1. Jooble Guide

Jooble Guide

Board Overview

Integration Type Automated Job Feed 
Delivery Type FTP
eQuest Pipeline ID Jooble
Board URL http://www.jooble.com
Delivery Times (UTC) 17:23
HTML Allowed YES
Known Character Limit NO
Board Posting Duration 30 Days
Has Board Specific Data Fields NO
Special Requirements NO
Known Issues/Limitations   No testing zone
  eQuest hosts files
  this integration does not support CPC (Jooble Premium Traffic)

Board Configuration (for Admins)

Field Name Field Type Required Description
Filename open text YES Create the Filename in this format (no space): 'yourcompany'. 
Please contact Jooble and provide them the filename, so they can set you up in their system to accept postings from eQuest.

Board Specific Data (for Users)

Integration Updates

12/6/2017 board added in production using eQuest standard format

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