
TJ Tajikistan
TJ-GB Gorno-Badakhshan
TJ-KT Khatlon
TJ-SU Sughd
TK Tokelau
TK-TK Tokelau
TL Timor-Leste
TL-AL Aileu
TL-AN Ainaro
TL-BA Baucau
TL-BO Bobonaro
TL-CO Cova Lima
TL-DI Dili
TL-ER Ermera
TL-LA Lautem
TL-LI Liquiça
TL-MF Manufahi
TL-MT Manatuto
TL-OE Oecussi
TL-VI Viqueque
TM Turkmenistan
TM-A Ahal
TM-B Balkan
TM-D Daşoguz
TM-L Lebap
TM-M Mary
TM-S Aşgabat
TN Tunisia
TN-11 Tunis
TN-12 L'Ariana
TN-13 Ben Arous
TN-14 La Manouba
TN-21 Nabeul
TN-22 Zaghouan
TN-23 Bizerte
TN-31 Béja
TN-32 Jendouba
TN-33 Le Kef
TN-34 Siliana
TN-41 Kairouan
TN-42 Kasserine
TN-43 Sidi Bouzid
TN-51 Sousse
TN-52 Monastir
TN-53 Mahdia
TN-61 Sfax
TN-71 Gafsa
TN-72 Tozeur
TN-73 Kebili
TN-81 Gabès
TN-82 Medenine
TN-83 Tataouine
TO Tonga
TO-01 'Eua
TO-02 Ha'apai
TO-03 Niuas
TO-04 Tongatapu
TO-05 Vava'u
TR Turkey
TR-01 Adana
TR-02 Adıyaman
TR-03 Afyon
TR-04 Ağrı
TR-05 Amasya
TR-06 Ankara
TR-07 Antalya
TR-08 Artvin
TR-09 Aydın
TR-10 Balıkesir
TR-11 Bilecik
TR-12 Bingöl
TR-13 Bitlis
TR-14 Bolu
TR-15 Burdur
TR-16 Bursa
TR-17 Çanakkale
TR-18 Çankırı
TR-19 Çorum
TR-20 Denizli
TR-21 Diyarbakır
TR-22 Edirne
TR-23 Elazığ
TR-24 Erzincan
TR-25 Erzurum
TR-26 Eskişehir
TR-27 Gaziantep
TR-28 Giresun
TR-29 Gümüşhane
TR-30 Hakkâri
TR-31 Hatay
TR-32 Isparta
TR-33 İçel
TR-34 İstanbul
TR-35 İzmir
TR-36 Kars
TR-37 Kastamonu
TR-38 Kayseri
TR-39 Kırklareli
TR-40 Kırşehir
TR-41 Kocaeli
TR-42 Konya
TR-43 Kütahya
TR-44 Malatya
TR-45 Manisa
TR-46 Kahramanmaraş
TR-47 Mardin
TR-48 Muğla
TR-49 Muş
TR-50 Nevşehir
TR-51 Niğde
TR-52 Ordu
TR-53 Rize
TR-54 Sakarya
TR-55 Samsun
TR-56 Siirt
TR-57 Sinop
TR-58 Sivas
TR-59 Tekirdağ
TR-60 Tokat
TR-61 Trabzon
TR-62 Tunceli
TR-63 Şanlıurfa
TR-64 Uşak
TR-65 Van
TR-66 Yozgat
TR-67 Zonguldak
TR-68 Aksaray
TR-69 Bayburt
TR-70 Karaman
TR-71 Kırıkkale
TR-72 Batman
TR-73 Şırnak
TR-74 Bartın
TR-75 Ardahan
TR-76 Iğdır
TR-77 Yalova
TR-78 Karabük
TR-79 Kilis
TR-80 Osmaniye
TR-81 Düzce
TT Trinidad and Tobago
TT-ARI Arima
TT-CHA Chaguanas
TT-CTT Couva-Tabaquite-Talparo
TT-DMN Diego Martin
TT-ETO Eastern Tobago
TT-PED Penal-Debe
TT-POS Port of Spain
TT-PRT Princes Town
TT-PTF Point Fortin
TT-RCM Rio Claro-Mayaro
TT-SFO San Fernando
TT-SGE Sangre Grande
TT-SIP Siparia
TT-SJL San Juan-Laventille
TT-TUP Tunapuna-Piarco
TT-WTO Western Tobago
TV Tuvalu
TV-FUN Funafuti
TV-NIT Niutao
TV-NKF Nukufetau
TV-NKL Nukulaelae
TV-NMA Nanumea
TV-NMG Nanumanga
TV-VAI Vaitupu
TW Taiwan
TW-CHA Changhua
TW-CYI Chiay City
TW-CYQ Chiayi
TW-HSQ Hsinchu
TW-HSZ Hsinchui City
TW-HUA Hualien
TW-KEE Keelung City
TW-KHH Kaohsiung City
TW-KHQ Kaohsiung
TW-MIA Miaoli
TW-NAN Nantou
TW-PEN Penghu
TW-PIF Pingtung
TW-TAO Taoyuan
TW-TNN Tainan City
TW-TNQ Tainan
TW-TPE Taipei City
TW-TPQ Taipei
TW-TTT Taitung
TW-TXG Taichung City
TW-TXQ Taichung
TW-YUN Yunlin
TZ Tanzania, United Republic of
TZ-01 Arusha
TZ-02 Dar-es-Salaam
TZ-03 Dodoma
TZ-04 Iringa
TZ-05 Kagera
TZ-06 Kaskazini Pemba
TZ-07 Kaskazini Unguja
TZ-08 Kigoma
TZ-09 Kilimanjaro
TZ-10 Kusini Pemba
TZ-11 Kusini Unguja
TZ-12 Lindi
TZ-13 Mara
TZ-14 Mbeya
TZ-15 Mjini Magharibi
TZ-16 Morogoro
TZ-17 Mtwara
TZ-18 Mwanza
TZ-19 Pwani
TZ-20 Rukwa
TZ-21 Ruvuma
TZ-22 Shinyanga
TZ-23 Singida
TZ-24 Tabora
TZ-25 Tanga
TZ-26 Manyara
UA Ukraine
UA-05 Vinnyts'ka Oblast'
UA-07 Volyns'ka Oblast'
UA-09 Luhans'ka Oblast'
UA-12 Dnipropetrovs'ka Oblast'
UA-14 Donets'ka Oblast'
UA-18 Zhytomyrs'ka Oblast'
UA-21 Zakarpats'ka Oblast'
UA-23 Zaporiz'ka Oblast'
UA-26 Ivano-Frankivs'ka Oblast'
UA-30 Kyïvs'ka mis'ka rada
UA-32 Kyïvs'ka Oblast'
UA-35 Kirovohrads'ka Oblast'
UA-40 Sevastopol
UA-43 Respublika Krym
UA-46 L'vivs'ka Oblast'
UA-48 Mykolaïvs'ka Oblast'
UA-51 Odes'ka Oblast'
UA-53 Poltavs'ka Oblast'
UA-56 Rivnens'ka Oblast'
UA-59 Sums 'ka Oblast'
UA-61 Ternopil's'ka Oblast'
UA-63 Kharkivs'ka Oblast'
UA-65 Khersons'ka Oblast'
UA-68 Khmel'nyts'ka Oblast'
UA-71 Cherkas'ka Oblast'
UA-74 Chernihivs'ka Oblast'
UA-77 Chernivets'ka Oblast'
UG Uganda
UG-C Central
UG-101 Kalangala
UG-102 Kampala
UG-103 Kiboga
UG-104 Luwero
UG-105 Masaka
UG-106 Mpigi
UG-107 Mubende
UG-108 Mukono
UG-109 Nakasongola
UG-110 Rakai
UG-111 Sembabule
UG-112 Kayunga
UG-113 Wakiso
UG-114 Mityana
UG-115 Nakaseke
UG-116 Lyantonde
UG-E Eastern
UG-201 Bugiri
UG-202 Busia
UG-203 Iganga
UG-204 Jinja
UG-205 Kamuli
UG-206 Kapchorwa
UG-207 Katakwi
UG-208 Kumi
UG-209 Mbale
UG-210 Pallisa
UG-211 Soroti
UG-212 Tororo
UG-213 Kaberamaido
UG-214 Mayuge
UG-215 Sironko
UG-216 Amuria
UG-217 Budaka
UG-218 Bukwa
UG-219 Butaleja
UG-220 Kaliro
UG-221 Manafwa
UG-222 Namutumba
UG-223 Bududa
UG-224 Bukedea
UG-N Northern
UG-301 Adjumani
UG-302 Apac
UG-303 Arua
UG-304 Gulu
UG-305 Kitgum
UG-306 Kotido
UG-307 Lira
UG-308 Moroto
UG-309 Moyo
UG-310 Nebbi
UG-311 Nakapiripirit
UG-312 Pader
UG-313 Yumbe
UG-314 Amolatar
UG-315 Kaabong
UG-316 Koboko
UG-317 Abim
UG-318 Dokolo
UG-319 Amuru
UG-320 Maracha
UG-321 Oyam
UG-W Western
UG-401 Bundibugyo
UG-402 Bushenyi
UG-403 Hoima
UG-404 Kabale
UG-405 Kabarole
UG-406 Kasese
UG-407 Kibaale
UG-408 Kisoro
UG-409 Masindi
UG-410 Mbarara
UG-411 Ntungamo
UG-412 Rukungiri
UG-413 Kamwenge
UG-414 Kanungu
UG-415 Kyenjojo
UG-416 Ibanda
UG-417 Isingiro
UG-418 Kiruhura
UG-419 Buliisa
UM United States Minor Outlying Islands
UM-67 Johnston Atoll
UM-71 Midway Islands
UM-76 Navassa Island
UM-79 Wake Island
UM-81 Baker Island
UM-84 Howland Island
UM-86 Jarvis Island
UM-89 Kingman Reef
UM-95 Palmyra Atoll
US United States
US-AK Alaska
US-AL Alabama
US-AR Arkansas
US-AS American Samoa
US-AZ Arizona
US-CA California
US-CO Colorado
US-CT Connecticut
US-DC District of Columbia
US-DE Delaware
US-FL Florida
US-GA Georgia
US-GU Guam
US-HI Hawaii
US-IA Iowa
US-ID Idaho
US-IL Illinois
US-IN Indiana
US-KS Kansas
US-KY Kentucky
US-LA Louisiana
US-MA Massachusetts
US-MD Maryland
US-ME Maine
US-MI Michigan
US-MN Minnesota
US-MO Missouri
US-MP Northern Mariana Islands
US-MS Mississippi
US-MT Montana
US-NC North Carolina
US-ND North Dakota
US-NE Nebraska
US-NH New Hampshire
US-NJ New Jersey
US-NM New Mexico
US-NV Nevada
US-NY New York
US-OH Ohio
US-OK Oklahoma
US-OR Oregon
US-PA Pennsylvania
US-PR Puerto Rico
US-RI Rhode Island
US-SC South Carolina
US-SD South Dakota
US-TN Tennessee
US-TX Texas
US-UM United States Minor Outlying Islands
US-UT Utah
US-VA Virginia
US-VI Virgin Islands
US-VT Vermont
US-WA Washington
US-WI Wisconsin
US-WV West Virginia
US-WY Wyoming
UY Uruguay
UY-AR Artigas
UY-CA Canelones
UY-CL Cerro Largo
UY-CO Colonia
UY-DU Durazno
UY-FD Florida
UY-FS Flores
UY-LA Lavalleja
UY-MA Maldonado
UY-MO Montevideo
UY-PA Paysandú
UY-RN Río Negro
UY-RO Rocha
UY-RV Rivera
UY-SA Salto
UY-SJ San José
UY-SO Soriano
UY-TA Tacuarembó
UY-TT Treinta y Tres
UZ Uzbekistan
UZ-AN Andijon
UZ-BU Buxoro
UZ-FA Farg'ona
UZ-JI Jizzax
UZ-NG Namangan
UZ-NW Navoiy
UZ-QA Qashqadaryo
UZ-QR Qoraqalpog'iston Respublikasi
UZ-SA Samarqand
UZ-SI Sirdaryo
UZ-SU Surxondaryo
UZ-TK Toshkent
UZ-TO Toshkent
UZ-XO Xorazm
VA Holy See (Vatican City State)
VA-VA Holy See (Vatican City State)
VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
VC-01 Charlotte
VC-02 Saint Andrew
VC-03 Saint David
VC-04 Saint George
VC-05 Saint Patrick
VC-06 Grenadines
VE Venezuela, Bolivarian republic of
VE-A Distrito Federal
VE-B Anzoátegui
VE-C Apure
VE-D Aragua
VE-E Barinas
VE-F Bolívar
VE-G Carabobo
VE-H Cojedes
VE-I Falcón
VE-J Guárico
VE-K Lara
VE-L Mérida
VE-M Miranda
VE-N Monagas
VE-O Nueva Esparta
VE-P Portuguesa
VE-R Sucre
VE-S Táchira
VE-T Trujillo
VE-U Yaracuy
VE-V Zulia
VE-W Dependencias Federales
VE-X Vargas
VE-Y Delta Amacuro
VE-Z Amazonas
VG Virgin Islands, British
VG-VG Virgin Islands, British
VI Virgin Islands, U.S.
VI-VI Virgin Islands, U.S.
VN Viet Nam
VN-01 Lai Châu
VN-02 Lào Cai
VN-03 Hà Giang
VN-04 Cao Bằng
VN-05 Sơn La
VN-06 Yên Bái
VN-07 Tuyên Quang
VN-09 Lạng Sơn
VN-13 Quảng Ninh
VN-14 Hoà Bình
VN-15 Hà Tây
VN-18 Ninh Bình
VN-20 Thái Bình
VN-21 Thanh Hóa
VN-22 Nghệ An
VN-23 Hà Tỉnh
VN-24 Quảng Bình
VN-25 Quảng Trị
VN-26 Thừa Thiên-Huế
VN-27 Quảng Nam
VN-28 Kon Tum
VN-29 Quảng Ngãi
VN-30 Gia Lai
VN-31 Bình Định
VN-32 Phú Yên
VN-33 Đắc Lắk
VN-34 Khánh Hòa
VN-35 Lâm Đồng
VN-36 Ninh Thuận
VN-37 Tây Ninh
VN-39 Đồng Nai
VN-40 Bình Thuận
VN-41 Long An
VN-43 Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu
VN-44 An Giang
VN-45 Đồng Tháp
VN-46 Tiền Giang
VN-47 Kiên Giang
VN-48 Cần Thơ
VN-49 Vĩnh Long
VN-50 Bến Tre
VN-51 Trà Vinh
VN-52 Sóc Trăng
VN-53 Bắc Kạn
VN-54 Bắc Giang
VN-55 Bạc Liêu
VN-56 Bắc Ninh
VN-57 Bình Dương
VN-58 Bình Phước
VN-59 Cà Mau
VN-60 Đà Nẵng, thành phố
VN-61 Hải Duong
VN-62 Hải Phòng, thành phố
VN-63 Hà Nam
VN-64 Hà Nội, thủ đô
VN-65 Hồ Chí Minh, thành phố [Sài Gòn]
VN-66 Hưng Yên
VN-67 Nam Định
VN-68 Phú Thọ
VN-69 Thái Nguyên
VN-70 Vĩnh Phúc
VN-71 Điện Biên
VN-72 Đắk Nông
VN-73 Hậu Giang
VU Vanuatu
VU-MAP Malampa
VU-PAM Pénama
VU-SAM Sanma
VU-SEE Shéfa
VU-TAE Taféa
VU-TOB Torba
WF Wallis and Futuna
WF-WF Wallis and Futuna
WS Samoa
WS-AA A'ana
WS-AL Aiga-i-le-Tai
WS-AT Atua
WS-FA Fa'asaleleaga
WS-GE Gaga'emauga
WS-GI Gagaifomauga
WS-PA Palauli
WS-SA Satupa'itea
WS-TU Tuamasaga
WS-VF Va'a-o-Fonoti
WS-VS Vaisigano
YE Yemen
YE-AB Abyān
YE-AD 'Adan
YE-AM 'Amrān
YE-BA Al Bayḑā'
YE-DA Aḑ Ḑāli‘
YE-DH Dhamār
YE-HD Ḩaḑramawt
YE-HJ Ḩajjah
YE-JA Al Jawf
YE-LA Laḩij
YE-MA Ma'rib
YE-MR Al Mahrah
YE-MU Al Ḩudaydah
YE-MW Al Maḩwīt
YE-RA Raymah
YE-SD Şa'dah
YE-SH Shabwah
YE-SN Şan'ā'
YE-TA Tā'izz
YT Mayotte
YT-YT Mayotte
ZA South Africa
ZA-EC Eastern Cape
ZA-FS Free State
ZA-GT Gauteng
ZA-LP Limpopo
ZA-MP Mpumalanga
ZA-NC Northern Cape
ZA-NL Kwazulu-Natal
ZA-NW North-West (South Africa)
ZA-WC Western Cape
ZM Zambia
ZM-01 Western
ZM-02 Central
ZM-03 Eastern
ZM-04 Luapula
ZM-05 Northern
ZM-06 North-Western
ZM-07 Southern (Zambia)
ZM-08 Copperbelt
ZM-09 Lusaka
ZW Zimbabwe
ZW-BU Bulawayo
ZW-HA Harare
ZW-MA Manicaland
ZW-MC Mashonaland Central
ZW-ME Mashonaland East
ZW-MI Midlands
ZW-MN Matabeleland North
ZW-MS Matabeleland South
ZW-MV Masvingo
ZW-MW Mashonaland West

9. Interface Language

Language Language ID
Arabic ar
Chinese zh
Danish da
Dutch nl
English en
French fr
German de
Hindi hi
Italian it
Japanese jp
Korean ko
Malay ms
Portuguese pt
Romanian ro
Russian ru
Spanish es
Swedish sv
Tagalog tl
Taiwanese tw
Thai th
Vietnamese vi


1. Terms

Board Instance
A user-defined instance of an eQuest board. Each Board Instance is unique, and contains a set of configured parameters: account identifier, password, etc.
A set of data defining a particular job advertisement. This alone does not constitute a Posting.
Pipeline ID
A global string identifier for a Board in eQuest.
A Job destined for a Board Instance.