1. API_104 Overview

API_104 Guide

Board Overview

Integration Type Automated Job Feed
Delivery Type HTTP
Media Type Differential
eQuest Pipeline ID API_104
Board URL https://www.104.com.tw
Delivery Times (UTC) 4 AM and 10 am UTC
HTML Allowed


Known Character Limit 4000 chars
Board Posting Duration 30 days
Has Board Specific Data Fields YES - required
Special Requirements  
Known Issues/Limitations  

Board Configuration (for Admins)

Field Name Field Type Required Description
ClientID open text YES ClientID is provided by board.
Client Secret open text YES Client Secret is provided by board.
ContactEmail open text YES ContactEmail
Testing boolean NO Set to true if we need to send to 104 test server

Board Specific Data (for Users)

Field Name Field Type Required Description
CategoryType dropdown YES --
Category dropdown YES --
SubCategory dropdown YES --
SubSubCategory dropdown YES --
Location dropdown YES --
SubLocation dropdown YES --
SubSubLocation dropdown YES --
Skills dropdown YES --
SubSkills dropdown YES --
SubSubSkills open text YES --
WorkingSkills dropdown YES --
SubWorkingSkills dropdown YES --
SubSubWorkingSkills dropdown YES --
Industry dropdown NO --
Department dropdown YES --
SubDepartment dropdown YES --
Worktype dropdown NO --
Education dropdown YES --
AcceptRole dropdown YES --
WorkPeriod dropdown YES --
WorkShiftType dropdown YES --
ContactName dropdown NO --


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