In order to configure the OLX board in eQuest, the user must be in Poland as the board may have some security features that stop users from login from outside Poland. 


NB: The OLX Token will expire Every month — this means the below steps must be restarted every month. You will need to delete all information in the fields for Auth Code, Access Token, Refresh Token and Refresh Token Expiration. (From Step 2 to 6). 

This is a board limitation.



Steps to take: 

—  Go to https://developer.olx.pl/ (Poland) —  https://developer.olx.pt/ (Portugal) to get your Client ID and Client Secret Key. You will need to select the Login button. 

    • NB: if the client doesn't have a developer profile, they will need to fill in a quick form with the correct OLX user account which will then reveal the Client ID and Secret Key. 
    • NB: you may need to wait for ACCEPTANCE before getting the information. 
  • Gather Client ID (which will be a set of numbers) and Client Secret Key (which looks like something like this: 000000/0XXX0XXx0XXxxxxxxXXXxxxxX00XXXxxXxxXX0XxxxxX00XX0). 


  • Step 1 — Go to eQuest Admin console >> Boards>> Add new Board: select OLX (Batch), enter ID and secret and click save.
  • The board instance will show some red flag:


  • The red flag is normal, as you need to complete the authorisation.
  • Step 2 — Under the AuthCode field, you will see a message in red – you need to copy the URL within that message and paste into a new browser (you should still be logged into your OLX account). You may need to enter your login information again if not.


  • Step 3 — You will see a screenshot like the below. It will say error, but that is ok. You need to copy the values from the URL after the "code=":  



  • Step 4 — Go back to your eQuest board console (your board instance should still be opened) and paste the value into the "AuthCode" field. Click "Save" again.
  • Step 5 — You will then see values under each fields AccessToken, RefreshToken and RefreshTokenExpiration. Copy each value and paste them into their respective fields.
  • Step 6 — Once you are done with all fields, click save again.  OLX board instance will be created, and you will be able to set the permission for user to access the new job board.



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