1. Caterer Guide

Caterer Guide

Board Overview

Integration Type Automated Job Feed
Delivery Type HTTP
Media Type Differential
eQuest Pipeline ID Caterer
Board URL https://recruiter.caterer.com/Login.aspx
Delivery Times (UTC) Realtime
HTML Allowed YES
Known Character Limit NO
Board Posting Duration 30 days 
Has Board Specific Data Fields YES - optional
Special Requirements NO
Known Issues/Limitations NO

Board Configuration (for Admins)

Field Name Field Type Required Description
Username open text YES The username is provided by board
Password open text YES The password is provided by board
EmployerType dropdown YES The EmployerType that all jobs should be associated with.
TemplateName open text NO Optional template name
FEEDID open text NO
The Data Feed Identifier is unique and will be assigned to you by Caterer customer support

Board Specific Data (for Users)

Field Name Field Type Required Description
EU Only boolean NO Defaults to 'False'; specifies whether the job can be viewed by candidates outside the EU.
Salary Description open text NO
A description of the salary this can include text as well as figures.
Job Type dropdown NO --
Salary Range dropdown NO --
Country dropdown NO --
Location dropdown NO --
Location PostalCode open text NO The postal district of the Postcode value entered on the dynamic page will be assigned to the job as its location.


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