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Seek Guide

Board Overview

Integration Type Automated Job Feed
Delivery Type HTTP
eQuest Pipeline ID Seek
Board URL www.seek.com
Delivery Times (UTC) Realtime
HTML Allowed YES
Known Character Limit 15000 characters.
Board Posting Duration 30 days
Has Board Specific Data Fields YES - required
Special Requirements Employers must link their account to post via eQuest: https://talent.seek.com.au/partners/link-your-software/
Known Issues/Limitations  

Board Configuration (for Admins)

Field Name Field Type Required Description
Seek ID open text YES Provided by your Seek Account Representative.
eQuest uploader must be registered for this Seek ID - Please provide authorization to SEEK Customer Service (This gives eQuest authority to upload files on your behalf).
seekAnzAdvertiserId open text YES* The seekAnzAdvertiserId can be retrieved by attempting to save the board instance. The ID will render and be in the format seekAnz:organization:value specific to the client. Please consult your Seek representative if further details or guidance is neded.
Enable Native Apply boolean NO Disables candidate forwarding to the ATS. Uses Seek's native apply feature.

Board Specific Data (for Users)

Field Name Field Type Required Description
Location dropdown YES --
Category dropdown YES --
AdType radio YES Availability of StandOut and Premium are tied to the seekAnzAdvertiserId
Job Summary open text NO The first 150 characters of your Job Description will be populated into the "Short Description" box. You have the option of deleting this, and entering a new Short Description here on the Board Specific Data page.
Work Type dropdown NO --
Salary Type dropdown YES --
Salary Minimum dropdown YES The Invisible Salary Minimum is used for Jobseeker search results, and will not be displayed in the actual posting.
Salary Maximum dropdown YES The Invisible Salary Maximum is used for Jobseeker search results, and will not be displayed in the actual posting.
Customise pay information displayed on ad dropdown NO Whatever text is entered into the "Visible Salary Description" box, is exactly what will be displayed on the job at Seek.
Branding radio NO  
Key Selling Points 1-3 open text NO This field will be presented only if AdType is StandOut or Premium.
The bullet fields are main selling points which are inserted into the short description of the ad.
Video Link open text NO --
Internal Billing Reference open text NO --


Integration Updates

Ad Panel support was added on February 16, 2021. More about The SEEK Ad Panel: https://talent.seek.com.au/products/jobads/

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