2. Board Setup Walkthrough

Only the Client ID, Client Secret, and OrgId values are provided by the board. Please follow these steps to populate the rest of the fields.

  1. Fill in the Client ID, Client Secret, and OrgId fields.
  2. Click Save.

  3. Copy the URL provided in the AuthCode message and paste it into another window. 
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to login to Zhaopin.

  5.  If the verification process is successful, you should be redirected to www.equest.com.
  6.  Copy the code appended to the URL in the address bar e.g. https://www.equest.com/?code=1767e9cfa6054920sffw4a5bab097
  7.  Paste the code into the AuthCode field in the board instance setup.
  8.  Click Save.

  9. Copy each value into its respective field.
  10. Click Save.

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