1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can eQuest notify me when my job is due to expire on a job board?

Yes. Posting Expiration Alerts can be configured from within the job posting interface. See Related for more information: Posting Expiration Alerts

2. Does eQuest auto-generate job postal codes?

Yes, for jobs located in the US. Many job boards in the US require a postal code; if a US-based job is posted without a postal code, we will auto-assign one using the USPS (United States Postal Service) database.

3. Is my email address published on the job boards?

No.  However, in some rare cases, when the job board requires an apply email address we will use the default posting account email address. 

 In most circumstances, we will only provide the job board the career site apply URL.

4. Is there a way to have my job reposted automatically once it becomes expired on the job boards?

Yes. However, this feature must be enabled by your eQuest admin. See Related Pages for more information about Auto-Repost. Auto Reposting Jobs to Boards

5. What if I don't want to schedule my job, and just want to post it today?

By default, the calendars are set to "Today”. If you would like to post to all boards on the current business day, simply "Submit" without making any calendar selections.

6. When do you deliver the scheduled job to the boards?

After the job has been posted, the job posting will be delivered to the job board at the next scheduled board delivery time.

Board delivery times can be found in the Overview in the Job Board Information section.

7. Is there a way that I can find the date that I scheduled my postings?

Yes. Your eQuest system administrator can find this information using the Job Search tool, see Related Pages to search your job requisitions. Job Search Tool Overview

8. Can I change the schedule date after it has been set?

Yes. If the posting hasn't been delivered, you can modify the scheduled date. To do so, come back into the eQuest posting interface, locate the position, choose the appropriate delivery date in the Calendar and click “Submit”.

Please note:  If the posting has already been delivered, the calendar will be locked.

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