3. Stjobs Board Specific Data

When Board Specific Data is enabled for this board, users will be prompted to make selections for the following fields:

1) JobLevel (required)
2) Language (required)
3) JobFunction (required)
4) JobFunction 2 (optional)
5) JobFunction 3 (optional)
6) Skills (required)
7) Field of study (required)
8) Minimum education level (required)
9) Minimum years of experience (required)
10) Working place address (optional)
11) Vacancies count (optional)
12) Additional idustry (optional)
13) Show map (optional)
14) Hide address (optional)
15) Hide company name (optional)
16) Email address to send notification on apply with resume (optional)
17) Email address to send notification on apply without resume (optional)

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