1. Catho_batch Guide

Catho_batch Guide

Board Overview


Integration Type Automated Job Feed
Delivery Type HTTP
Media Type Incremental
eQuest Pipeline ID Catho_batch
Board URL https://www.catho.com.br
Delivery Times Real-time
HTML Allowed NO
Known Character Limit NO
Board Posting Duration 30 days
Has Board Specific Data Fields Yes
Special Requirements Client ID and Access Token provided by board
Known Issues/Limitations NO

Board Configuration (for Admins)

Field Name Field Type Required Description
Client ID open text YES Generated by Catho.  Gets passed as the app-token header
Access Token open text YES Generated by Catho.  Gets passed as the auth-token header
Email do Recrutador open text NO Email of the recruiter who will have access to this vacancy.
The email must have a valid format (ex: recruiter@domain.com)
E-mail informed must be registered in the data of active recruiters for this company in Catho.
Porte list NO Size of the company where the candidate will work.
Tipo list YES Indication if the vacancy is new in the company or if it is a replacement.
Valor list YES Salary that the candidate will receive if hired.
Ramo list YES Branch of activity of the company where the candidate will work.

In order to obtain the Client ID and Access Token, the company will need to provide the following information to Catho

• Company that will post job ads data: 

• Corporate name 


• Recruiter(s) data: 

• Name

• Email

• Phone

• Integration sponsor: tell who was the person in charge of requesting an integration with Catho, making it possible for us to check the request. Refer the recruiter in charge, otherwise, if it's not a recruiter, send us contact data of the sponsor. 

The email account eQuest has registered at Catho is integration.support@equest.com.

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