8.1. Filing a Support Inquiry

Filing Support Inquiries

As the admin for your company, you are authorized to file inquiries, requests for setup, etc, via the eQuest Support portal.

Getting to the Request Form (Admins Only)

Go directly to https://support.equest.com and select the "Create" a Request option.

Alternatively, expand the Training & Support section in the admin.equest.com menu and select the "File a Request" option.

Filing a Request

1. Fill in your Contact Information at the top of the request form.

2. Select Your Relationship to eQuest.

3. Select an inquiry type.

You'll now see more options displayed that relate to the selected inquiry type.

Enter values into all fields that relate to your inquiry.

4. Click the Submit Request button

After Your Request Has Been Filed

After submitting the request you will see your access key at the top of the page.

An email receipt of the request will also be sent to the email address used in step 1.

The email will include your Access Key, and a link to the request.

Updating a Request

Use that link to check for updates or to submit additional details in the ticket.

You can also check the request status from the front page of support.equest.com or here.

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