2. PhenomPeople Board Settings

Please refer to the table below for a list of field(s) that you will be prompted for in order to add and authenticate this job board in the Admin Tool. The 1st column in the table contains the field label(s) and the 4th column contains instructions on how to obtain or assign values for each of the fields.  Whether or not a value is required or optional is indicated in the 3rd column as 'yes' for required and 'no' for optional.

field labelvalue typerequireddescription
Client IDopen textyesClient ID will be provided by PhenomPeople
FallbackUrlopen textyesIn the event that PhenomPeople does not provide the candidate response URL, the value provided in this field will be used in its stead.
ReportsEmailopen textnoIn case of the aforementioned failure, eQuest will make continued attempts to retrieve a Phenom Url.  After a number of attempts have been reached, the process will stop and send a detailed log to the email provided in this field.
listnoDefaults to external.  Some site types are unique per client and can be assigned as group level additional data.
CategorylistyesCategory is unique per client and is assigned as group level additional data.
Please contact your Implementation Specialist or eQuest customer support if you have a category list.
LocalelistnoThe locale setting.  Defaults to US English.
If you need to select language/locale per posting, please contact eQuest support to add Locale_Selector.
RegionlistdependsRegion list is unique per client.  It is required if present.
StoreOriginalURLbooleannoWhen set to True, will store the original candidate response URL as AdditionalData and will use that value to override any future response URL updates.
CampaignSourceID1, CampaignSourceID2,  CampaignSourceID3, etc.
comma separated valuesnoAllows a utm_campaign parameter to be specified for a given pipeline's candidate response url. (pipeline,campaign)
AuthUseropen textnoUsed to override default eQuest credentials
AuthPassopen textno Used to override default eQuest credentials
OverrideURLopen textnoUsed to override default endpoint URL

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