2. HotjobsFullReplace Board Settings

Please refer to the table below for a list of field(s) that you will be prompted for in order to add and authenticate this job board in the Admin Tool. The 1st column in the table contains the field label(s) and the 4th column contains instructions on how to obtain or assign values for each of the fields.  Whether or not a value is required or optional is indicated in the 3rd column as 'yes' for required and 'no' for optional.

field label value type required description
Username open text yes the Username provided by your Hotjobs Account Representative.
Password open text yes the Password provided by your Hotjobs Account Representative.
Experience Level picklist no this is the Experience Level picklist users will see on the Dynamic Mapping screen. The selection made here will be published on the board. No selection is required during board setup. This can be left at the default of '--Select One--'.  This can also be added as an option to any regular Hotjobs account by your eQuest Support Rep.
AccountType picklist yes the Account Type that this account is associated with at Hotjobs.  If you are unsure of this, contact gateway@hotjobs.com with the account Username--they will be able to tell you which account type should be selected. If this is not correct, jobs will fail.
ProfileID open text yes the ProfileID that you have created for this account, or that was provided by Hotjobs.
ReportsEmail email address no gives admin's the ability to have Hotjobs LDIF reports sent to them directly.


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