3. Posting Sponsored and Organic Jobs

Organic Jobs vs Sponsored Jobs

First, it's important to note that there are two types of Indeed job postings: "Organic" Jobs, and "Sponsored" Jobs.

Organic Jobs are “free” and are generally pulled off of a client's career site by Indeed  the jobs are then published on the Indeed.com site. Organic jobs naturally fall back in search results over time.

Sponsored Jobs are based on a pay for performance model. Jobs that are sponsored by employers remain high in the search results and appear prominently at the top and the bottom of the page.

Posting Organic Jobs via eQuest (APPROVAL REQUIRED)

Indeed generally handles Organic Jobs. They do not allow job distributors to handle Organic listings without prior approval.

Organic Job Posting Approval Process:
  1. Client verifies that all external jobs will be sent through eQuest to Indeed (it's important that Indeed know they will get all jobs)
  2. Client then sends email to their Indeed rep requesting that eQuest take over the processing of Organic jobs.
  3. Once Indeed approves, Indeed must reach out to eQuest with confirmation (via support portal).
  4. eQuest gives the client the approval to configure Indeed as a board option.
  5. Once the first jobs are posted to Indeed via eQuest, the partner or client must submit a ticket in with eQuest support to get the job file. Indeed will need the file so that they can figure things on their end.

Other Indeed Requirements
Indeed requires that Organic Jobs contain an Apply URL that brings candidates to the "job details" page on the career site, where the job can be viewed in its entirety before jumping into the apply process. This is due to the fact that Organic Ads only display a brief snippet of the job ads (example below).

You will need to confirm with Indeed that you can send the "job details" URL via eQuest for all jobs.

Contact eQuest Support if you have any questions about the URL structure.

Troubleshooting: Organic Jobs Not Being Processed

Unless a client goes through the Approval Process outlined above, their Organic Jobs will not be processed.

In an effort to mitigate Indeed posting issues, the board is clearly labeled "Indeed Sponsored Ads" in eQuest.

Also, we display a disclaimer (below) that the eQuest Admin has to sign off on when setting up Indeed.

Publishing Sponsored Jobs via eQuest

eQuest is able to send Sponsored Jobs to Indeed without the need for the full approval process as outlined above.

However, your Indeed Account Rep must be informed that eQuest will be publishing jobs on your behalf prior to configuring "Indeed Sponsored Ads" in eQuest.

Since Indeed is already getting the jobs organically, they handle the de-duping of the jobs and determine that the jobs coming from eQuest are destined for sponsorship (also potentially taking into account predefined mapping  see below).

If Indeed is getting the Organic Jobs from eQuest, this complicates things  contact your Indeed Account Rep for guidance if you fall under this scenario.

Sponsored Job Mapping and Sponsorship Budgets

The Sponsored Job dollar amount for each job posting is handled at Indeed by way of predefined mapping (e.g. Engineering positions in San Francisco get a "Sponsored" budget of $300)  it's not handled on the eQuest side. eQuest is strictly the delivery mechanism used to get the jobs to Indeed.

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