2. ADMIN SETUP: Adding eQuest as an Application

Adding eQuest as an Application

This article covers the steps that are required to add eQuest as an Application. This will allow eQuest to post jobs on behalf of your company.

Note that recruiters must also authenticate in order to post jobs (Recruiter Authentication kb).

To add eQuest as an Application:

  1. Log into http://dev.hh.ru
    **You will need the clients username and password.
  2. Click on Add an Application or Добавить приложение.
    You can change the browser to switch the language to English. The Add an Application button is towards the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on Login to your personal account
  4. Enter the clients username and password and click in Login to your personal account. Do not click on job seeker OR employer.
  5. Click on Add an Application
  6. Application name: eQuest 
  7. Redirect URI: https://equest.com
    The ATS depends on the URI you would typically land on when posting a job through your ATS to eQuest 

After the tokens are created, your eQuest admin must insert the values into the corresponding fields in the eQuest board instance:

  • EmployerID
  • ManagerID
  • ClientID
  • Client Secret  
These are sample values. Do not use these values for setup.

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